ESC to close 3.81 (by 1996 users)e zuo ju zhi wen 惡作劇之吻
  • 2005
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized e zuo ju zhi wen
english It Started With A Kiss
literal Mischievous Kiss
aka ok jok kek ji man, 恶作剧之吻

Based On

based on manga
title itazura na kiss
author Tada Kaoru (多田かおる)


genres comedy, romance, school


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network CTV


date 25 Sep, 2005 - 12 Feb, 2006
episodes 20
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 1996 users
total users 2981
rating 7608
favorites 255


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Yuan Xiang Qin has just been rejected by her longtime crush, school genius Jiang Zhi Shu, and after two long years admits defeat. While moving, Xiang Qin and her father are suddenly left homeless when an earthquake destroys their new house and all of their belongings. When her father's old friends offer them a place to stay, Xiang Qin is unprepared to discover they are the parents of none other than Jiang Zhi Shu.


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Yuan Xiang Qin
Jiang Zhi Shu
Jin Yuan Feng
Pei Zi Yu
Lin Chun Mei
Jiang Zhao Zi


original creator


27 Aug, 2013
Note: This summary stands for both this drama and its sequel.

I was really hesitant about watching this version of It Started With A Kiss for several reasons: 1) I loved the anime, 2) I didn't enjoy the Korean version nearly as much despite the fact that I adore Kim Hyun Joong, especially as Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers, 3) I was still pining over Joe Cheng as Kui with Bai He in The Rose and I worried that watching this would spoil my image of him and his fictional romance.

However, I needn't have feared. Even though the anime had the advantage of being the first time that Tada Kaoru's ending was conceptualized, courtesy of her husband, this version beat out both the Korean drama version and the anime for me because it was here that we were able to actually obtain a glimpse into what Zhi Shu/Irie was thinking. This made his character much more understandable, if not quite lovable.

But, after all, this story isn't really about him, so much as Xiang Qin and her indomitable will. Plus, like all romance stories, things are only truly interesting when they feature somewhat disfunctional or lacking people. But interesting doesn't have to mean unbelievable. I'll be the first to admit that the initial circumstances leading to the close proximity of our leading characters is a bit hokey in all versions (well, maybe not if one is familiar with the following really sad stories: but it's not all that unusual for dumb girls to pursue smart guys or sweet girls to end up with not so nice guys. All the characters were somewhat realistic though.

The Korean characters seemed to strive to be like the anime but I feel that was the wrong approach, and one that 3D people, no matter how cute, always seems to fail at. In this version though, everyone, not just Naoki, was humanized and made to be relatable. In this way, I wasn't left feeling like they fell short (although that would have been chronologically impossible anyway) and I am still able to fully appreciate both the anime and this drama.

Thankfully, Joe Cheng is also a much better actor than Kim Hyun Joong and the supporting cast, while perhaps not as physically attractive as the Korean cast, was much more memorable. I will always love Joe Cheng as Kui and forever mourn both his lustrous locks and his screen time with Ella Bao Bei but, with his wonderful ability to flesh out Irie Naoki, I'm also glad to know that it wasn't just a fluke or the Ella Bao Bei effect (my term for her ability to make me love all lead males starring with her).

The jury is still out on if it's the talents of the director. I got a kick out of the little references to The Rose in both this drama and its sequel. So far, I've liked everything I've seen by this guy and I'm convinced that he has the ability to draw out the best in my favorite actors and actresses, and even some that aren't on that list.

Speaking of, I was super apprehensive about Ariel Lin, not only because my standard for characters like this in Ella Bao Bei but just because I wasn't too familiar with her. I'd heard that she had great chemistry with Joe Cheng though and I wasn't dissappointed on that front in the least. In addition, having seen her acting prowess in this show, I might give Legend of the Condor Heroes another go.

Oftentimes, actresses are a bit self conscious and afraid of truly looking ugly but with her body language , facial expressions and vocal inflections, she more than adequately portrayed a stupid, average looking girl with low self esteem who gets by on luck, the good graces of those around her and sheer persistence. I guess the character isn't meant to be overly cute and I can't say I fell in love with her but I did greatly enjoy her love story.
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07 Mar, 2011
I tend to approve of the ol'

"intelligent guy completely ignores and seems to hate an eccentric airheaded girl but secretly doesn't"

type of stories..

It’s manga-based so.. it’s original in its own way.

