ESC to close 3.74 (by 127 users)ru guo wo niu you ai qing 如果蝸牛有愛情
  • 2016
  • web
  • China

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romanized ru guo wo niu you ai qing
english When A Snail Loves (literal)
aka when a snail falls in love, yue gwoh woh ngau yau oi ching, 如果蜗牛有爱情

Based On

based on book
title ru guo wo niu you ai qing
author Ding Mo (丁墨)


genres mystery, suspense, romance


language Mandarin


country China
type real
format web
network Tencent Video (QQ, 腾讯视频)


date 24 Oct, 2016 - 29 Nov, 2016
episodes 21
duration 35 minutes
air day Tuesday
status released


avg. score 3.74 of 5 by 127 users
total users 213
rating 475
favorites 2



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Ji Bai
Xu Xu
Yao Meng
Ye Zi Xi
Yang Yu
Zhao Han


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08 Dec, 2016
When a Snail Loves follows the common plot of a variety of Ding Mo novels (one of which this is based on) - the leads are involved in solving a variety of crimes which serve as a backdrop for a budding romance.

When a Snail Loves has many of the common features - the male lead trains the female one in the ways of solving crimes as the more experienced partner, criminal profiling is used and the romance takes a while to develop. However, with this show the pacing is quite slow and the beginning c an be a turnoff for a fair number of viewers.

The show follows two cases over the course of it's run and the romance, while present also isn't quite fully there. It's hinted and teased at but that's about it. The acting is fairly passable but both leads have done better in other shows (particularly Ode to Joy where they play a couple and have sizzling chemistry). As is the writing - while the cases follow the book fairly well, the character development falls short.

A passable show, good for fans of the leads or Ding Mo's novels, but not much substance otherwise.
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07 Dec, 2016
First, let's start with what this drama is not: It's not a romance. While there is romance, the romance is very understated and romantic moments are basically hoarded until about the last episode and a half. In fact, the romantic "leap" in the last episode was a little hard to believe. However, since I was hoping it would come, I couldn't help but be happy to see it.

Now, on to what this drama is: It is very successfully produced. For a web production, I was astounded by the film-quality cinematography, beautiful and varied scenery, realistic sets, tasteful wardrobe, lovely music and sound editing, creative title sequence, and perfect lighting! Really, I was overwhelmed by the quality that this drama brought to play.

Not only were the technical elements nearly perfect, but the story was pretty interesting, too. I'm not a huge fan of cop shows, but this story showcases a series of mysteries that continue to unravel as the experienced captain and insightful cadet put their heads together. Of course, the story isn't perfect. I rolled my eyes at some of the more idiotic decisions of "masterminds" who kept exposing themselves when they were supposed to be hiding their secret identities. Still, the four main leads were interesting to watch and cheer on, and the two female cadets were easy to care about.

In summary, this is an easily-watchable drama with short, 30-minute episodes that offer high-quality production to entertain your senses, a puzzle-like story to stimulate your brain, and appealing characters to tug at your heart.
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frannam 21 Apr, 2017
I loved it so much! <3
eriinnye 15 Jan, 2017
It was quite good but don't be fooled by the title. The romance part is really really really small and therefore should'nt be the reason why you should start to watch it in the first place.
karinchen 07 Dec, 2016
@perhilien realy? where? i have only watched till 19 ^^
perhilien 06 Dec, 2016
@karinchen yes, i know. I watched it all
karinchen 06 Dec, 2016
@perhilien it didn't end ^^. there are 21 episodes ;)
perhilien 06 Dec, 2016
Okay... I loved this drama. I truly did. Until the last episode....
how can it end like this? Why did they started to this 'maybe i gonna die' thing? Why?? It was a perfect drama without this kind of s.. things.. That's why sometimes i really hate the asian drama. It was perfectly usless thing.

So it spoiled my whole experience. If this wasn't happened it would be one of my alltime favorite. But because i really really hate this kind of thing. It get just 3 star.
milisia 08 Nov, 2016
I think that, after 9 episodes, nothing changed :/ It's just slow....too slow...even some shots at the crime scenes, are so...loooonggg.....and contribute BIG nothing to the story... dunno, maybe it's some kind of artistic conception (?).
I didn't like book so much as , Love Me If You Dare to be honest, but i wanted to give drama version some chance, but it's simple..annoying in so many ways T___T and even worse than a book :/
And i think that even the snail, would be faster than pace of this drama.

Team: " I'm watching it only for Wang Kai" .
kitsun 01 Nov, 2016
It turns out that this drama itself is a snail. The first episode is made of nothing but Wang Kai and shots of various locations. Considering how short the episodes are, it's worrisome for the show to be borderline boring. Hopefully the story will pick up a bit and the pacing will improve.