ESC to close 3.85 (by 464 users)tto! o hae yeong 또! 오해영
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized tto! o hae yeong
english Oh Hae Young Again
aka another oh hae young, another miss oh, 또 오해영


genres comedy, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 02 May, 2016 - 28 Jun, 2016
episodes 18
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 00:20
status finished


avg. score 3.85 of 5 by 464 users
total users 789
rating 1786
favorites 14


tto o hae yeong: ttoyeoirui girok
2016 variety kr


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Park Do Gyeong
O Hae Yeong
O Hae Yeong
Park Su Gyeong
Lee Jin Sang
Park Hun




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21 Nov, 2016
There are many good parts about this drama: Wardrobe was tasteful and appealing. Lighting and sets were impeccable. Camerawork didn't suffer excessive shaking outside of correctly-designated scenes. Music was enjoyable, if somewhat too repetitive. Watching sound editing in progress was highly interesting and made me analyze other dramas I've watched since. However, when technical features like sound editing are the high point of any drama, there is something terribly wrong with the writing. That was definitely the case here.

It started off positively enough. The tension surrounding the leads, especially wondering whether she would find out that he was behind her break up and what would happen when she did, was very engaging, and I was excited to watch each new episode. However, once she found out and they made up, the tension was gone. I no longer felt any interest in their relationship. At that point, I was grateful for the supporting characters' bickering about family and parenthood. Su Gyeong and Jin Sang suddenly took over the spotlight, as did Hae Yeong's mom.

I think the biggest problem was that I just couldn't relate to the main quartet of characters. Park Do Gyeong's desire to suffer in silence was insufferable. Han Tae Jin's innocent victim sparkle wore off after he beat up his rival one time too many. Plus, do I need to point out that he wouldn't have been arrested if he was really squeaky clean? His halo was definitely tarnished from the get-go. And finally, both O Hae Yeongs are clingy and annoying and just don't know when to let go and move on with their lives. By episode 14, I was hoping everyone would get hit by a car so that I could stop watching.

I stuck it out (OK, I did fast forward a little), and it did take an upswing halfway through episode 16. But after all that turmoil, I felt a little disappointed to see everything get wrapped up in a big, fat HEA. I'll sum it up in one word: Tedious.
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03 Jul, 2016
Oh Hae Young again is a surprise hit considering the premise sounds to be your typical romance show. There's your quintessential love triangle comprised of the first and new love along with a rich male lead. The main characters are all interconnected via six degrees of separation. That being said, the show takes a typical plot and makes it unique, mostly in part to a realistic heroine and a charming lead actor.

O Hae Young (Seo Hyeon Jin) is a fresh character in the drama landscape. She's rude, blunt and crass - which makes her realistic in a verse populated by overly cheerful and optimistic female leads. Everyone knows at least one person like her - they may not necessarily like that person but she's someone you can relate too. Park Do Gyeong, in a revenge drama, would be your evil second lead whose actions would be deplorable but in the skillful hands of Eric becomes someone you [mostly] root for. And while the other O Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) is a little flatter of a character she too manages to show some depth.

The story is pretty well written but does suffer as a result of the 2 episode extension, having a few points that drag in the middle. But the quirky characters allow for an entertaining watch so the slow downs are less noticeable.

A fun watch for any romantic comedy fan or fan of the leads.
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iosimo 15 Jan, 2017
hard to go on... really boring.
babo 14 Jan, 2017
...I don't really know about this one. I am currently 14 episodes in and all I honestly wish for is for Do Gyeong to die. I don't see any of the male prospects worthy Hae Yeong. I will finish it because I want to see the ending and I really like Hae Yeong as a character, she is really refreshing.
anyzs 03 Dec, 2016
the pretty oh hae young is the most annoying character everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
seriously the way she pretends she knows nothing about her privilege is just JKAHKJDHSDNMCNAKNCKDJHIAENCKJDCNKCN IM PISSED OFF
locaxdrama 21 Nov, 2016
@powerpuff I couldn't agree more. I was really into this drama at the beginning, excited to watch each new episode. But, for a while now, I feel like it's dragging. I'm up to episode 16. and I'm almost to the point where I want him to just hurry up and die to put ME out of my misery. :P
jeaudrey 25 Aug, 2016
love it
beeesseoul 14 Aug, 2016
I loved this drama from beginning to end. It honestly had everything I love in a drama. Although, I was stuck in giving it a 4 or 5, I decided to give it the five because of the many times it managed to move me and make me laugh. The side stories were so much fun and moving, they kept you entertained when the main couple didn't. I just think I related so much with what oh hae young went through (doubting one's worth and being compared) that I cried in one too many scenes. I loved how touching the bromances and the family dynamics were. How crazy SuKyung and JinSang were. And the puppy love between Anna and Hun. I laughed so hard during some scenes. I think this drama was at the risk of being forgotten by me, if it wasn't for my insistence in finishing it. It becomes quite repetitive, which is why I struggled with the rating. And yet it leaves a nice feeling and once you start watching again you find yourself smiling at the corniest things and getting teary-eyed during heartwarming parts. I'm glad for the
forced happy ending
for once. My best way to describe this drama is that it isn't one you will remember but it is one you will enjoy as you're watching. As many say, the story wasn't one of a kind, yet the experience while watching it may be worth it.

sachi 26 Jul, 2016
I dropped it after 13 ep and now decided to finish it... But it was so not worthy. It wasn't bad drama but there is NOTHING special about it. 2/5
kirtil 25 Jul, 2016
another drama that made me wish we had a 10 point system instead of 5 here. Not quite 4 stars but much better than 3.

Loved the female lead. very refreshing character. Rest of the cast was good also.
Wish they had more in-industry guests and jokes/homages.

O family may very well be one of my top 10 families. Loved the mother, loved how they act and protect each other and loved how they console each other.