ESC to close 3.83 (by 463 users)jiltuui hwa sin 질투의 화신
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jiltuui hwa sin
english Don't Dare To Dream
literal Jealousy Incarnate
aka incarnation of jealousy


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 24 Aug, 2016 - 10 Nov, 2016
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.83 of 5 by 463 users
total users 889
rating 1773
favorites 21



Pyo Na Ri is a weather girl, who, despite her efforts, is unable to fulfil her longtime dream of becoming a news announcer. Moreover, for three years she has been having an unrequited crush upon her coworker, Lee Hwa Sin, who currently works as a foreign correspondent in Thailand. Given an opportunity, Na Ri takes a chance to see him and, in the process, meets Hwa Sin's best friend, a wealthy businessman named Go Jeong Won. Soon, the three of them become involved in an amusing love triangle.




Lee Hwa Sin
Pyo Na Ri
Go Jeong Won
Gye Seong Suk
Kim Rak
Hong Ji Min




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30 Mar, 2017
What is not to love about Jealousy Incarnate? It’s everything I want in my romcom: funny, but full of heart. It’s all thanks to Jo Jong-seok and Gong Hyo-jn, two actors whose acting keeps getting better and better through the years. I always look forward to Gong Hyo Jin’s projects since watching her in Best Love, and it’s this drama that convinced me I should be watching out for Jo Jong Seok as well.

It’s easy to hate Jo Jong Seok’s Lee Hwa-shin: he’s rude, arrogant, and selfish. But seeing him grow from that person to the Hwa-shin in episode 24 was a fulfilling ride for me, because by the end of this drama, he finally realized he can’t control life, and therefore, he shouldn’t control the people around him. It took one, unpredictable Pyo Na-ri (Gong Hyo-jin’s character) – and several episodes of bickering and being in denial – for him to realize that. I have a soft spot for second leads because I hate it when the leading men are jerks, and yet in Jealousy, I stayed with the Hwa-shin ship from start to finish because Jong-seok played that rude, arrogant, and selfish character with depth and substance. (Plus I wanted Go Kyung-pyo’s Go Jung-won for myself. What? I can’t do that?)

Gong Hyo-jin is great at playing quirky characters, so her Pyo Na-ri was effortless as usual. Her character made some very questionable choices, but that’s exactly what makes her quirky – she’s not your typical Candy. She knew her heart well, but she’s not reckless as to follow it mindlessly wherever it went. But what really made her a winner in my heart is that while she stuck to her principles and dreams, she didn’t shy away from correction and constructive criticism. I like her best with Hwa-shin not when they’re bickering, but when she runs to him for career advice. What she lacked in confidence, she made up for determination and drive to keep getting better at a job she loved doing.

But this drama is not without flaws. Given its length, I would’ve wanted more of the supporting character’s parallel love triangles, and the heartfelt family stories, and less of the workplace hijinks. But those are minor complaints; every Jealousy episode captured my heart, and I honestly don’t think I’ve seen such an earnest romantic comedy since 2014’s Marriage Not Dating. Take a bow, Jealousy, take a bow.
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27 Jan, 2017
"Thank you for watching us". It's so sweet being thanked by main leads before the final closing credits of the last episode. And it is the first peculiarity of this dorama. The 1st k-dorama I've completed in 2 years. It says something for sure!

Jealousy incarnate is about friendship, family, health and of course love.

The health issue is the 2nd thing that made me finish the series. Main male lead suffering from breast cancer and then infertility. And another living impotent. So the show turned out to be quite educational and supportive as the main lead went both to women's and men's hospital departments and after that even made TV and radio programs about health issues.

"What have I done with you?" - you know it is a question of a loving and reflecting person, and our male protagonist is a very strong person who is always seeking for truth. However, this truth may kill his family, ruin career and destroy future. Moreover, Jo Jeong Seok is not only very sexy but he is an actor. And it matters.

Gong Hyo Jin's character is very sweet, supportive and somehow makes two men lose their heads struggling to win her love. I still don't understand how could she have agreed to live with two men under the same roof. Happy ménage à trois. Very strange!

The family is portrayed good but it really showed no support to our leads. And it's sad as everyone is only trying to reach its own goal. I liked only the Pyo Na Ri's brother. Both mothers and ex-wives mostly irritated if I thought about them as of real people but it was hilarious to watch their story developing in the movie.

All in all, I loved the series. Maybe I have just missed Korea, maybe it was the main leads chemistry or millions of soju bottles that made this story look quite homey and nice. Anyway I thought that "modern" k-dorama cannot interest me, but it did and it's awesome=)
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purtysunshine 07 Nov, 2017
Surprising that that drama was 24 episodes...even more surprising was how they managed to pull that off without things dragging horribly or getting too awfully boring. Grated, I still think a typical 16 episode run would have been sufficient but regardless it was enjoyable. Jo Jung Suk stole the show, as always, and I’m a fan of pretty much everything Gong Hyo Jin does. They had good chemistry and were the driving force that kept this train going. I could watch them just be adorable together for another 24 episodes and forget the rest.
olszyna 09 May, 2017
Original, funny, cute and sexy! I loved it!
All the actors were amazing, chemistry between leads was breathtaking :-)
The OST was also addictive, I can't stop listening to it.

