ESC to close 3.3 (by 210 users)good morning call
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized good morning call
aka guddo mooningu kooru

Based On

based on manga
title good morning call
author Takasuka Yue (高須賀由枝)


genres romance, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network FOD (Fuji TV On Demand, フジテレビオンデマンド)


date 12 Feb, 2016 - 10 Jun, 2016
episodes 17
duration 45 minutes
status finished


avg. score 3.3 of 5 by 210 users
total users 398
rating 693
favorites 4


good morning call
2001 video jp
same setting


A high school girl finally gets her own flat, but she has to share it with the most popular boy in school. No one can know they're living together.


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Yoshikawa Nao
Uehara Hisashi
Shinozaki Daichi
Konno Marina
Sata Issei
Mitsuishi Yuuichi


original creator


17 Nov, 2016
When Naos parents go to take over the farm of her grandparents, she decides to stay back in Tokyo to graduate from school and thus has to live by herself. What starts exciting and good ends with her and one of the three hottest guys in school - Uehara Hisashi - being swindeled by someone who rented the appartement to both of them. Since they both have troubles to face if they can't stay in the appartement, they arrange to live there together until one of them gets the chance or money to move out. As long as the school and their friends don't find out, everything should be fine. At least they think it's that simple.

This story is based on a manga that started in 1997 and watching the drama really made me feel thrown back into the 90s. I loved the style and the story, the characters are good and cute. There is something innocent but lovable about most of them. It has many similarities to Itazura no kiss, but only in some subtile things. The way he talks to her sometimes, how she has to walk behind him. How she is somehow stupid but kind-hearted and can only see him. That they live together. All those things make me think of Itazura na kiss, but the good way. I never got bored of the story, so it didn't have many similarities to Itazura.

Also, was it only me or did the actress of Nao-chan remind me an awful lot of Yankumi from Gokusen? She looks like her and also her behaviour at some points was so much Yankumi, that I wondered if that could be her daughter. And later in the story, Uehara-kun reminded me a lot of a young Ogrui Shun...

Anyway, the story itself did not have many weaknesses to me. There was a major plothole in the end, I think they got overwhelmed by the problems they had to resolve in the last episode. But then again, they resolved everything nicely (one thing TOO nice, if you ask me) and I was satisfied with the ending. I even wanted to know more, just like iin Itazura na kiss, where they show us how they go to university etc. I wanted to see more of that. I heard the is a sequel manga, so need to check that one out.

For those who dig some good old-school-romance, this is what you're looking for. Missing Itazura na kiss? Go and watch this. They main characters might lack a bit of chemistry, but it overall is a very enjoyable show and very romantic. 5* from me!
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03 Aug, 2016
In both works, the main couple start living together because of some odd circumstances and have to hide it from others so they won't be expelled from school.
The main protagonists in both dramas have similar personalities. Aside from that, in both dramas the main girl and guy end up living together.


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vanelya10 15 Mar, 2017
I really hated....2/5. When you take a very old manga and make it these days = full of cliches and so predictible...i mean c'mon, you can do so much better than that
locaxdrama 24 Dec, 2016
I loved this drama! 4/5 would recommend for those who miss those early 2000 dramas where rom-coms were cute and corny ^_^ Takes me back to those days and fills my heart <3 [2]

@kematic You hit the nail on the head. ^_^
magician 08 Dec, 2016
One of my favorite dramas. I loved that Netflix took care of this so they could take their time instead of rushing it. The length allowed for more filler than usual but I think all of the characters are interesting so it wasn't annoying. It's a frustrating drama for sure but I always view that as a sign of emotional investment so it's a positive thing to me. Very nice cast too.
warmlia 07 Dec, 2016
Worst couple ever.
warmlia 07 Dec, 2016
Nao is so annoying! I don't like this kind of protagonists: those who make baby voice and are unbearable dramatic, my god.
kematic 02 Oct, 2016
I loved this drama! 4/5 would recommend for those who miss those early 2000 dramas where rom-coms were cute and corny ^_^ Takes me back to those days and fills my heart <3
eyeslikefirefly 16 Sep, 2016
At first I liked this drama a bit and got addicted to watching it. Eventually it just became tiresome. It's just one problem after another and it becomes exhausting to watch. The couple never seems to have more than a few minutes of happiness and then in the next episode it's back to some incident interrupting their happiness. I'm glad we finally got jdrama officially on netflix (and I'm going to rate it well, so that hopefully they'll give us more...heh).
pyapi 02 Sep, 2016
I swear this is like a cluster of shoujo cliches. 1/5

Overall it was pretty mediocre. Nothing about it is new if you're familiar with shoujo manga. I could see all the 'twists' from a mile away.

And I know the asshole-ish character is common, especially in anime/manga related media (like this adaptation of a manga) but they never really pulled through in redeeming Uehara. They never fully justified his actions well enough for him to be anything other than an asshole in my eyes.

Also, I really lost my patience when Nao said she wished Uehara was more possessive of her when she agreed to pretend to be Issei's fake girlfriend and Uehara was cool with it. Her friends not only agreed, but tried to provoke him into getting jealous - and it worked.

The only thing I can say I really enjoyed from this were the shenanigans of the minor characters. They were silly, ridiculous and fun, at least. I wouldn't have been able to finish this otherwise. Sad that this is one of the few jdramas that made it to Netflix :(