ESC to close 3.76 (by 1251 users)ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni 命中注定我愛你
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni
english Fated To Love You (literal)
aka you're my destiny, sticky note girl, destiny love, ming jung jue ding ngoh oi nei, 命中注定我爱你


genres comedy, family, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network TTV


date 16 Mar, 2008 - 24 Aug, 2008
episodes 24
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 1251 users
total users 1956
rating 4703
favorites 122


zui hou jue ding ai shang ni
2011 TV tw
unmyeongcheoreom neol saranghae
2014 TV kr
thoe khue phromlikhit
2017 TV th


A dizzy Chen Xin Yi, and a drugged Ji Cun Xi end up together on a cruise, and have a one night stand. Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant and Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with each other?


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Chen Xin Yi
Ji Cun Xi
Dai Jian Ren
Shi An Na
Wu Qi Qi
Ji Wang Zhen Zhu




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04 Jun, 2014
Despite being incredibly silly and even cringe-worthy at times, it offered enough sweet moments to carry you to the end. Honestly, I'm not sure if I should applaud or slap myself for managing to finish watching all 24 episodes.

What's wrong with it? The plot is built on errors, miscommunication, and an overabundance of contrived situations. Admittedly, I sometimes had to look away from the screen because the scenes were just too ridiculous or embarrassing to swallow. Along with the plot, there was plenty of overacting. For example, Xin Yi's family is full of over-the-top characters. While some of the secondary characters were amusing (the grandmother comes to mind), the majority were just loud and obnoxious. The most annoying of all was the main male character. Rarely do I want to clobber a guy as often as I wanted to smack Ji Cun Xi around. He was rude and intolerable for more than half of this drama, and he was just as much of an idiot as Xin Yi. How he manages to run a major corporation is beyond me. Also, was it really necessary for the ballet dancer to act totally out of character just to add another wrinkle to the plot? Did we really need to tie up her story line with a pretty, pink bow? Was she even necessary? I'll let you decide.

In addition, the music was terrible. There was little-to-no ambient music, and the theme song was used to set the mood instead. It was unsuccessful, to say the least. There was also some location recycling going on since I recognized at least one home from another drama. One other nit-picky detail was bad makeup. While good makeup adds to the character without being overwhelming, I was constantly distracted by under-, over-, and orangish-painted actors, especially during close ups.

On the other hand, I genuinely liked the lead actress and her character. She was able to change and grow in a way that did not seem extreme, yet it made her more appealing as she grew stronger and more able to speak up for herself. However, I was a little disappointed near the end in that she seemed to be regressing to her initial "I depend only on myself" persona that was the cause of a great many communication problems. Even so, I was left feeling that she was more balanced by the end of the drama.

Overall, the style of this drama is very reminiscent of "It Started With A Kiss." If you survived that Twdrama, you will probably enjoy "Fated to Love You."
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18 Nov, 2013
Both dramas are about two people who share a one night stand, and for both couples the consequence is the same.

28 May, 2010
Similar humour, the women are not useless but still quite losers. The male lead is more dreamlike.


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locaxdrama 28 May, 2014
So far, I'm on ep 8. It's a cute drama, but a little slow. Plus, this is the first time in a romantic comedy that I've spent so much time cursing the main male lead. He may be pretty, but he's a total jerkface. Ugh. Every time he opens his mouth, I want to punch him. >_<
kamilles 09 Nov, 2013
I'm not a big fan of this drama. It was cute to watch though, and I kept watching to end of it, so it's not that bad. i don't recommend it though...
silvadiva 31 Mar, 2013
@aidouca I know right? Chen Qiao En is so amazing.
anji 18 May, 2012
I didnt expected that much from this drama, I was bored and started it and it was one of the best desicion on my life *-* this drama is so freaking amazing! I loved ever second in it MUST watch *-*
aidouca 02 May, 2012
scene is the saddest scene ever. ;___; I always cry when I rewatch it!!
crimsonmoonlight 20 Mar, 2012
I started out loving this, but after the time skip it wasn't as interesting as when it started.
I still liked it but i'd rate it a four out of five.
eriinnye 27 Feb, 2012
I don't even know how to say it but I didn't like it that much - usally I have the same opinion like most of you, but not here - the end was the most unrealistic ending I've seen before ^^
Am I really the only one with this opinion? T.T
nehaahmed 20 Jan, 2012
Wow, my first Taiwanese drama and I have to say they are the RANDOMEST people ever!! ㅋㅋ but I loved it! The drama was amazing and all the characters were so cute! Although it sometimes got really annoying when Cun Xi acted like a 5-year-old, especiallyy towards the end.