ESC to close 3.17 (by 132 users)totsuzen desu ga, ashita kekkon shimasu
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized totsuzen desu ga, ashita kekkon shimasu
english Everyone's Getting Married

Based On

based on manga
title totsuzen desu ga, ashita kekkon shimasu
author Miyazono Izumi (宮園いづみ)


genres romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 23 Jan, 2017 - 20 Mar, 2017
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.17 of 5 by 132 users
total users 208
rating 418



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Takanashi Asuka
Nanami Ryuu
Kamiya Akito
Kiriyama Rio
Makise Momoko
Ono Hironori




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kirtil 23 Apr, 2017
I don't know if it is the same with manga but I feel whoever wrote this kinda learned love from dramas and movies. Not the good ones sadly.

The cast was really good, the beginning was also great [2]. Mains had good synergy, supporting cast were also good. This is the only reason I am struggling to rate this. Because I think the rest (scenario and the way characters are presented) were really bad.

Up until the last 10 minutes of the last episode,
the mains purposefully hid things from each other to "protect them" and usually decided on things and acted by themselves, again to not bother their significant other. This is not love. You can't have love without respect and I did not feel they respect each other.

Kamiya-san was also a complete psycho in my eyes and I could not see him changing enough to play the cupid between them. He repeatedly acted against Asuka-san's wishes even when she told him she was in a relationship with someone. He stalked, kissed (without permission), went to her house, lied, misrepresented her to people and tricked the brother to disclose things to him about her. And each time when she confronted him he apologized, agreed to not do things like that again and went on to do the next one. Until episode 8 where he was possessed by an angel and became the best support person there can be.

Same goes with Yuko-san to some lesser extent. Secretly look at Ryuu-san's telephone and delete his records, harassed Asuka-san and lied to both of them. And then come last episode, she became this wise old lady, giving wisdom left and right, and playing cupid.

weak writing ruined great premise and characters/actors.
intoxicated 27 Mar, 2017
I really liked this drama but the last episode seemed kind of lame to me.
Their relationship was developing in a good pace and then there was this scandal which seemed kind of too much of problems to solve for only 9 Eps, that's probably why it seemed so rushed.
draconia 26 Mar, 2017
The cast was really good, the beginning was also great, but it seems that after ep.4 the script writers only had an outline of what they wanted to do with the story.
karinchen 25 Mar, 2017
its realy good but the end was rushed... and the greatest point was the good chemistry of the mains
aqu135 24 Mar, 2017
Some episodes were good, but it dragged towards the end for me...the two leads' acting was lacking (lbr, Mariya was way better though), but at least they had chemistry
aquariia 12 Feb, 2017
I like it so far. The peace is good. The characters are likeable and they have a good chemistry wich is not such an obvious thing in Japanese romantic dramas.