ESC to close 3.13 (by 67 users)naeseongjeogin boss 내성적인 보스
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naeseongjeogin boss
english Introvert Boss
aka sensitive boss, naeseongjeogin boseu


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 16 Jan, 2017 - ?
episodes 20 (estimation)
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 00:20
status airing


avg. score 3.13 of 5 by 67 users
total users 332
rating 210



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Eun Hwan Gi
Chae Ro Un
Gang U Il
Eun I Su
Dang Yu Hui
Kim Gyo Ri




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jeaudrey ~ 18 hours
ep.10 was sooooooooo goooood
love it!

I laugh so hard on the part of the ''lettuce in the tooth'' ahhahaha
And that kiss omo, they know how to kiss
sullilea ~ 3 days
I started to like Chae Ro Un after 5th episode.. but Park Hye Soo still cant act, sorry. Im enjoying with this drama but Marriage not Dating was much better. Im saying this cause same director and screenwriter
warmlia ~ 1 week
My mistake: it was Eom Seon Bong, not Se Jong HAHAHAH
warmlia ~ 1 week
Hwan Gi is the most adorable character ever :~

And, FGS
why doesn't he fire that brat Jang Se Jong? He's so disrespectful and annoying. I hate him.
jeaudrey ~ 2 weeks
I am really enjoyng this drama. I like the both leaders, and I think this is gonna be a interesting drama, I like the way the storyline is developing. And Yeon U Jin never disappoints =)
ilate ~ 2 weeks
@kirtil She seems to become the cliche character you mentioned in your comment as the story develops. She is still very irritating, but it looks like she finally notices it's not all black and white. Whenever I get so annoyed with her I either fast forward the scene or press pause and go back to it after few minutes when I'm all cooled down. The main reason I continue watching it though is Gang U Il - he really is very complex as a villain (I think it's a little bit exaggerated word to be used in his case, but I can't come up with another one right now).

Other thing is, I started to wonder if the fact Chae Ro Un is so annoying isn't partly because of Park Hye Su's poor acting skills which became very prominent in the episodes 5 and 6 (they probably were showing even before, but I was too focused on Chae Ro Un rather that Park Hye Su).

Let me know what you think if you decide to start watching it again. I'm really curious about your opinion! ;)
kirtil ~ 3 weeks
@ilate mm maybe I will start watching it again then.. As it were, 2 episodes were more than enough for me to consider to drop this drama. The problem for me was as you pointed out; Chae Ro Un.. Specifically, how she was written. "Enemies turned to lovers" is a well known trope in kdramas. It is cliche because it works.
Not so much here for me. She was so closed off, so set in her ways and thinking that no amount of adverse events or situations could change her mind, make her think even. It was like she had an agenda, and doesn't care about anything else. She saw, interpreted and conveyed everything in a way to confirm and strengthen her ideas and disregarded anything that did not fit..

Now compare it to Yun Ha Gyeong of the drama Chief Kim (another drama from the same season). They are roughly same. She also started the drama having a low opinion of main, judging him in the worst way possible from the get go, but still, when she saw things that did not fit her opinion of him; she was suspicious, she was distrustful, but she was open to the possibility of her being wrong and judging him too harshly.

Ms. Ju Hwa Mi, the screenwriter of introvert boss also wrote marriage not dating which I loved. Mr. Park Jae Beom is the screenwriter of chief kim who also wrote blood and good doctor (among others) which I did not like a lot. But here, comparing these two dramas with only 2 episodes in, sadly my choice is chief kim.
ilate ~ 3 weeks
so apparently the writers took the viewers' comments to heart and are going to change the script according to some of the comments. I wonder what is going to happen then. I hope some of the comments said how annoying Chae Ro Un is. Though episode 5 was pretty satisfying in terms of putting the light on the past events and in explaining that there actually is a reason why the boss behaves like that (what makes it even more obvious that he is dealing with a social phobia, not introvertism/shyness)