ESC to close 3.48 (by 502 users)the k2 THE K2
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized the k2
aka 더케이투, 더 케이투


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 23 Sep, 2016 - 12 Nov, 2016
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:45
status released


avg. score 3.48 of 5 by 502 users
total users 902
rating 1747
favorites 16



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Choe Yu Jin
Kim Je Ha
Go An Na
Jang Se Jun
Choe Seong Won
Park Gwan Su




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09 Dec, 2016
On paper, the K2 sounds like a thrilling show with romance and intrigue mixed in - you've got a highly skilled mercenary; a girl whose been kept hidden her entire life; powerful people who will go any length to maintain the secret and a hunt to unravel the past. And while the show does manage to succeed on some fronts, overall it falls a bit flat.

The main problem seems to fall on the directing which focuses more on the flashy and less on allowing character development. The fight scenes are amazing but had a tendency to overshadow and once things calmed down, everything felt flat with little explanation for character motivation (such as why Anna loves hr father so much despite the show never actually a decent interaction between them). The stakes seemed high but never really felt it - we're told Anna needs to discover what happened to her mother and escape the clutches of Choe Yu Jin but everything seems to happen slowly and with a lot of talking. A balance between action and exposition was never reached.

Part of the flaw does fall on Yun A, whose character is central to the plot but whose acting never fully manages to bring her character to life - it's hard to root for her to win and while we're told why she's important, again it never feels like she really is. There's more chemistry between Je Ha and Yu Jin then there is between him and An Na with poor development of the romance portion of the story. So when they do get together it's hard to believe it was natural and didn't occur because we were about half way to through the run time.

Despite the flashy action scenes, the show falls flat on a variety of fronts. A recommend for lazy days but otherwise a skip.
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olszyna 13 Jul, 2017
SO BOOOOORING! Even Ji Chang Wook can't save it.
beeesseoul 09 May, 2017
This one was hard to finish. There were too many back plots, they were hard to keep up with and thus made it boring. The couple was visually pleasing but I wasn't engaged by their chemistry.
ukezinho 04 Apr, 2017
A vilã foi sensacional, simplesmente carregou o drama inteiro nas costas, beijos. QUE ATRIZ MARAVILHOSA!!!
superboink 26 Jan, 2017
Started off so well but lost it's touch halfway through. Dropped.
whitematsurika 09 Jan, 2017
Choi yoo jin character overshadowed everyone else, she's a great actress to be able pull out that character amazingly. I like ji chang wook and he did a good work in the drama but sorry to say, i kinda forget k2 is the main character since song yun a' spowerful acting make her a scene stealer that dominates the whole plot to the extent that this drama would be boring without her.
jeaudrey 05 Jan, 2017
So I finished this and I have to say it was amazing! Yu Jin is the best character ever, she was the best villan and hero. I love when the drama have strong females like her. I like the romance between Je Ha and An Na, even if deep inside I wanted him with Yu Jin. I Loved the end, it was very different of Nice Guy and City Hunter, that it was really good dramas, with awful ends. I love the script, love the ost, and Yun A did a great job. I don t like characters like her, but she was good in this.
Anyway, Really good drama, even if the scens of action was a little overrated hahahahah
A Must watch!!
jeaudrey 30 Dec, 2016
I really want Je Ha with Yu Jin, is that wrong? >.
leviathan 17 Dec, 2016
Boooring ~
First two episodes seem to be promising at first but now it's turning to another generic Korean drama. Too bad I had high expectations about this one. *sigh*

I have to agree with everyone about that Yoo Jin is only likeable character in here.

Btw main leads have zero chemistry imo.

Waste of time.