ESC to close 4.15 (by 246 users)pigoin 피고인
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized pigoin
english Defendant (literal)
aka innocent defendant, the accused


genres drama, suspense, law


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 23 Jan, 2017 - 21 Mar, 2017
episodes 18
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 4.15 of 5 by 246 users
total users 501
rating 1021
favorites 12



Park Jeong U, a prosecutor who once sent others to prison, wakes up one day to find himself behind bars on the charges of murder and with no recollection of what lead him here. Despite being locked up, he makes it his mission to figure out what took place in the time before he ended in prison and fight his way out.




Park Jeong U
Seo Eun Hye
Gang Jun Hyeok
Cha Seon Ho
Na Yeon Hui
Cha Min Ho




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06 Jul, 2017
Defendant is like many other law shows, filled with twists and turns. Unfortunately like other shows, it also tends to follow a similar trajectory.

The acting and writing are the stronger points of the show although both have the weaknesses that can't really be hidden. Ji Seong and Eom Gi Jun both prove their acting skills again, tackling difficult scenes and characters beautifully. There's the odd falter but overall they carry the show. Female lead Yu Ri's limited acting is evident here especially compared to the rest of the more veteran cast but her role diminishes enough throughout the show that it doesn't have too big of an impact.

The writing keeps the plot moving but it does feel like 18 episodes was too long. There were moments were it felt like nothing really happened other than angry looks or pondering, and a shorter run time would have tightened everything up.

A recommend for fans of Ji Seong, Eom Gi Jun or those that like law shows.
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07 Apr, 2017
Defendant is a story about a prosecutor sentenced to death for killing his wife and baby girl. However, of course, the prosecutor is not guilty. He is a victim of a cruel son of chebol. So this is how the story drags on and on for 18 episodes.

Park Jeong U is that prosecutor portrayed by Ji Seong. Kind and laughing eyes of the actor spoiled the dorama. Firstly he is a superhero prosecutor, then he becomes a broken prisoner and the next moment Jeong U is an all mighty avenger. A long time ago I was impressed by actor's acting in Swollen by the Sun. In this dorama his acting is flat although he tries to be versatile.

Gang Jun Hyeok is another prosecutor who is a "friend" of our protagonist. O Chang Seok tried to portray a jealous, ambitious prosecutor who is a real coward. It was the 1st time I've seen acting of O Chang Seok and I did not like it all.

A defendant should have a lawyer and he has one - Seo Eun Hye. We see her as an ambitious lawyer who pays too much attention to details studying the case. And what do we see when she starts working with Jeong U? Nothing. She does not even know what may be the charges for a copartner of a prison breaker. She becomes only a driver for an escaped prosecutor.

The only star here is Cha Seon/Min Ho. And he is the antagonist who sent our prosecutor to jail. At least it was not so boring to watch scenes with him thanks to Eom Gi Jun who portrayed them.

I have a question to a screenwriter: what 18 episodes were about? If you cut off the middle of the plot, you may receive more or less good dorama.

The only good thing in the Defendant is that it shows that people are the cruelest and good for nothing creatures on our planet: twin brothers, their wife, an executor, prosecutors friend, prison staff.

I cannot recommend this dorama as it really has no message at all, the above mentioned does not count. It stands out among the same genre doramas only as it has some prison breaking scenes. That's all. However, I liked the work of cinematographer - he made the dorama watchable by his work.
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sillysym 23 Feb, 2018
It was great, there were some plot holes, a lot of rage for everything that went wrong and for some stupid character. It was smooth, never boring, always in suspense (maybe too much)
Jisung is a great actor, in every role he puts his soul. I liked a lot even secondary characters. I also liked the friendship among the inmates very much. I did not see a drama so intense and compelling for years.

a lot of people died uselessly like Lee Seong Kyu.
I will not forgive it.
beeesseoul 11 May, 2017
So I finished and my mind hasn't changed. Still though, Jisung is a jewel. I really loved him here.
beeesseoul 11 May, 2017
Everyone just loves this drama and I understand why they would. It's written well, there's a lot of tension and twists that keep you watching. The actors do well in their roles, so much that there are so many despicable characters. And for all these reasons I'm finding it difficult to keep watching. I mean it's one of those dramas where one bad thing happens after the other and when there's a little ray of sunshine, something goes wrong again. I'm not saying there's something wrong with this drama in particular, I just hate dramas like these in general because they raise my already high anxiety levels. AND THERES SO MANY CHARACTERS I HATE. Like Cha Minho is obviously hateable but I hate a coward like Junhyuk even more. I'm just finding it hard to watch episode after episode without skipping when there's nothing much to look forward to and with little characters to love. Sorry for venting but this is how frustrating this drama is for me. ALSO WHY 18 EPISODES?!?!?! WHY EXTEND MY AGONY?!?!?
I'm gonna keep watching cause they just got hayeon

unknown 26 Apr, 2017
Such a good drama! Ji sung is definitely one of the best actors! I felt every emotion while watching this one & that's the sign for the.masterpiece. 5/5 ♡
000184 02 Apr, 2017
I'm still speechless.....
sunkeener 01 Apr, 2017
It's constantly nagging me

how come Cha Min Ho, who was good for nothing alchoholic and lived in the shadow of his smart brother, instantly becomes a super-bad-ass-talented-opponent of our prosecutor?
hyukjae 26 Mar, 2017
I have no words, masterpiece. 5/5
ilate 25 Mar, 2017
Amazing drama! I was a huge 'Prison Break' fan, so this drama was like a feast for me. The story was very consistent, everything seemed well thought of, and the acting was just outstanding. I wonder if Ji Sung is ever going to do a bad job... He put the bar so high already, not only for him, but for other actors as well. After 'Kill Me, Heal Me' I thought he wasn't going to amaze anymore, I mean, what more could he show us after 'KMHM'. But I was so wrong, he is just amazing. Really the greatest Korean actor right now.

The OST was also amazing, it suited this drama so well. Gave me chills everytime.

I agree with other comments saying it would be even better, if there were 16 episodes, nevertheless, 5 stars from me.