ESC to close 4.07 (by 262 users)nangman doctor gim sabu 낭만닥터 김사부
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nangman doctor gim sabu
english Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
aka doctor romantic, romantic doctor kim sa-bu, nangman dakteo gim sabu


genres drama, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 07 Nov, 2016 - 16 Jan, 2017
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 4.07 of 5 by 262 users
total users 471
rating 1066
favorites 5


nangman doctor gim sabu: beonoepyeon
2017 TV kr


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Kim Sa Bu
Gang Dong Ju
Yun Seo Jeong
Jang Gi Tae
O Myeong Sim
Park Eun Tak


martial arts director


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leviathan 06 Mar, 2018
can't wait for season 2!!!!
kasumii 27 Dec, 2017
one of the best medical dramas!
leviathan 15 Jun, 2017
well, i think it was interesting in first episodes, but dragged on later episodes just like other Korean dramas. Characters gone bland in later episodes and plot does too.

But surgery scenes were impressive, i liked the teamwork between characters. Only character that i've found interesting was Teacher Kim. Han Seok Kyu did awesome job as always as a veteran actor.
frannam 02 Feb, 2017
Realmente uma ótima história e com atores excelentes! Já entrou para meus dramas médicos preferidos ao lado de Good Doctor e Beautiful Mind.
jujuvieira 31 Jan, 2017
Um dos melhores dramas médicos que já vi!! Eu gostei de tudo, só fiquei confusa com o final. Bem que podia ter uma season 2.
ilate 17 Jan, 2017
Despite being pretty similar to other medical dramas and not surprising in any part of it, I really enjoyed it. All the actors did a very good job, the chemistry between Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyeon Jin was no joke. It was very funny whenever it was supposed to be funny, very touching whenever it was supposed to be touching, and heartwarming whenever it was supposed to be heartwarming.

Giving it a solid 4/5 only because it wasn't surprising.
nimwoo 13 Jan, 2017
I loved it during the first half, like until 12~14 eps? The story was still unique. It's not like the drama got bad -nothing like that. Imo, it's still one of the best medical dramas I've watched. But I think the story became too mainstream after ep 16 or so. Like, it became another medical drama in a
fight for power.
So it kinda lost the initial plot.

Also, I think Yoon Seo Jung's character got lost in the woods. She was a strong lead trying to overcome her trauma all by herself but suddenly, she has no will whatsoever and does everything Master Kim tells her, regardless of her own opinion. Or well, not regardless, because she actually lost all sense of "own opinion". I'm a bit bitter about it because I love Seo Hyun Jin and her character here had potential, but I think the writers forgot the consistency she had at the beginning of the drama. Especially, the way she overcame her trauma. Like, she had this hand injury but when she attempted suicide and recovered from cutting her vains, her other injury healed too, and this was a neurological condition. Bad.
As well as the trauma she had when Dong Joo flirted with her. Last time they showed her trauma, she suddenly overcame it after talking with the psychologist ONCE and never again showed any hints of ever having PTD. Really not the conclusion I wanted to have for this case.

Despite this, the drama is good and it's worth watching, especially for the first part. It's thrilling and you anticipate each episode. Afterwards, it might have lost its sparkle, but it's still good.
I'll decide my final rating next week with the last episode, but I think I will leave it with 4 stars.
shayaqus 10 Jan, 2017
love it <3 I didn't know that I like medical dramas XD