ESC to close 3.97 (by 117 users)abeojiga isanghae 아버지가 이상해
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized abeojiga isanghae
english My Father Is Strange
aka father is weird, the weird father


genres comedy, family


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 04 Mar, 2017 - 27 Aug, 2017
episodes 52
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 19:55 - 21:15
status released


avg. score 3.97 of 5 by 117 users
total users 269
rating 465
favorites 2



Byeon Han Su tries to live every day to the fullest with his wife and four children. One day, An Jung Hui, an idol turned into actor, comes to his restaurant and tells him that he is his father.


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Byeon Han Su
Na Yeong Sil
Cha Jeong Hwan
Byeon Hye Yeong
An Jung Hui
Byeon Mi Yeong




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victorique 09 Jan, 2018
I just ended watching the last episode & now I can surely say that I'm totally satisfied with everything! The quality might not be perfect, but the plot, the characters, the whole concept - are amazing. And most of all - the message presented in this drama is really important. If every family could keep being togeher whether the times are good or bad, imagine how world would look like? For sure better than it looks now. That's why I think many people should watch this drama & learn this valuable lesson.
victorique 05 Jan, 2018
I'm at episode 40 currently & so far I totally love this drama! I'm from the big family myself so I can relate to many things showed here even if I am not Korean. Besides I really like family dramas, they're so heartwarming... Even if it has many episodes, I haven't been bored even for a second. I started it for Lee Joon since I loved him in MBLAQ & as an actor, but now I'm falling in love with whole cast :)
I really like how they build the characters, the plot, the acting... Since long family dramas are usually not so high in quality, I didn't have much expectations. But this drama, compared to others I watched (for example 'Sweet Home, Sweet Honey' with Song Ji Eun) is much better, so I was plesantly suprised :)
allase 17 Sep, 2017
@kirtil It took a lot of fast forwarding to finish this drama ... The last episodes didnt have much to offer.
kirtil 17 Sep, 2017
@allase I am on 30odd or something and already continuing feels like a chore. I have 2 hooks I am somewhat interested in but the rest feels like been there, done that, watched this (before).
allase 16 Sep, 2017
The first 40 episodes were light and funny.
But ,as its the case for many korean shows, when the drama hits
all we get is over reactions, screaming, crying, bad acting and long unecessary shots accompanied by cheesy high pitched strig music.

I am on episode 49 but I dont see how 3 episodes can change my opinion.

Not the best not the worst 3.5 / 5
sam94 11 Sep, 2017
It was a perfect family drama for me :(
Happiness + funniest moments, really I loved every thing I will missed them ):
eriinnye 31 Aug, 2017
Such a wonderful family drama with great characters and interesting storyline. My favorite drama this year and all time favorite when it comes to family dramas! Loved it!
eriinnye 13 Jul, 2017
This drama is amazing. I was able to catch up 38 episodes in one week and now I have to wait too T.T

Everybody who thinks about watching it but is scared of the amount of episodes should definitely give it a try since they are sooo good that you will demand for more episodes in the end ;))