ESC to close 3.84 (by 87 users)duel 듀얼
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized duel
aka dual, dyueol


genres action, crime, drama, sci fi


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 03 Jun, 2017 - 23 Jul, 2017
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 22:20 - 23:40
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 87 users
total users 235
rating 334
favorites 2



Jang Deuk Cheon's daughter gets abducted after her surgery. He finds the ransom money demanded by the kidnapper and eventually tracks him down at a bus terminal. What is odd is that he runs into two people who have the same face as the kidnapper. He catches one of the guys and asks where the other guy went. But there is a problem. He says he doesn't remember anything.




Jang Deuk Cheon
Choe Jo Hye
Lee Seong Jun
Lee Seong Hun
Ryu Mi Rae
Jang Su Yeon




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dollstar 02 May, 2018
Hands down, The Yang Se Jong Show. I just wished it was a better show. In all fairness, the drama is able to sustain and develop the mystery pretty neatly for most of its running, not to mention it's such an unique subject. Easily the main draw of this show is the constant peeling of layers upon layers of the central mystery, with a riveting performance of the clone(s) to anchor the show emotionally. The story is well thought-out and intriguing.

I am just frustrated that everything else was so meh. Our detective-prosecutor mains were frankly insufferable and their development amounts to becoming tolerable. Deok Cheon is your typical no-nonsense detective who punches and curses first, asks questions later. He is also completely over-the-top hysterical in the beginning stages to the point that I almost dropped the drama. I never liked this guy all throughout the 16 eps. Jo Hye is a bit better, since her character trajectory allows her to turn her equally insufferable robotic prosecutor into an actual human being and as the actress eases into the role, she becomes somewhat charming.

Another downside is the absolute mumbo-jumbo "science" behind the cure. That stuff is as credible as a 5-year-old playing doctor. In a show that pretends to be so serious, that was quite baffling to me. Aside from Yang Se Jong killing it, I didn't feel much emotional pull, not from Deok Cheon's frantic despair to save his daughter, nor from the makeshift family our mains eventually form. By the end, the action has tamed, the mystery is solved and there's nothing much left but to push through the last few episodes.

Sung Joon knows where Sung Hoon lives and is well aware his revenge mission is motivated by completely erroneous assumptions of abandonment, but never bothers to go to him and explain anything until the last episode when he needs to retrieve the bone marrow for Soo Yeon, effectively leaving Sung Hoon to despair and go even more ballistic. Instead, Sung Joon enjoys an entire PPL-infused episode hanging out with his friends. Priorities, right?
leviathan 11 Aug, 2017
Fantastic start but weak ending, just like other Korean dramas sadly. Main actors done great job especially Yang Se Jong, for a rookie actor he was incredible in it.

Off-topic but Sung Hoon and Detective Jang reminded me of Makishima and Kougami from Psycho Pass a lot :D

Don't want to sound cruel but;
Sung Hoon deserved the death, i didn't felt any pity on him.

Anyway giving this drama 3/5 due to first episodes and incredible acting of Yang Se Jong.
shamrock 01 Aug, 2017
Started watching not so long ago, on episode 4 now but it's really interesting. Can't wait what happens next.
But all the memories of Lee Sung Joon are so disturbing....
seoltang 01 Aug, 2017
Nossa, foi ótimo. 4/5
OCN não está me desapontando. Vou esperar que seja assim o ano todo (ainda faltam 3 dramas pra fechar?)
samanthawoo 27 Jul, 2017
I have missed pefect dramas like this one. The plot was so well developed and presented. Recommended to all the viewers who love detectives. ★★★★★
nami24 27 Jul, 2017
this drama is a masterpiece to me
the acting is great
yang se jong did great job portraying 3 charcaters ;a;
i cried a lot ..
i really hoped sung hoon at least would smile a real smile..
i wanted him to be happy
seoltang 09 Jun, 2017
Dessa vez a OCN está tendo que competir com dois dramas investigativos (Lookout e Circle - por sinal, muito bons). Acho que por isso a novela não pôde se destacar. Porém, apesar dos primeiros 2 episófios parecerem confusos, ainda dá vontade de continuar assistindo.
jessicarose 08 Jun, 2017
The story is very good so far but for the most part of the second episode it was a bit slow and repetitive but by the end of it things started shake up a little bit. I'm really looking forward to see what's happening next and that the overall pace of the drama more or less follows the one of the first episode.