ESC to close 3.74 (by 292 users)shiroi haru
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized shiroi haru
english White Spring (literal)


genres drama, family, life


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network KTV (Kansai TV)


date 14 Apr, 2009 - 23 Jun, 2009
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.74 of 5 by 292 users
total users 596
rating 1093
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Former yakuza named Sakura Haruo has just finished serving time in jail for murder. He did it for money he needed in order to get his sick girlfriend operated in a hospital. After he was released, he found out that his girlfriend had already passed away and not a single company wanted to employ such a man as himself, because of his criminal record. Amongst all this, a little girl showed up in his life with a picture of his girlfriend in her schoolbag. She called her 'mama'.


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Sakura Haruo
Murakami Sachi
Murakami Yasushi
Nishida Shiori
Takamura Kanako
Tamura Emi





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The two are representing a very similar story about a father who gets to know his child. Of course, the situations are not the same at all, but in the end both are quite interesting life and family genre dramas with some warm hearting scenes, some sad ones, and some that you can't help but remember.

08 Jan, 2010
Both dramas have Abe Hiroshi as a great lead, with awesome acting skills. Although the two are not quite alike, they have really nice humour and warming heart scenes.


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lainiwaku 03 Jan, 2012
this drama remember me a video game called "Ryu ga gotoku" (Yakuza)
Really similar !
hidde 30 Sep, 2011

Yamakura's son actually saw Haruo for the first time at final episode.
I read other comment said that Yamakura's son saw Haruo on earlier episode. When?? Tell me if I missed something. I'm sure that he only appeared at final episode. Moreover, if he already knows Haruo's face, why mistaken Murakami as Haruo?

The Yakuza who saw Haruo at the Hotel and the street at episode 8 is not Yamakura's son. Maybe he is a friend of Yamakura's son, after he saw Haruo, he told Yamakura's son about it. So, why waiting for the final episode to kill Haruo? They need some time on searching for Haruo's whereabouts and waiting for the right time.

That's what I thought. :)
elinor 10 Jul, 2011
I don't know why some dramas starts out well then all the development you expect drops suddenly !
the first episode was great but there was a missing link in the whole story, I'll have to agree with "forcing tears out" but not totally, cuz I believe doing so needs a talent!
writing sad scenes requires good lines, close to reality but here it was over dramatic!

I like Abe Hiroshi's acting and I believe he's the best so far! but this drama was not meant for him!

a Thing I see complicated is why the Yakuza son didn't avenge his father immediately rather than waiting for the final episode to do so?
when he appeared he was so mad and emotional as if he sees he's father's killer for the first time?

and please stop this Fan girls shit and judge the drama not the people okay? ^_^
junho1582 29 May, 2011
@daredaniel 100% agree :D
daredaniel 26 May, 2011
Finished watching, it was very good. In terms of acting and character development it was one of the best I've seen, the story was nice (although a bit predictable sometimes) and there were some lovely moments through the drama, but overall I don't think it was that touching to deserve more than a 4/5.
daredaniel 21 May, 2011
" it's as if the writer was trying to force your tears out!"

Isn't that what most dramas try to do? They always have this emotional factor (even comedies), you just love it or hate it lol. I haven't completed this one yet but I'm already expecting a melodramatic ending because... that's how dramas always end lol.

"AND were you fangirls really that stupid to think you would see prettyboys in this?"

And were you really that stupid to think you would watch 'serious stuff' in hanakimi?
junho1582 21 May, 2011
Neither a waste of time, nor the best drama ever, I liked it a lot though :O would never regret watching it!
kiaibarashi 23 Mar, 2011
I have no regrets watching this drama. Totally worth it. ♥♥♥