ESC to close 3.36 (by 2141 users)1 pound no fukuin
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized 1 pound no fukuin
english One Pound Gospel (literal)
aka ichi pondo no fukuin, 1 pondo no fukuin

Based On

based on manga
title 1 pound no fukuin
author Takahashi Rumiko (高橋留美子)


genres comedy, romance, sports


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 12 Jan, 2008 - 08 Mar, 2008
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.36 of 5 by 2141 users
total users 3167
rating 7186
favorites 111


1 pound no fukuin
1988 video jp
same setting


Hatanaka Kosaku is a professional boxer with a huge problem; he can't stand against food. He eats when he's happy, sad, mad or anything else; but that's just no good because he must be in the right weight class for the competitions. His life suddenly changes when he meets a young nun, named 'sister Angela', who soon becomes his source of power.


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Hatanaka Kousaku
Sister Angela
Mukoda Katsumi
Ueda Masashi
Mitaka Hideo
Horiguchi Teppei





22 Jan, 2011
Even if you're not familiar with/interested in boxing, that won't be a problem when watching this drama. It's a romantic comedy more than an sports story.

It left me speechless because I thought it started kinda slow, but soon I found myself totally in love with the characters and enjoying the series. It turned out being a surprinsingly feel-good dorama.

The plot is cheerful, pure and full of morale. It is light and straight-forward, so it can be enjoyed by everybody, and it teaches a lesson: no matter what you're into, you have to be able to overcome obstacles and sacrifice things in order to achieve your goal. I'm glad they payed so much attention to the fun factor though because it's a Takahashi Rumiko story after all. Laughter is assured.

The cast did a good job, especially Kamenashi Kazuya. He plays the lead male, the boxer Hatanaka Kosaku, and I think the character truly suits him. He made me laugh like crazy and made the whole show enjoyable (honestly, if he was the only actor in the series, it would have been OK because he's great here).

On the other hand, Kuroki Meisa who plays the lead female, the nun Sister Angela, looks totally average. She's a pretty girl, we all can see that, but her acting was not as good as expected. Fortunately, the role didn't need much acting skills so let's say she passed.

Also, I think the secondary characters add a lot to the series because they are both well-developed and well-portrayed: the Mudoka Gym members are always there to support their friends' dreams. I was especially touched by Okada Yoshinori's character, Ueda Masashi, who even moved me to tears at some point. And Yamada Ryosuke's character, Mukoda Katsumi, woke up a motherly feeling inside of me.

In summary, even when it may not be the best dorama ever, it made me cry and laugh, and it left me with a heart warming and positive feeling.
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20 Aug, 2010
Both are comedies about a young nun in training who has doubts about being a servant of God after meeting a particular man.


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hidde 14 May, 2014
Haha, this was a silly but funny drama. And lot of familiar faces made it more fun to watch.
mikkuchan07 07 Jan, 2013
I like the manga so I like this J-Drama ^^ Meisa Kuroki in his role as Sister Angela was great.

The Drama had funny scences, sometimes a little foolish but all in all great. The manga of Rumiko Takahashi was well adapted. ^^

The theme song "Lips" from Kat-tun fit very well. ;)
inukko 26 Aug, 2012
Watching this just makes me want to exercise :D
mrjapanlife 23 Jul, 2012
Awesome doramas, so funny
darkarisu 03 Apr, 2012
When I was watching epi 9 I thought it would disappoint me, because I didn't saw their relationship get any better than that
and after he said he would break up with her I was really not amused
, but I fangirled so much at the end! I was so happy..
it got a little boring though, because sister was confused with her feelings, and everything was the same, she runs away and he has to hold her back, it was a little annoying.. it's a cute romance, and tbh I never saw sister as 100% nun with her past, it was like "she had no other choice and nowhere to go"
kame's role was cute and idiotic funny, so I had at least a little fun with that..
I was never sure if they were together or not, because they didn't act like a couple at all, I know she's a nun, but
why the confession scene? and then they kept going like always, like nothing happened, it was frustating

it was a little too long for a drama imo, and the characters were incredible ridiculous naive, it hurted orz
r0lan 27 Jan, 2012
@shigenbo - orly ? i guess that made sense since i saw this gif before the subs actually came out >w< thanks ! :D
shigenbo 26 Jan, 2012
@r0lan - actually, this has no special. but that gif is from Yamada's new drama 'Risou no Musuko' :'3
r0lan 19 Jan, 2012
hey hey does this have a special ?
Because I saw a gif with Yama-chan and his koala boxing attack... >w<