ESC to close 3.75 (by 271 users)shopping wang louis 쇼핑왕 루이
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized shopping wang louis
english Shopaholic Louis
literal Shopping King Louis
aka syoping wang rui


genres drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 21 Sep, 2016 - 10 Nov, 2016
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status finished


avg. score 3.75 of 5 by 271 users
total users 558
rating 1015
favorites 9



Louis grows up in an incredibly rich household and is known worldwide for his ability to get the best prices when he goes shopping. However, despite being so fortunate, he has to live under constant monitoring, barely having any friends and having to deal with people who want to use him. One day, he decides to escape but loses his memory in the process. He meets Go Bok Sil, a girl from the countryside, who teaches him about a different way of life.




Go Bok Sil
Cha Jung Won
Baek Ma Ri
Choe Il Sun
Heo Jeong Ran




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jeaudrey ~ 1 week
I love this drama. Is so funny and warmy... Buuuuuut, i like dramas that make me want to watch all day, which has an interesting story, but this one is just cute and funny, the last 3 episodes I had to skip some parts. But you must watch this drama, the beginning is very worthwhile, the romance is very cute and real, and the ost is wonderful too.
And about the end, sooooooo cute omg
tamayatz ~ 2 weeks
From start to finish this Drama was funny and solid, the different characters bring their parts to the story and make it fun. However I don't see this as the best drama ever but unlike many dramas where you might lose interest in half way, this one just keeps the interest going. Cha Jung Won was definitely best character in this! Without him this Drama would not been as funny.
limenora ~ 3 weeks
Such a cute drama! Lightweighted, super easy to watch! I anticipated every episode.
Very cliche story, but I can say on of the best cliche stories I've seen.
The characters are loveable, and the main leads have chemistry.
I often dislike the female leads in dramas, because they make it obvious when they act cute, and it bothers me, but Nam Ji Hyeon as Ko Bok Sil was great!
Seo In Guk nailed it as always. :D
If you want to watch a lightweighted drama, I reccomend this one!
Funny, and cute!
meakoo 03 Dec, 2016
I enjoyed every minute!! LOVE ITTTT!!!
ilate 28 Nov, 2016
So this drama has everything I don't like in Korean dramas, yet, I loved it! I hate when a drama is overly cute, but this one was not annoying. Instead, the cuteness was very enjoyable. I hate when a drama has this grumpy ahjussi, yet I loved Cha Jung Won who never failed to amuse me.

And Seo In Guk was just amazing. As always :)
juliavanila 27 Nov, 2016
It was cute and simple, but again nothing special. Even everything was predictable I had a good time watching it. I loved the chemistry between main leads. And of course Seo In Guk did a great job!
nimwoo 17 Nov, 2016
I gave this drama 5/5 stars simply because it made me laugh, cry and anticipate each episode thoroughout the whole story. I never got bored of it,the dramatic scenes were never too deep, good feelings lead everything... it was very light and I enjoyed it so much. Especially, after crying my eyes out for Moon Lovers, watching this was amazing. I loved this drama this much that even though it has a
happy ending, I cried at the end. They were always so happy that it made me feel sad that I am not that happy, LOL. It made me really so emo.

What I learnt the most out of this drama? That I love Seo In Guk even a lot much more than I did before watching it. Definitely my no. 1 baby.
babo 11 Nov, 2016
Sadly this drama didn't continue it's lightweight feeling through out the whole drama and instead took the same path as many dramas do nowadays. Maybe I'm to harsh in my conclusions but I was hoping that it would stand out in this genre, sadly, it did not. I got bored in the second part of this drama since it didn't live up to my expectations, to bad since it got potential. But most of the characters were cute and I liked Bok Shil and Luis relationship. (I don't know if this counts as a spoiler but just in case it is...)
Though I have to say that their kisses were awkward, like, always. I felt like they were selfconsious and made it so obvious that they were on a set, surrounded by the productionteam...

And I just have to add,
in the video from 1996, it was so obvious that the recording wasn't from 96, they didn't even bother to dress them in clothing fitting for that time...

All in all, it was cute but nothing more.