ESC to close 3.05 (by 371 users)aetaneun romance 애타는 로맨스
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized aetaneun romance
english My Secret Romance
aka aetaneun romaenseu

Based On

based on web novel
title aetaneun romance
author Lunar Lee Ji Yeon (Lunar 이지연), Jae Rin (재림)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 17 Apr, 2017 - 30 May, 2017
episodes 13
duration 90 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:00 - 22:30
status released


avg. score 3.05 of 5 by 371 users
total users 662
rating 1131
favorites 1



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Cha Jin Uk
Lee Yu Mi
Jeong Hyeon Tae
Ju Hye Ri
Cha Dae Bok
Jang U Jin




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31 Jul, 2017
My Secret Romance is your standard romantic comedy compressed into a shorter run-time. Despite being a breezy watch, it does fall flat on several fronts.

The premise is fairly common place: girl and boy meet, misunderstand reunite as misunderstandings pile up, fall in love with common problems. Check, check and check. There's your standard cold-hearted on the outside, warm on the inside chaebol male lead. The hardworking, empathetic and poor female lead. He's naturally her boss, and teases her mercilessly while pining for her and she starts off wanting nothing to do with him. Add in cliche second leads and there's your plot.

There's nothing inherently wrong with any of the above. They're staples for a reason and can be fun to watch. However, the show is fairly low budget and it very clearly shows; scenes chiefly take place in 5 locations, and the directing is nothing spectacular.

The biggest flaw is the acting. Seong Hun, whose slowly improved over his career, seems to revert back to his New Tale of Giseang days with stiff acting while Song Ji Eun feels very aware of the camera and awkward. They have little chemistry with each other which is an issue when the entire premise is the romance.

That's not to say there aren't any redeeming points. It's a light, breezy watch filled with swooning romantic moments. There's no big bad, no overdone melodrama and it's great for running in the background because the plot is easy to follow.

Recommended only for fans of romance who need something to tide over during a dry spell.
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nimwoo 22 Jan, 2018
Well, this drama was good from eps 1~9, before the dramatic stuff started. I enjoyed the first 8 eps a lot but I knew I would change my rating after. Tbh, if you're looking for a fresh plot, don't watch this. There's nothing in this drama that you hadn't seen before in others
(maybe the actual one-night stand? Because I don't think many dramas take this risk); there's a jerk, arrogant chaebol, a shy female lead who gives up happiness for the sake of it, a perfect second male lead who only realized his feelings when some other dude was taking the girl away from him, a spoiled and delusional second female lead who plays the villain, tries to get the male lead however she can and makes the female lead's life impossible, the president of the big corporation that won't let his single son get in with a poor woman but he himself fell in love with one once and had a child together...
Nothing in this drama is new but I still enjoyed the first eps. Either ways, I think people were expecting way too much from this, especially it being OCN's first romance drama, so...
Anyway, I have it just 3/5.
purtysunshine 12 Oct, 2017
Maybe my expectations were just too high. It wasn’t terrible...but it wasn’t anything special either. Followed a very generic story line with a “self-sacrificing for the sake of angst” heroin I just couldn’t get behind. The plot wasn’t organic and there were so. many. flashbacks. I think 1/2 of the drama was just flashbacks. No amount of good kiss scenes could redeem it (especially since they were in the above mentioned flashbacks over...and over). Not worth a watch.
neo9000 28 Jul, 2017
Fairly okay as they didnt drag it and kept in the 13 episodes, 10 would have been also okay.
poulminjae 28 Jul, 2017
Well, this drama was pretty bad. I gave it 3 stars because I enjoyed couple first episodes. Later I had to force myself to watch it. It was pretty hard to complete it.
seoltang 22 Jun, 2017
Podre. História genérica. Mas, por algum motivo, me fisgou no primeiro episódio e me manteve até o final (nem me pergunte). Lee Yu Mi - fofa, porém atrapalhada e nada confiante. Cha Jin Uk - podre também (quero um personagem que haja educadamente desde o início, por favor). PORÉM, Sung Hoon - muito gostoso.
Nos momentos em que ele chega perto do rosto dela, eu queria gritar BEIJA ESSE HOMEM!
sthar20 11 Jun, 2017
Eu amei esse dorama. Acho que o primeiro passo é não criar expectativas de que tudo tem que ser perfeito, com mistérios, romance, suspense... nem nossa vida é assim. Tem dias, semanas, meses e por que não dizer anos que você para e se pergunta o que tá fazendo kkkk enfim, amei os personagens e só queria que a criança fosse filha dele tbm mas fazer o que... não era.
kaikohachii 05 Jun, 2017
O Final totalmente perdido e corrido.
Podia ter sido um clichê mais desenvolvido aaaaaa
Adorei os atores mas né fazer o quê.
alicbts 03 Jun, 2017
The same. Droppe 8