ESC to close 4.22 (by 356 users)cheongchunsidae 청춘시대
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cheongchunsidae
english Age Of Youth (literal)
aka hello, my twenties!


genres drama, romance, friendship, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 22 Jul, 2016 - 27 Aug, 2016
episodes 12
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:40 - 21:55
status finished


avg. score 4.22 of 5 by 356 users
total users 608
rating 1504
favorites 27



The story of five university students living together, each having their own worries, ambitions and personality.


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Yun Jin Myeong
Jeong Ye Eun
Song Ji Won
Gang I Na
Yu Eun Jae
Park Jae Wan




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15 Sep, 2016
Age of Youth is one of the few female friendship centric shows in dramas, and it's a very successful one at that.

The story follows five university students who are roommates. It initially starts off a little slow and shaky, as there's so many characters to introduce (the five roommates and their respective groups) but by the end of the first episode the show manages to find it's footing and from there becomes great.

Each lead has their own personality complete with flaws and quirks, and despite the show's shorter than average run, they are fully fleshed out. The actresses have to be given credit for bringing each one of their characters alive and for maintaining the great camaraderie between the roommates, which is the real bond that ties the show. For as entertaining it is to watch each girl's life play out on its own, the show really shines when it focuses on the five together.

The directing is unobtrusive and simple. In some cases a little too simple with it becoming obvious that the show was low-budget. But the magic of the script and acting still manage to shine through.

A definite recommend for slice of life fans or those who just wish there were more female centric, or female friendship based shows.
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jihye ~ 1 week
Não estou acreditando que vai ter segunda temporada, que notícia maravilhosa, tomará que continue a história maravilhosamente e que dê mais espaço para a Song Ji Won, ela é uma personagem maravilhosa <3 Os meninos deviam aparecer tbm ia adorar.
Menos o Go Du Yeong claro, ele tem que continuar preso na história!
sweetsuga ~ 1 week
@juliavanila OMG, great news. Thanks for sharing
alex3 ~ 1 week
@juliavanila ohh, thank you for the info, i can't wait to see more of this drama!
juliavanila ~ 1 week
@alex3 So far it's said that JTBC is still coordinating the appearance of actors from season one and that they're hoping all of the cast will agree to continue working on Age of Youth. Also that it's planned to air in the second half of 2017 but exact date isn't confirmed yet!
alex3 ~ 1 week
@juliavanila great news! Do you perhaps know some more details? (I can't tell what they are saying on the website :P)
juliavanila ~ 1 week
Season 2 confirmed! Can't wait
ukezinho 29 Jan, 2017
Com certeza um dos melhores de 2016! É um drama bem realista, delicado e simples. Abordou todos os temas muito bem e sem exageros, não teve aquele excesso de drama forçando a barra. Cada personagem representa um sentimento nosso, então é impossível não se identificar com elas e com seus problemas. Amei, foi lindo. Foi real.
juni 19 Jan, 2017
i love this drama sfm