ESC to close 3.66 (by 532 users)soulmate 소울메이트
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized soulmate
aka soulmeiteu


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 13 Mar, 2006 - 05 Jun, 2006
episodes 12
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday
at 23:05 - 00:15
status released


avg. score 3.66 of 5 by 532 users
total users 981
rating 1948
favorites 57



What if the person you think you're in love with isn't who you are meant to be with? Follow the love lives of three people as they find their matches.


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Sin Dong Uk
Lee Su Gyeong
Hong Yu Jin
Min Ae




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30 Aug, 2011
Both are about fortuity, chance meetings and other little things joining the main characters.

30 Aug, 2011
Both are about people fated to each other.


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danisensei 06 Oct, 2017
I enjoyed watching this drama. It's not awesome, but I laughed really hard at some scenes, and liked how the relationships are shown. This drama shares one thing in similar with most dramas: there's no point forcing a relationship. But instead of having that person plotting to stay by the guy's side or to separate the guy from the girl he's meant to be with, it shows how situations may turn out to be; people trying to do things right, failing, making mistakes and repenting, having a change of heart and going on another direction and trying again.
I'd say this drama could be summarized in one message: 'what is meant to be will naturally become reality'.
Although it didn't make my heart flutter, it was light to be watched and I think it has the right extension.
tiffiany45 14 Jul, 2015
Some viewers may find Soulmate boring. It starts out really slowly, and very few of the characters are likable in the beginning. The main couple doesn't even meet until around 5 episodes in. BUT THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF THIS DRAMA!!!

The thing I love the most about Soulmate is the format in which the creators use to tell the story. It's not solely linear, going from cause to effect, but told in flash-forwards and flashbacks. The actors perform their roles amazing well, and make you irrevocably invested in their story.

I remember when I first watched this drama, staying up until around 2am despite having work the next day, sitting on the edge of my seat, WAITING for the moment when Dong Wook and Soo Kyung would finally meet!

Soulmate is a slow burn. It makes you wait, it takes you on a wonderful, infuriating journey that will lead you someplace magical, beautiful, and beyond imagination. This drama has become part of my soul. I try to rewatch it at least once a year. I always find further nuance and deeper meaning each time.

This drama isn't for everyone, but if you're willing to be patient and let the story slowly unfold, it will capture you and never let you go.
missblackrabbit 06 Jun, 2015
I couldn't manage to care about the girl's chit-chat about trivial stuff and that took most of the episodes. The characters were interesting enough but all that wanna be comedy was utterly annoying.

It's too bad because it had good potential, not only from the interesting characters but the premice had me hoping for better - and did deliver at times, hence why I stuck to it - but sadly it wasn't enough. I ended up skiping entire episodes and great parts of others.

2/5, watchable but low or no enjoyment.
mylagliter 14 Aug, 2013
It's boring and I hated all the time.

I guess the only lesson you learned watching this:
Take away the hot bride from your friends because can be your soulmate.

Ok, Yu-jin is really annoying, but she don't deserve that...

I believe in loyalty, never doing that to any friend.

Is just a girl dropped by ex-fiance confusing soulmate and love with shortage ...

Ryouhei is so cute!
xoxo 09 Jan, 2013
The Ost was good..
but the drama no..
luluah300 27 Oct, 2012
the best thing about this drama is the soundtrack.
nessssbm 21 Aug, 2012
i really enjoyed this, not many draggy parts at all and i loved all the fun dialogue between the cast (plus the hilarious supporting cast). the soundtrack is also impressive because it features a lot of famous songs from artists like Bread, Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon, etc.


...... even though i dont really believe in soulmates, i understood dongwook and how he crumbled under pressure to marry yujin, but he was at fault for not telling yujin from the beginning that he was wavering. i felt bad for yujin, but i just liked him better with sugyeong.... so romantic!!!!!

i think its funny the characters all had the actors real names
jiyee 17 Jul, 2012
Could never get past the first episode...I was bored to death...But I'm so interested, because the response is so great..Maybe I should give it another shot.