ESC to close 4.26 (by 257 users)cheongchunsidae 2 청춘시대 2
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cheongchunsidae 2
english Age Of Youth 2 (literal)
aka hello, my twenties! 2, age of youth season 2, cheongchunsidae season 2, cheongchunsidae sijeun 2,청춘시대 시즌2


genres drama, romance, friendship, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 25 Aug, 2017 - 07 Oct, 2017
episodes 14
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:00 - 00:10
status released


avg. score 4.26 of 5 by 257 users
total users 415
rating 1096
favorites 8


2016 TV kr


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Yun Jin Myeong
Jeong Ye Eun
Song Ji Won
Yu Eun Jae
Jo Eun
Seo Jang Hun


singer, composer


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06 Nov, 2017
Age of Youth 2 manages to capture the entertainment and fun that encompassed the first series while managing to continue the storylines.

The strongest aspect of the show is the writing, which remains truthful to the world created with season 1 and is both thoughtful, heart-tugging but also fun when needed. The characters are complex, the relationships messy and true to life. Credit also goes to the actors who embrace their roles fully. The weakest is Ji U who feels a bit like she tries too hard and isn't quite as natural.

The show maintains the odd mystery element that, on paper, sounds mismatched and random but somehow ends up feeling organic. How it works, I don't know but it works well.

A definite recommend for any fan of season 1 or anyone who likes youth, female centric shows.
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ftyunka 05 Jun, 2018
Se alguém souber pq a Yoo Eunjae foi trocada me chama aqui no meu perfil e me fala porque eu tô indignadaaaa com isso e não achei que essa segunda atriz interpretou a personagem tão bem quanto a primeira, é isto. Beijos!
beeesseoul 19 Apr, 2018
Still one of my favorite shows this season too. What the heck was that ending though. I want more!!!!! I need more!!!
ponponpon 27 Feb, 2018
missing my girls
ally 06 Jan, 2018
I have so many thoughts about this I don't know what to say. I don't know if it's as good as the predecessor, but it was definitely awesome and funny.
The thing is that in this season I wasn't very convinced by some characters, like Eun Jae, which the new actress made her unbearable with her wide eyes, creepy smile and fake "i'm so innocent" that somehow made her look extremely old. And I wasn't totally sold by Eun, she was so-so.

Anywhoooo I still liked this season and I really hope they make a 3rd one because I felt like something was missing with the ending, but it seems like this is really the end :( bohoo
ilate 04 Jan, 2018
This is one of the dramas you can't help but like. Despite the fact it was slightly lacking comparing to the previous season, I still got glued to the screen. It's so relatable and real it makes you think 'i felt like that too at one point before'. And this is what I treasure about dramas the most, therefore I am very satisified. Hopefully they make a third season because some of the stories deserve continuation.
aqu135 24 Oct, 2017
yeah, they completely changed eunjae and made her too aggressive which didn't go with what she was before, should've just made her a new character. but she still wouldn't be a character i liked since i think the actress looked too weird by widening her eyes excessively. Yina was different,
thats why i like her...straightforward, strong, and no-nonsense which is much more appealing to me. yeeun is my least fav because the actress couldn't play her too well and she was too self-obsessed and bitchy...jinmyung can be frustratingly slow, but she seems much more mature and wise..i didnt really understand eun tbh, either say what you feel or stop expecting others to understand you ffs
nimwoo 23 Oct, 2017
@aqu135 same!
Eunjae was especially annoying, I liked her during s1 but this time I just couldn't stand her at all. I like Yeeun but yeah, she can be too shallow sometimes. Jinmyung would be my second fav too and Eun could be better played I think. I didn't exactly like Kang Yina, though. Not that I disliked her but she was also annoying sometimes. Imo, Jiwon has been the best character in both seasons.
aqu135 18 Oct, 2017
@nimwoo its jiwon, even though she can be a bit too cringey, then i prefer jin myung...the others were ok, but slightly too dramatic for me