ESC to close 4.1 (by 258 users)circle: ieojin du segye 써클: 이어진 두 세계
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized circle: ieojin du segye
english Circle
literal Circle: Two Connected Worlds
aka circle: two worlds connected, sseokeul: ieojin du segye, 써클 : 이어진 두 세계


genres drama, sci fi


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 22 May, 2017 - 27 Jun, 2017
episodes 12
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 00:20
status released


avg. score 4.1 of 5 by 258 users
total users 511
rating 1058
favorites 15



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Kim U Jin
Han Jeong Yeon
Kim Jun Hyeok
Lee Ho Su
Kim Beom Gyun
Park Min Yeong




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07 Jul, 2017
Circle is one of the rare forays into the sci-fi genres, complete with aliens, a futuristic setting and advanced technology. Luckily it handles it well and hopefully is indicative of what's to come.

The show runs with two different parts, one set in our present time and the other in the near future - far enough that technology has advanced and to foster the sci-fi but close enough to still be somewhat recognizable. And while it seems like separating a show into 2 parts would be jarring, it works surprisingly well. Both have riveting storylines and characters that immerse you while also dropping clues that tie the two together. And the plot is tightly woven enough to show how well planned it was. And even the alien aspect seamlessly merges together.

The acting is great, with character ticks that are maintained across actors and the roles being played with enough gravitas to sell the premise.

A definite recommend for any sci-fi fans or those that want to try something different. And with a shorter run-time it's a tight but quick watch.
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victorique 17 Feb, 2018
Just completed this drama & all I can do is to confirm my previous comment. This drama blew my mind away. I even think that I've never seen a s-f themed movie better than this, and I watched quite a lot since I'm a fan of that genre. Seriously, this drama is the total winner in my opinion! Absolutely everything was on point and the ending is giving so much possibilities of continuation... And I would definitely like to see another season of this!
I also love how the whole plot is trying to kinda warn us what can happen if the world would like to use that kind of technology. It has a deep meaning & is learning us something. And that's what movies or music should be used for the most - to teach people what's important, what makes us human beings. About how our memories are important, even the bad ones, that if we done something bad we should take responsability for this. How much our feelings are important...
I'll stop right here cause I could write a whole essay at this topic xD Anyways, if u still don't know if you should watch this drama - do it! You definitely won't regret a thing, even if u are not a fan of s-f themes :)
victorique 15 Feb, 2018
I'm currently on 6th episode & this drama really is mind-blowing. I like s-f themes overall, but it's been a while since I watched something this good. Nowadays s-f themed movies are kinda dissapointing, but this one... Oh My God, I can't even describe it with words. You just simply need to watch this drama to know what I'm talking about.
On the technical side, it's also perfect. Number of episodes is just enough, every single episode is leaving us with cliffhangers (btw. I'm so freaking happy that I started to watch it after it ended airing, because waiting for another episode would be a torture), the acting & OST are so on point. And - as some people already said - person who made casting did a wonderful job.
I know, I didn't even ended it yet, but seeing the comments and watching another episodes make me feel pretty much sure I won't be dissapointed. Well, maybe only when I'll end watching this wonderful drama xD
meakoo 06 Oct, 2017
This drama is mind-blown. everything was PERFECT!!
olszyna 05 Sep, 2017
It's really interesting and original. The plot is rather unpredictable and it keeps you interested in the story :)
At first, I felt sceptical about the plot because
I usually don't like stories about aliens but I love sci fi in general

so I'm glad I decided to give this drama a chance.
I really like the fact that there are 2 connected with each other stories (30 minutes each). The first one happens in 2017, and the second one in 2037. So we have 2 cliffgangers in each episode :)
I haven't watched the last 3 episodes yet, but so far I'm enjoying watching this one a lot :)
stellybish 16 Jul, 2017
WOW, I did not expect to like this drama as much as I did! It's definitely one of the best series I've ever seen!
tvN has been going strong for years! I haven't been so into a drama since Signal.
I'm not even into the sci-fi genre and I usually dislike stories about aliens or with future settings, but they got me hooked from the start.
I was scared that I wouldn't be interested in what's happening in 2037, but they once again proved me wrong.
I'm glad I didn't watch this while it was still airing, because the wait for new episodes was going to kill me.
I did not get bored for a second, because everything was fast-paced but not rushed due to the number of episodes.
& can we talk about the acting?? Because dear lord... it was superb!
Also... the person who did the casting *claps* The 2017 and 2037 versions really did look alike.
My heart still hurts, because of Woo Jin T^T
cncll 09 Jul, 2017
This drama was truly amazing. Incredibly unpredictable. I am so happy they didn't extend it despite good reviews and high ratings (or was it just pre-produced?). The pace was just right, you never get bored but nothing gets rushed. To be honest, I was considering a drop after the first episode - especially due to second part in 2037. Everything seemed so confusing and hard to get your head around it. But once they start to clarify things up for you (but never give enough information for you to predict what will happen!) it became more and more enjoyable. I love how they linked the two parts together and how it perfectly fits in without any plot bending. I loved the plot twist with Woo Jin, good mindfuck.
Highly recommended and don't let the confusing first episodes discourage you!

I hope the day comes when we start to see shorter dramas more often. I can count good paced 16-20ep dramas only with one hand (e.g. SIgnal, Reply 1988). There always seems to be this boring middle bit which just drags and drags unfortunately...
eyeslikefirefly 02 Jul, 2017
Absolutely loved this. It's such a great change for kdramas- no filler scenes, mystery that keeps the audience interest going, interesting format (with the split between two different times)... I hope they can keep it up! I know it's a bit of a gamble to try something new when kdramas have been so consistent for so long, but hopefully this will lead to some change.
kkulpanda 01 Jul, 2017
I wasn't ready for that drama I guess. I loved it too much, my heart won't handle it.