ESC to close 3.26 (by 134 users)sekaiichi muzukashii koi
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized sekaiichi muzukashii koi
english The Most Difficult Romance
literal The Most Difficult Love In The World


genres comedy, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 13 Apr, 2016 - 15 Jun, 2016
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 134 users
total users 250
rating 437
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Samejima Reiji is a successful president of a hotel chain who is very good at dealing with his customers, however, he is completely clueless when it comes to love or friendly relationships.


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Samejima Reiji
Shibayama Misaki
Muraoki Maiko
Wada Hideo
Ishigami Katsunori
Hori Mahiro




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25 Jan, 2017
Samejima Reiji is a highly competitive president of a hotel chain. When his hotel doesn't place number one on national rankings again, he is devestated. And then the president of the nations number one hotel chain mocks him and talks about relationships and marriage! Reiji decides it's time for some romance in his life. And suddenly there appears Misaki, an innocent and honest girl who loves to serve customers and starts working at his hotel. Meeting her also starts off his mission to get a girlfriend. Just that he has major problems being romantic and understanding the needs of women - or human beings in general.

A romance drama with Ohno was something I didn't expect yet. I love his acting in so many dramas already, I was really excited to see this. Turns out his character is a mix of a bratty Kaibutsu-kun and a cold Enomoto Kei. I know Ohno can do the heart-warming faces and falling-in-love-smile frim Maou. But I guess they wanted to make this a romance COMEDY so badly, they didn't need that kind of acting from Ohno. I enjoyed watching the whole work-related things. I also liked the beginning of the relationship. And I liked that they let Reijis character stay true to himself all the way and didn't change him to be a good partner somewhere in the middle, but that he always was a bratty cold CEO from beginning to the end. But I didn't like how stupid he sometimes seemed. Of course he might have no experience with love and thus be a bit nervous. But sometimes it was over the top and annoying. Especially with the "main crisis" I had a lot of problems. I thought about not watching on, I didn't like how Misakis character turned out to be (even though I had the feeling her character was really flat?) but there were some nice characters like the driver or the secretary. Or the owner of the number one hotel chain. They made me watch a bit longer and in the end even finish the drama.

It was a nice drama and in the end I enjoyed most parts of it. But I felt like there was so much chemistry lacking and the acting of the male lead was a let down. They could have made it less comedy and more romance or at least a tiny bit more serious. It sank from a 5* to a 3* drama for me, because I didn't enjoy the second part of the series much.
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unwanted 13 Feb, 2017
i watched it because of Ohno, he was so cute!! no one will hate it! but
i hate misa-san (haru) character. i really didn't like her character, and how she can't forgive him all that time. this's my opinion.
honey 08 Jul, 2016
@hidde I felt like he was a mix of the bratty Kaibutsu-kun and his character from kagi no kakatta heya. XD

So far (Ep 7) I really like this drama. Chemistr might not be the best, but Ohno being cute is worth it ^_^

I loved the Bed scene lol. But I feel like the script is not delivering his love for Misaki very well. It seems so forced when they are together. I wonder how that will turn out in the end.. :)
aqu135 22 Jun, 2016
it was meh...i liked ohno's acting, but other than that it was ok
reonsoru 16 Jun, 2016
Finished! I quite liked it even though this isn't my favorite genre at the moment. It was an enjoyable, easy to digest show.

The last episode felt a bit rushed and like they wanted to get too many ideas out there, like the chief of department having a come-out and admitting to his make crush on Wada-shachou, then he ends up dating the other company girl anyways?

Glad though they didn't get to marry in the end, that's probably the content of some tv special somewhere down the road...

Nothing gained, nothing lost from watching this. Ohno did a pretty good job though with his display of comical facial expressions and stuff. ^^
misekeith 04 Jun, 2016
Episode 8:
If this was reality, I would have kicked Reiji, HARD, and made him understand that there is no way that a relationship can end or begin whenever he wants; also, that pursuing her again is the most egoist thing he has ever done, even if he is saying he has matured.
Since this is Ohno, though, I feel half annoyed, half - again - killed by the cute.
Argh, this drama is really slowly killing me.
hidde 06 May, 2016
Reiji actually reminds me of Doumyouji Tsukasa.
aquariia 02 May, 2016
The drama is getting better and better. The whole story is very simple but it's not draggy at all. I agree about Ohno being cute. I love how he takes love advices from everyone without hesitation.
The tent scene with Wada cracked me up. :D
hidde 27 Apr, 2016
I enjoyed the second episode more, it was sooo funny! xD

I take back my words about boring and plain thing. It was actually pretty standard. My bad for comparing it to love song and juhan shuttai. Should not judge the budget just because of it too lol (nothing wrong with low budget anyway, as long the director know how to make it good and story is interesting).