Although there were 24 episodes, I couldn't stop watching.

Please more original dramas like this :)
tamayatz 18 Feb, 2017
This was such enjoyable Drama throughout! Really fun and sweet and funny.
yohxq 22 Dec, 2016
Second male lead syndrome is strong in this one <3 [2]
kirtil 13 Dec, 2016
I liked this a lot and really had fun watching it. I want to make this clear before I start ranting.

I think the writing is really weak for a drama of this caliber and with these mains. This story would never have worked if we did not have Jo Jeong Seok who could make you fall in love with him even if he plays a brick or a doorknob, and Go Gyeong Pyo who is so lovable and cute you can not help but feel sorry for him here, and of course Ms. Gong Hyo Jin who can make you root for any character she plays and maintains excellent synergy whomever she acts with.

Besides the mains, I think the only characters I liked were Hong announcer and Nurse O. They at least had some semblance of character to them (probably brought to life by theor acting not writing).
When you think about it none of the side characters had any character at all. they were just treated as a cog or a lever/force to move the story in a certain way. they were never given any depth.

Think about Kim Tae Ra.
Only reason we do not think how a mother can act this way is because we are used to these kinds of mothers. But unlike regular kdrama mothers she doesn't have any redeeming quality. Because Go Jeong Won is such a nice and kind character and because he lets her mother gets away with things we assume she must also has some good qualities but is there really? Why is he acting like he is her loving mother when nothing she does ever gives us any indication that she is anything but a self serving egoist.
At least with his father they did not tried to coat it with anything and used the father for what he is; a lever.

And not only the side characters. All of the mains have unexplained but assumed characteristics.

If you disregard and ignore Lee Hwa Sin is played by Jo Jeong Seok
you'd have a near perfect example of a standard korean drama villain. Just imagine there is no scenes to show his side of the story (and even if you show some, maybe most of them too) he is nothing but a cold hearted and manipulative person with a narcissistic personality disorder.

Only reason we felt the start is shaky but then got into the story is because he is played by Jo Jeong Seok. If he was played by someone less lovable, less approachable then we would have dropped this series in a second. Well probably not me, I love Gong Hyo Jin too..

Why is Go Jeong Won
such a good person? nothing in his life or background gives us any reason to expect or believe someone can grow up to be such a person coming from a family and background like his.

A lot of hooks were cast and left forgotten.
What happened to mom-crush of Pyo Chi Yeol? He was so cute finding a mom figure in Bang Ji Yeong and then... puff; gone.

Again; I like this drama. And quite possibly may rewatch it even tho I will get triggered and rage on stuff. Just like I do for most of Kim Eun Suk dramas (Tho so far Goblin is excellent *fingers crossed*).
For me the success of this drama is directly tied to the successful and pro cast and nothing to do with the script.
4 stars for the excellent cast.
frannam 22 Nov, 2016
Se tem Hyo Jin ou Jung Suk em um projeto, eu vou pra ele de olhos fechados, por isso estava super ansiosa por Jealousy Incarnate e não me decepcionei de jeito nenhum! Esse drama é uma mistura de elenco maravilhoso, casal com química 100%, personagens e situações hilariantes, tudo isso tendo como pano de fundo um assunto sério, mas tratado com leveza sem apelar para o melodrama. Enfim, história incrível, com certeza uma das melhores do ano! Que falta sentirei do Repórter Lee e da Pyo Na Ri! ♥
nimwoo 21 Nov, 2016
Although I think eps 21 and 22 didn't match the flow and lightness of the rest of the drama, I loved this absolutely. Besides these two eps (and partly the first mins of the 23), the drama managed to make me watch each ep as soon as it was out, made me crazy waiting for the next ones; made me laugh, cry, feel happy, sad, angry, etc. The characters were never annoying, each was perfect. The side stories were never boring, all of the were worth to enjoy. The drama was absolutely amazing from start to end.

Sadly, the eps 21-22 didn't live up for the rest of the drama and at some point I even thought "as expected, the last 4 eps were unnecessary". However, it was only these two because they added this unnecessary drama that didn't really fit with the rest.

But despite this little thing, it was all amazing so I'm definitely giving it 5/5 stars. Plus! The kisses were always perfect. Honestly, best kisses of dramas this year.
zaharisa 19 Nov, 2016
@ilate I have not re-watched it yet, but I love everything about it for now XD