ESC to close 3.86 (by 452 users)ssam, my way 쌈, 마이웨이
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ssam, my way
english Fight For My Way
aka fight my way, third-rate my way, ssam mai wei, 쌈 마이웨이


genres comedy, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 22 May, 2017 - 11 Jul, 2017
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.86 of 5 by 452 users
total users 787
rating 1746
favorites 9



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Go Dong Man
Choe Ae Ra
Kim Ju Man
Baek Seol Hui
Go Hyeong Sik
Park Sun Yang




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~ 1 week
a slice of life drama, underdogs as main characters, and no comical villains.. I thought this would be one of my favourites.

not this time, as it turns out.

Early phases were really downer for me; all kinds of cliches kept stacking against our quartet and all during that time and as the series progresses they were always happy; kind of like oblivious of things happening outside of their group. And it always turned out fine. Bad thing happens, they keep being happy after a brief moment of sadnes and voila, it was like it wasn't bad at all; a good result comes along.

it was pretty unrealistic in how we expect them to struggle in a given cliche situation vs the actual struggle on screen.

I liked the characters and costumes, but the story and progression seemed shaky at best.
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07 Aug, 2017
FIght My Way is a relatively slice-of-life show that follows the lives of people often neglected in dramas: the every day, middle class people who may not be the smartest or in their dream jobs earning big bucks but are happily making it work regardless.

The show manages to be relatively successful. There aren't any even villains (although there is a somewhat cliche bitter ex). The struggles are more commonplace; chasing your dreams, overcoming routine relationship problems and accepting that just maybe you won't be as successful as you think. The only flaw in the story feels like how easily the characters succeed - for all we're told that they struggle, it doesn't really come across like that, feeling dissonant from the rest of the show. The plot around the landlord could also have been nixed as it felt shoehorned in and unnecessary.

The acting is great with everyone putting in heartfelt emotions and not being afraid to look less than stellar when called for; messy hair, ill-fitting clothes, doing embarrassing things with gusto all help develop the show.

Overall a decent show for those that are sick of sweeping romances or chaebols.
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kirtil ~ 1 week
a slice of life drama, underdogs as main characters, and no comical villains.. I thought this would be one of my favourites.
not this time, as it turns out.

I liked the characters and costumes, but the story and progression seemed shaky at best.
babo ~ 2 weeks
I started of watching this drama, not having read anything about it, thinking it would be the typical romcom KBS-style. I was SO wrong! I bingewatched the whole thing, enjoying every moment of it. The chemistry between the actors were so good and the relashionships developed and evolved naturally, without the typical over dramatic elements such as overprotecting moms and great family disputes.
It's nice to follow the ordinary life of ordinary people for once. I will definitely rewatch this in the future.
shineegirl 03 Dec, 2017
The ending of ep 14 was .... wow. Seo Jun's acting's really improved a lot and it's too obvious in this drama.
purtysunshine 16 Sep, 2017
ZOMG LOVE. At this point I'm fairly certain that Park Seo Jun can do no wrong. Gawd *fans face*

To be honest I put off watching this since for some reason I thought it was going to be boring and riddled with angst. I have no idea what gave me that impression...maybe a bad synopsis I read somewhere. Finally I caved though and I'm so glad I did. While parts of the story are a little eye-roll worthy, for the most part this drama was genuine and sweet, full of characters worth rooting for and falling in love with. Gonna miss it dearly!
dangochan 01 Aug, 2017
same here, the chemistry between actors is so natural!! I enjoyed it a lot :) btw, Park Seo Jun is such a good kisser haha xD
jsya 30 Jul, 2017
Best chemistry between leads the I've ever seen on K-drama. Their chemistry alone pulled the drama off greatly and let me as viewer overlook some plot holes.
fotoh 24 Jul, 2017
I loved it , but the ending was too rushed ! wasn't the drama supposed to be 20 episode ?
I was waiting for the story of the mom but they ended it too fast and it wasn't satisfying ..
and i didn't understand the story of the creepy pd guy ,i was expecting something but nothing about what they showed made sense to me.

overall , i enjoyed it thats why i wanted to see more of it ,so its such a shame that they ended it fast ..
carroline 24 Jul, 2017
It was so funny and brilliant in the beginning... then, from episode 10 and on, it just became the most predictable drama ever. Ok, it was cute... but the story was really too plain and most of the characters were useless.