ESC to close 3.02 (by 137 users)sarangui ondo 사랑의 온도
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sarangui ondo
english Temperature Of Love (literal)
aka love's temperature, degree of love

Based On

based on book
title chakhan soupneun jeonhwareul batji anhneunda (착한 스프는 전화를 받지 않는다)
author Ha Myeong Hui (하명희)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 18 Sep, 2017 - 21 Nov, 2017
episodes 40
duration 35 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.02 of 5 by 137 users
total users 373
rating 414



Aspiring screenwriter Lee Hyeon Su meets a younger chef, On Jeong Seon, through their mutual friend. Although they are instantly attracted to each other, Hyeon Su's wariness stops them from forming a proper relationship. Jeong Seon leaves the country soon after and they lose contact. A few years later, the two of them meet again whilst they still have feelings for each other.




Lee Hyeon Su
On Jeong Seon
Park Jeong U
Ji Hong A
Choe Won Jun
Kim Ha Seong


screenwriter, original creator
martial arts director


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milisia 26 Jan, 2018
After some time, when i little rest from the drama :P i'm able to comment it somehow. Anyway it was nice story, but for me it was dragged as hell. I mean 20 episodes or even less would be fitting, for real. The rest is just making annoying dramas and problems, it's just boring and you don't feel, that anything is progressing at all.

Also the romance part problems from nothing tbh. And also i was very supportive about LHS and OJS, but was like..i don't get what they want from each other at all. It was always 2 steps further, 10 back, and it was so annoying. And ok, some age differences, family dramas etc. are normal, i get it. But here, it was more like..i just didn't felt, that the main pair is motivated to fight for their feelings, and when something was annyong, they were like "ok, so we done". And the way how they communicated with each other was just..just why? :P

+ annyoing second leads :/ Anyway overall, i'm not sure it was average/good drama. It was to dragged, at ome point i just didn't care if the main couple with end with each other or not..and sometimes i was more addicted about their parents love-life or life, than main couple, lol, should be patient with this title as hell. And @deema out perfect gif about it lol :P
seoltang 24 Jan, 2018
Eu terminei esse drama ontem, e não tive muita paciência para digitar no celular. Então aqui está a minha opinião:
A melhor coisa que eu fiz foi pegar para maratonar quando estava na metade. Talvez eu não tenha me sentido tão desapontada por causa disso.

Ainda estou um pouco decepcionada por ter comentado que daria 4 estrelas (na primeira página desse fórum). Apenas culparei a roteirista por ter dado um mau caminho para o presidente da empresa. Pensei que ele fosse se manter maduro e tomar uma decisão adulta. Mas, ele age como quem "pode ter tudo o que quer". Isso estraga parte da história, e não faz sentido nenhum ele voltar ao que era depois. Se cortassem essa parte ridícula da trama, eu teria dado 4.

Gostei da maior parte das coisas: O casal ainda foi muito bem apresentado. Curti sobretudo porque eles tiveram uma crise e reataram. Foi uma parte verossímil. Aliás, não entendi por que a protagonista foi a única a se dar 100% nesse relacionamento - nisso incluso, o pedido para eles morarem juntos. Foi o caminho inverso e ao mesmo tempo um clichê.

Enfim, 3/5
leylachan 28 Nov, 2017
Cheesiness overload, ugh.
I guess it's ok if you like melodrama.
It was hard to watch for me... But I can't say it's bad.
meakoo 18 Nov, 2017
The episodes are almost an hour and I just watch it in like 10 mins!! skipping the shit out of this drama.
oh god so boring, and I'm torturing myself to know the stupid ending -_-''
deema 17 Nov, 2017
i cant handle this , for Sure to Dropped list !!

i tried to give it a chance but they ruined everything , they i mean the director and screenwriter !

Attention :

if you have hypertension or some issues with anger control please avoid this drama

Thank you

mrsbrightside 14 Nov, 2017
This drama is so frustrating to watch. At this point I don't even care if they end up together or not.
cncll 11 Nov, 2017
I'm so sick of Jeong Seon. He is acting like a girl. I actually wish they would break up already...
cncll 06 Nov, 2017
This drama suddenly became very dull. Why on earth did they make it 20 eps? It literally tells no story.