ESC to close 3.64 (by 202 users)choegoui hanbang 최고의 한방
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized choegoui hanbang
english The Best Hit
aka the big blow, hit the top, best punch


genres comedy, family, romance, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 02 Jun, 2017 - 22 Jul, 2017
episodes 32
duration 35 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:00 - 00:10
status released


avg. score 3.64 of 5 by 202 users
total users 461
rating 735
favorites 3



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Yu Hyeon Jae
Choe U Seung
Lee Ji Hun
Lee Gwang Jae
Hong Bo Hui
MC Drill


martial arts director


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07 Aug, 2017
Joining a group of time travel based dramas, The Best Hit manages to separate itself through a heartwarming group of friends and family while successfully juggling the various storylines.

The premise seems a bit off the wall - Yu Hyeon Jae is a popular 90s idol who time travels to present day where he meets a group of youth struggling to make their dreams a reality. He gets tangled up in their lives while trying to figure out what happened in the past. Mix in the music industry, some romance and lots of comedy and you get The Best Hit.

The show takes a little bit of time to find its footing and introduce all the cast and characters. But once it does it becomes an enjoyable watch. Yun Si Yun is the best part of the show, taking Heyon Jae, with all his silly quirks and running with it. That's not to say the rest of the cast lags behind, but it feels as if they shine partly thanks to great character writing and partly thanks to acting.

At 32 half hour episodes (or 16 hours of air time), there's a little bit of dragging in the middle but the plot stays relatively entertaining. A definite recommend for anyone who needs a good laugh or feel-good drama.
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purtysunshine 23 Feb, 2018
This drama had an intriguing storyline, loveable characters, a whole lot of heart, and plenty of laughs all while managing to wrap up in a way that was satisfying to me (despite breaking all my pre-conceived rules about time travel...which I suppose doesn’t matter much since there are no rules to fiction). Yun Si Yun plays yet another adorable, perfect man-child that the world just doesn’t deserve. All the supporting cast was wonderful as well. While I wouldn’t necessarily call this a re-watcher it’s 100% worth a run and I guarantee you’ll laugh and smile your way through.
cocci 14 Dec, 2017
I really loved it. I think maybe it was a bit too long and had really too much product placements but I still loved it so much. The last hour made me laugh so much. Seriously it made me so happy when I really needed it. Really uplifting.
veydara 31 Jul, 2017
Прелесть какая) герои все с характером, перемешалось время конечно в кашку.
daminha 29 Jul, 2017
Love it ❤️
seoltang 27 Jul, 2017
3/5 (mas poderia ter sido 5 se não tivessem mudado nos últimos 8 episódios)
allase 25 Jul, 2017
The first half of the series was really funny and enjoyable but the second part was lukewarm.

samanthawoo 25 Jul, 2017
This drama is underrated - yes. It is dirty - no!!
Before watching the drama I read the negative comments about it being dirty to have a love triangle between a father and a son. But the way the love story was going, they made it clear that Hyeon Jae of 1993 has nothing to do with Ji Hun and Bo Hui, since HJ wasn't in a relationship with BH at the time. HJ of 1993 and HJ of 1994 have different destinies. The story was great but was left unclear what really happened in 1993. Also, the main female lead was lacking acting skills, hope she can do better next time! And finally, gotta say it is not a cliché story for me - it was the first time I couldn't guess who would U Seung choose.
I will surely miss this drama a lot!! ★★★★☆
warmlia 24 Jul, 2017
meninas, não entendi nada no final mas amei hahaha!
por isso 4/5