ESC to close 2.83 (by 800 users)fujoshi kanojo.
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized fujoshi kanojo.
english My Geeky Girlfriend
literal Rotten Girl.
aka My Girlfriend's A Geek, How To Date An Otaku Girl

Based On

based on book
title fujoshi kanojo
author Pentabu (ぺんたぶ)


genres comedy, drama, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 02 May, 2009
duration 97 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.83 of 5 by 800 users
total users 1294
rating 2265
favorites 16



Hinata is an average college student who adores his pretty older girlfriend, Yoriko. But when Yoriko comes out as a 'fujoshi', a geek who is obsessed with boys love, Hinata finds himself being dragged into a world he never knew existed. Will their relationship last?




Suwa Hinata
Shirasaki Yoriko
Seno Kouji




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19 Jan, 2013
Storyline slow, boring, and not really flowing. Chemistry between the leads was non-existent. Well, just when you think things are gonna get somewhere, it all goes flat again. I really didn't get the point of this movie at all. I didn't feel like it brought me or took me anywhere.
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02 Jul, 2012
The movie starts off with Hinata and Yoriko starting to date. And because she likes Hinata, she tells him, that she is an otaku - to be exact, a fujoshi otaku, meaning someone who loves shonen ai. He accepts that fact, because he loves his girl and even starts to try to get into the stuff she likes, just because he wants to be close to her.

Now, this story sometimes made me feel really close with the main girl. Even though I'm totally not a fujoshi otaku, I'm a different kind of otaku and I could feel how she always thought that he must be unhappy with a "freak" like her. So I totally loved watching him try to make her feel less creepy by actually playing with her, as good as he could. It made me feel like there are actually some guys out there, who might be able to do the same for me. ;)

But somehow, the movie felt a little empty. He was cute, she was funny, the chemistry between them was nice! But they suddenly turned the rom-com into a little drama, and that totally didn't fit. Especially, since it seemed like it was only the main girl who wanted everything to be the way she imagined it to be, instead of talking with her boyfriend... I can't complain about the ending and the part before the big drama, but I still had to deduct a lot of stars because of that. It wouldn't be bad for a 10 epsiodes drama, but for such a short movie, it took up too much time.

So, if you expect a touching movie, then look for something else. If you want a cute main guy and a nice movie without having to think much, then this is right. Yes, and if you like boys love, you'll also get your share in this movie! I laughed a lot during the fun times, so this movie gets 3*.
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18 Dec, 2010
both these films are about guys with 'fujoshi' (perverted) girlfriends.


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amenohibi 01 Jun, 2013
I can't think of a single thing that was good about this movie
tanyadesu 08 May, 2013
It was really slow. I seriously has to force myself to finish it
chibippy 04 Mar, 2013
So boring :/
chullie 22 Jan, 2013
The beginning was nice, some scenes made me laugh really loud since I could understand her and also felt a bit bad for Hinata. XD
But when her boss talked about the christmas gift I saw what was coming and everything was really boring after that. D8
dlgirl 16 Oct, 2012
I already saw this movie a few months ago I think, but I just felt like rewatching it after seeing Wakana in another drama. Being a fujoshi myself it was the reason to watch this in the first place, but I'm not as bad as Yoriko is, but sometimes I was acting like her during the movie too XD. I think it was a really cute movie on how weird love can be sometimes.
irresi 03 Feb, 2012
it was nice ^^ sometimes weird but still ok :)
natari1993 26 Jan, 2012
linny 18 Dec, 2011
Hinata <3