ESC to close 3.12 (by 684 users)ghost friends
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized ghost friends
aka goosuto furenzu


genres comedy, supernatural, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NHK (NHK GTV)


date 02 Apr, 2009 - 11 Jun, 2009
episodes 10
duration 45 minutes
air day Thursday
at 20:00 - 20:45
status released


avg. score 3.12 of 5 by 684 users
total users 1237
rating 2136
favorites 13



Kamiya Asuka was a normal girl until she almost died in a traffic accident. But after surviving and losing her two best friends, Asuka started to see ghosts. And coming of her weak personality, always helping them. While making all the ghosts' wishes come true, she meets a young man who turns out to be also a ghost.


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Kamiya Asuka
Hayami Kaito
Shinjou Tatsumi
Hongou Misora
Kamiya Koutarou
Kamiya Takeshi




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They are both about a female character who can see ghosts. In both dramas the female ends up solving cases around the ghosts she encounters.

29 Jan, 2015
They are both about a character who not only can see ghosts, but always ends up helping them.


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ynaoblivious 09 Jan, 2014
First part of the drama: I'm getting fed up with Fukuda Saki in this drama. Only watched this because I want to see Nissy. But he gets so little screen time, I'm having second thoughts...


Finally finished the drama. hmmm I don't quite like Misora, but I guess she has to exist. It was kind of strange that they had separate story lines for the first few eps (helping individual ghosts), then suddenly there was some strange plot and a huge group of ghosts backed by Misora. No closure for the cop/taxi driver either. Overall a somewhat happy ending, seems a bit forced/hurried.
xapplecookie 10 Sep, 2013
I think its my favourite drama of all i've ever watched so far.
The ending wasn't exactly what I wished for...but I could handle it.
I cried so many times but also laughed as many times.

I was hoping that Asuka and Kaito could be happy together..but even so they couldn't.. it was somehow a happy ending. I loved the relationship process between Asuka and Kaito..
jpanda 17 Feb, 2013
apesar dos efeitos especiais serem um pouco ruins gostei da história *--*

o final foi um pouco decepcionante, porque ele não demonstrou mais seus sentimentos? D: mas gostei de assistir
Random chan 24 Oct, 2012
@faylinn @jocchi wow :o first time I'm being a troll and all and people love me for that *feels proud* lol.
faylinn 24 Oct, 2012
@Random chan
totally agree, I also hate dropping whatever I watch, but I just can't stand this, finally dropped it after the 4th episode :|
jocchi 26 Jun, 2012
I watched it till the last episode and I have to say that the final part is so much better that all the start + the middle...If it wasn't so idiotic in the middle, this drama could have been sooo much better! That's a pity, but I think that 2 stars are enough for this.
jocchi 21 Jun, 2012
@Random chan
Really bad acting, plot and idiotic, totally irrelevant events. For a long time it stood on my 'on hold', since i hate dropping dramas... but give me a break -- it's too bad to watch... at least for me. Horrible stuff.

Totally agree ._. I've watched 3 episodes till now and all I have to say about this drama is that it's just pointless, a waste of time. It's a pity cause the main characters are good actors -I love Fukuda Saki- but this drama is really awful. That's exactly the kind of stupid japanese dramas I hate the most, really. I don't know if I'll drop it or finish it...
sayitaintsojoe 30 May, 2012
Loved it. Especially because of Fukuda Saki. She is an amazing actress and she's super cute!