ESC to close 4.25 (by 637 users)yeokdoyojeong gim bok ju 역도요정 김복주
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yeokdoyojeong gim bok ju
english Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
literal Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju
aka weightlifting fairy, kim bok-joo, 역도 요정 김복주


genres comedy, romance, sports, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 16 Nov, 2016 - 11 Jan, 2017
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status finished


avg. score 4.25 of 5 by 637 users
total users 1006
rating 2706
favorites 55



Kim Bok Ju and her closest friends are weightlifters, Jeong Jun Hyeong is a swimmer. All of them struggle with their athletic goals and with love.




Kim Bok Ju
Jeong Jun Hyeong
Song Si Ho
Jeong Jae I
Kim Jae Hyeon
Jeong Nan Hui




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31 Jan, 2017
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju is essentially the perfect youth romance show - filled with heart and encapsulating what it's like to live through your first crush.

For as much as the show is said to be about professional athletes, it's really more an ode to youth, friendships and struggling to find your feet while balancing crushes. The cast is amazing, filled with great friendships and chemistry. Lee Seong Gyeong, while a little hard to view as a weightlifter, nails her role as Kim Bok Ju. There's no concern about looking pretty and she fully embraces all the awkwardness that makes Bok Ju loveable. Nam Ju Hyeok isn't as great, but he plays Jun Hyeong as a lovable puppy - bolstered by a greatly written character. The entire show, from the directing to the writing, is whimsical but heartening, funny but filled with emotional beats that make for a story everyone knows and has lived through.

A definite recommend for any fan of youth and romance.
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kelly17 ~ 4 days
I m in ep7
I m so freaking angry with her teachers and her father right now!!
They practically FORCED her to
up her weight class!

It s her body and she should be able to do whatever she wants with it
jangminhae ~ 2 weeks
why is no one concerned that Bok Ju just spent $600 for something she didn't even need?
for me 600 dollars is quite a lot of money and she literally had to empty her bank account and use the money her father gave her to find that money. Doesn't she need that money to idk? live??? pay her tuition??? smth????
and I can't find it in myself to like her or any of the characters really.
I expected more of this drama than it being a high school drama where everyone just drinks.
i'll keep watching in case it gets better magically, but i'll prbbly drop it. *sigh*
hyenia 23 Mar, 2017
Just finished watching:) It was so amazing!!! Now I don't know how can I live without this drama. I'm gonna miss it so much :( I watched a lot of dramas, but this one was really special and one of the best :) You must watch!!!!
stehcamine 01 Mar, 2017
Achei algumas partes chatas e desnecessárias, porém é um drama bom, lindinho.
unknown 20 Feb, 2017
...if i could add another drama to my favorites, i would totally put it in there. I still love it...& totally fell in love with nam joo hyuk. Now i want to watch everything with him. I'm asking myself how i couldn't notice him im 'cheese in the trap' ...shame on me... xD

Totally missing this one. 5/5 ♡♡♡
alexadm81 18 Feb, 2017
So glad I started watching this while it wasn't airing because it was such a refreshing and cute watch! I didn't feel how the time was passing and the chemistry was great! I liked so much the acting also! I will miss this ~swag drama! 5/5.
jessicarose 11 Feb, 2017
I love it so very much!!! <3 It's just the ending that's got me disappointed, you know, it was no big deal at all.
kaikohachii 10 Feb, 2017
O dorama mais fofa que já vi em toda a minha vida. De verdade, eu devorei ele em 3 dias e eu estou apaixonada loucamente pelos protagonista além de ter os personagens secundários mais divertidos e amáveis, que foi um ponto que achei super positivo, tem doramas que não exploram os personagens secundários como deveriam ):
Eu surto totalmente com o romance da Bok joo e do Joon Hyung, ah eu queria ter um namorado como ele ;;;;;

A trilha sonora bem leve para combinar com o clima perfeito do dorama.
Eu super recomendo para todos, é um amorzinho. Sem palavras <3
5/5 <3