ESC to close 3.62 (by 396 users)simyaui fm 심야의 FM
  • 2010
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized simyaui fm
english Midnight FM (literal)


genres crime, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 14 Oct, 2010
duration 106 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.62 of 5 by 396 users
total users 639
rating 1432
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Popular DJ, Go Seon Yeong, has 120 minutes to save her kidnapped family.




Go Seon Yeong
Han Dong Su
Park Gyeong Yang
Yang U Han
Son Deok Tae
Detective Jo


director, screenwriter
costume designer


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10 Sep, 2016
During Go Seon Yeong's last airing of her radio show, Midnight FM, a killer breaks into her sister's apartment and holds Seon Yeong's family hostage. Unable to help her family, she is forced to play the playlist the killer has faxed her. However, this proves to be harder then it sounds, and her last show becomes deadly.

The story is very suspenseful, and it does make you think 'wow, I wonder how this will play out'. But, I think a lot of this could have been solved if Seon Yeong told her co-workers the issue, and just played the songs before things got bad. I guess that would kill a lot of the suspense though, wouldn't it? But So many things that come about in this film seem fixable or preventable, and that just drove me crazy while watching this. I just felt though that a lot could have been prevented in this movie, aka a lot of characters made a lot of stupid decisions.

Su Ae was really good in this film. I really liked her acting and yes, her soothing voice when she was on air. The actor who played her daughter, I believe Sin Da Eun?, was really good as well, despite not having any speaking lines. Her acting, especially for a child actor at the time, was really good, and I felt really bad for her often.

This film is a pretty good thriller, and If you want to be on the edge of your seat for a movie, this is a good one to watch!
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risika 22 Dec, 2016
I wanted to watch this movie for some time now. And I honestly can say that it's really good movie. The ending is a bit predictible with
her killing him, and the second stalker saving the kids
, but overall I thrilled.
Watching it I have a similar feeling to when I was watching an american film "Untreceable".

Maybe it's not the best movie for some people, maybe it's copy-and-paste from another movies, but I enjoyed watching it so for me rating is 4/5.
sasajun 10 Sep, 2016
wow! This whole movie was just suspenseful moments one after the other! Was actually better then I thought it would be!
kiyoshi 21 Jan, 2015
Really good movie, it was so intense. 4/5 and not 5/5 because of the end
which was so unrealistic.
stabinsavvi 01 Jun, 2014
Holy Intense! This movie is very intense. Kept me on the edge of my seat and my heart was definitely racing the entire time watching it! Very Awesome!
wolfssoul 04 May, 2014
It was an okay movie, quite enjoyable.
And a speechless kid was great. She is one of the most reasonable thriller characters I've ever seen X)
nimnz 07 Sep, 2013
I wonder how many calories I burned watching this movie? lol Freaking intense but I like it!!!
minhee 27 Mar, 2013
I loooove it~!
r0lan 16 Feb, 2013
It was an ok movie... however it wasn't that thrilling nor was it suspenseful.

I liked the mute kids acting, thought she was cute /haha/
But overall, the antags motive doesnt seem strong enough for a -wow- factor, it was just -meh-
It could do better for a "thriller" themed movie.