ESC to close 4.56 (by 440 users)signal 시그널
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized signal
aka sigeuneol


genres crime, suspense, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 22 Jan, 2016 - 12 Mar, 2016
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:45
status finished


avg. score 4.56 of 5 by 440 users
total users 799
rating 2005
favorites 79


sarinui chueok
2003 film kr
alternative setting


When investigating a case in 2015, profiler Park Hae Yeong comes across a walkie talkie that connects him to police officer Lee Jae Han. While stunned at first, Park Hae Yeong soon realises the officer is talking to him from year 1989 and together they set out to solve crimes that have been tossed aside as cold cases. While investigating, Park Hae Yeong also tries to find out why Lee Jae Han went missing in 2001.


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Park Hae Yeong
Lee Jae Han
Cha Su Hyeon
Kim Beom Ju
An Chi Su
Kim Gye Cheol




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15 Mar, 2016
Signal is one of the best crime shows recently in recent times. With great acting, writing and directing, the story fulfills the trifecta of dramas.

The plot starts out strong and manages to stay strong for the entire run. Each episode is filled with suspense, action and lots of crime. Unlike many other cop shows, we see the characters finding the evidence and putting together the clues as opposed to simply being told it happened off screen. And with tight writing, it's plainly clear that every step and action was carefully planned out for the entire show's run.

The acting is phenomenal. The fleshed out characters come to life in the hands of each cast member, whether they're main or supporting, helping to bring the show to life. And the directing ties it all into a neat, suspenseful show.

A definite recommend for any drama fan especially when you want something heavier, darker and just plain great.
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21 Aug, 2016
Both are dramas centring around solving murder cases, featuring the story of the Hwaseong serial murders as one of the cases.
Both feature a character, who, through changing the past, can influence the future. They have a similar suspenseful feel to them, featuring a plot revolving around crimes that had never been solved in the present.


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calm ~ 1 week
this drama is really good! best I have watched in a while, I recommend it to everyone :3 and also I hope that it will get a 2nd season.
frannam ~ 2 weeks
Maravilhoso! <3
vessybang 25 Jan, 2017
I want more!!!
blackpearl 16 Nov, 2016
this reminds me of the concept of US Series ''Frequency''!
hideki 24 Oct, 2016
not bad, though slightly weak at the end, unless this is continued.
beeesseoul 19 Oct, 2016
where. is. my. second. season.

majorzero 09 Oct, 2016

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Будьте здоровы и помните, злость пагубно сказывается на вашем здоровье. Доброй ночи.
liyirna 09 Oct, 2016
@majorzero Мне мем с Палпатином влом искать, ну вы поняли. Не, не поняла.
А с вами вот всё понятно - Пастернака не читал, но осуждаю.
Каждому своё и если человек не хочет/не может видеть - он и не увидит.
Засим давайте раскланяемся.