At the very beginning it’s apparent that the main character, Xiang Qin, is obsessed with a beautiful boy who everyone loves. The day-dreams she has are hilarious (even though at times, her stupidity and obsession is enough to make you cringe.) This boy, Zhi Shu, is a cold-hearted genius who Joe Cheng he plays ridiculously well. (seriously, really well) He is openly cruel and teases Xiang Qin’s stupidity, while at the same time toying with her emotions. She responds with feistiness, yet she still loves the guy and follows him around like a lost puppy.

During the first episodes it runs smoothly. There really isn’t a character that I disliked (other than Zhi Shu) and everything was keeping my attention. But down the line, maybe in the mid episodes, Xiang Qin lost her spunk and became totally pitiful. Then it was hard to even watch. There were plenty of times when I felt embarrassment while watching a scene… yes, embarrassment for a fictional character.If she were real she’d have Dependent Personality Disorder.

Notable characters: Zhi Shu's little brother who is always irritated by Xiang Qin, Zhi Shu's childlike mother who wants him and Xiang Qin together, an older student who plays tennis (he was always cracking me up) and Ah Jin, a boy who desperately peruses Xiang Qin even though she clearly dislikes him. Props to Jiro Wang for making stalking and obsession look adorable.
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thefreak 07 Jan, 2011
First I have to say: I watched all 30 episodes, not only the 20 which are listed here on MDL, so the whole thing took me a while :D
My longest drama ever XD But it was just too funny and adorable so the 30 episodes flew by really fast^^

I didn't read the manga, nor did I watched the anime....the Korean version was just enough to make me curious about this (But you shouldn't watch the Korean one! DON'T! It's a waste of your time! If you decide to watch an adaption, then watch this show + sequel ;))

I love, love, love the main couple!! X3 They're way better played than the Korean characters! Xiang Qin is just adorable and not remotely as annoying as Oh Ha Ni.
The development of Zhi Shu is much clearer and more visible than the one from BSJ. (Ok, they had a lot of time for that xD) Oh, and I didn't expect Yuan Chang to be so hot! O_O (And he's so tall! I never saw such a tall Taiwnese actor! It looked so funny when he spoke to his parents because he was more than two heads taller than them :D) I really couldn't stand him at the beginning but he became really good looking! Same goes for the character of Xiang Qin.
Hm, the supporting characters were a bit weak in some parts but it's ok, I think. Rivals as much as the admirer were well played and enjoyable.
Ah Jin got on my nerves sometimes but he was just the male version of Xiang Qin, so you have to love him xD
The little brother was spoiled (and fat...I recognized that Taiwanese kids are really well fed...the ones in dramas), but in the end he was really cute x3
The parents were as funny as I wanted them to be. Thumps up for the mother! :D

But...Wang Zi is supposed to have played the little ill child Ah Nuo, right? He was 16 at this time and looked like a 12 years old O_O....
Most bizarre wedding ever! I laughed so much XD
Now, I'm going to watch the second season! YAY!
yokochan 02 Jan, 2011
First, it´s the best version drama from itazura na kiss
second, itazura na kiss is one of my favourite drama´s
third, i Like the music from arieL Lin & her acting =)

& Now, - This Drama is sooo Great, one of my Favourite´s (:
i Love aLL the 2O episodes, cause it´s fantastic.
at the time i´ve watched it, i aLways Laughing xD

i heard about a season 3,
is this reaL ? write me pLease *.*
mikomi0e 30 Aug, 2010
A totally mess compared to the anime. My favourite anime!! and then something like this appeared.. Naoki Irie's character (here: Jiang Zhi Shu) is supposed to be MEAN at the beginning - and Kotoko Aihara's character should be someone who everyone likes but Ariel Lin is annoying. Just a bad actress.

But I understand everyone who loves this drama. The plot is awesome. Everything else not.
moosespitz 30 Aug, 2010
most bizarre wedding ever. XD
& the bloopers were hilarious with joe`s crazy laugh.
spoonchu 16 Aug, 2010
I watched this dorama in 4 days, and this is the best Taiwan dorama ever *____* And now I'm gonna watch the season 2 +w+)b
Hope that Korean version will be as beautiful as this one (>/o\<'')
ancorreia 10 Aug, 2010
My first and favourite Taiwan drama!
Everyone should watch!
Great story, good actors... <3
guitarslash 13 Jul, 2010
this drama is awesome, totally love it :)
season 2 is even better.
have re-watched some times too
jaedze 07 Jun, 2010
I agree with Nana, this version is sooo much better! This is one of my best dramas ever and I have watched MANY♥♥♥