ESC to close 3.84 (by 174 users)nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu
english We Married As Job

Based On

based on manga
title nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu
author Umino Tsunami (海野つなみ)


genres comedy, romance, work


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 11 Oct, 2016 - 20 Dec, 2016
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status finished


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 174 users
total users 302
rating 669
favorites 9



Moriyama Mikuri starts working as a cleaner for Tsuzaki after she is fired from her job. After just a couple of weeks of working there, her parents inform her of their decision to move out to the countryside. Mikuri cannot see a future for herself there, so in a desperate move, she asks Tsuzaki if he would consider hiring her as his wife. To her surprise, he agrees to pay her to become a housewife. As neither are confident their friends and family would accept such an idea, they decide to pretend to really get married. But will a fake marriage really work out?


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Moriyama Mikuri
Tsuzaki Hiramasa
Tsuchiya Yuri
Moriyama Chigaya
Tanaka Yasue
Watanabe Kazuma




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jihye ~ 5 days
Que fofo, quero colocar esse casal num potinho <3
Queria mais eps TT
sukimatsuura 05 Feb, 2017
The cutest drama ever ♡♡♡♡♡♡
watashiwachiaki 10 Jan, 2017
@kirtil agree with you.

the drama started out strong. but towards the last 2 eps it felt they have more stuff they want to do but they had to finish the drama. the last 2 eps were stolen by Yuri-san and Kazami-kun LOL.

I still gave it 4 out of 5 bec of the catchy song.
eyeslikefirefly 03 Jan, 2017
Love this drama so much! I love these weird dramas with awkward characters that keep coming out. I can relate to them so much. The ending felt a bit rushed, to be honest. I hope they have a special (the drama did well enough!). So glad other people jumped on this and the ratings kept going up until the end. I've totally fallen for Hoshino Gen too.

The song is way to catchy (I've seriously had it stuck in my head for 3 days now). XD
kirtil 03 Jan, 2017
I loved it up until ep 8, but the last 3 episodes were somewhat bland compared to the previous ones. It started very strong, with awesome characters, but during the last 3 episodes I felt they tried to get closer to reality and for me it did not work.

For me (the high point of) it was a story of 2 out of sync (with the world) characters finding oasis in each other, simply clicking perfectly. not making it work..

I still rated this 4 for the main characters, but enjoyment-wise it was more like 3 stars at the end.
kate64100 02 Jan, 2017
The drama is lovely and I adore how awkward and shy Tsuzaki is, and it's quite heart-warming how Mikuri keeps trying and helping him to open up. It's nice and lovely and the drama has got so many cute and fun moments. c:
aqu135 02 Jan, 2017
it is a quite far-fetched story, but the way the characters interact with each other (especially with a lot of respect and eloquence) is just refreshing and lovely to watch...i'm tired of loud and obnoxious way of talking and acting, so this drama is a good break from all that
kirtil 22 Dec, 2016
@purisuka I am already on Ep8. Once I saw it was just a case of intentional wrongful editing (as you mentioned there were some more episode ending like this one, deliberately edited in a certain way to make people misunderstand the situation, tho I can not guess why) it was easy to continue.

once I understood Kazami wanted to hire Moriyama-san I was quie ok with that. There was no blackmail, he was upfront clear that he was interested in hiring her not using her. And that made ok (in my eyes) when Tsuzaki-san did not tell her. He was hiding it because he did not want her to accept but lacked the courage to tell it directly.. I was making faulty deductions by taking things out of context (which was deliberate on the director/editing)