ESC to close 2.97 (by 96 users)dalkomhan naui dosi 달콤한 나의 도시
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dalkomhan naui dosi
english My Sweet City (literal)
aka My Sweet Seoul

Based On

based on book
title dalkomhan naui dosi
author Jeong I Hyeon (정이현)


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 06 Jun, 2008 - 01 Aug, 2008
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Friday
at 21:55 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 2.97 of 5 by 96 users
total users 305
rating 285



O Eun Su is 31 years old single woman who has been working at a publishing company for seven years. She's already had a decent amount of experience in dating, but has not yet found a steady relationship.

This drama is about her love triangle with a young film student Yun Tae O and a business man Kim Yeong Su.




Yun Tae O
Kim Yeong Su
O Eun Su
Heo Chan Seok
Eun Su's Father
Eun Su's Mother


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25 Jul, 2013
O Eun Su and her friends Jae In and Yu Hui are getting older and even though they have fun in their lives, there is something missing. They have a job and Jae In finally found a rich boyfriend she can marry, things don't quite seem perfect. So Eun Su starts to look for a boyfriend again, going through her contacts and thinking about who to contact without looking pathetic when she meets an old friend and through him gets introduced to Tae O. He's too young for her to think of him as a real man yet, but she enjoys the butterfly in her stomach as much as possible. At the same time, her company president wants her to have a marriage meeting with the president of a partner company, to which she can't disagree of course, so she meets him. And that's how the love-triangle starts.

At first, the drama looks fast paced and lovely. It's funny, I like Eun Su and Tae O as well as the character of Yeong Su. They are all cute and fluffy at first and it's something light to enjoy, so not bad. After a few episodes I started to wonder if Tae O was the real male lead instead of Yeong Su, who I had hoped for. Their developement at the beginning was so fast - they started to kiss and have bed scenes in the first two episodes. Eun Su and Tae O were a cute couple. But her behaviour made it hard for me to watch the drama, since she was someone I would probably dislike in real life. She hardly does anything and if she finally does, it's too much.

The worst thing about the drama is the randomness. It's really so random, I sometimes wondered why the main character did what she did. Probably 80% of the time I didn't know what she was doing or why she saw her life so dramatic. And not even to mention how strange the drama gets for the final 4 episodes. The fluffy, light story suddenly turns into a drama that's too heavy for how the characters were portrayed previously. It really destroyed a lot for me, so I can't give it more than 3*. I even thought about giving it only 2* since the later half of the drama was rather boring, but I just thought about the acting and that I didn't really dislike it, so I could bring myself to rate it with 3*.

I suppose you'd also like it as much as I did if you are watching it for Yeong Su or Tae O. If you are watching it for the story: don't. It wouldn't be worth your time, since it just is a bunch of randomness.
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17 Mar, 2013
First of all, English is not my mother language, so I ask for forgivness for every mistake I make or if I don't make what I write understandable. Sorry, everyone!

I don't know...

I have dual feelings about this drama. Why? Becouse I really loved it and I was so disappointed at the end becouse she did NOT end up with the guy I wanted her to be with... :D

Some mentiond that it was not interesting. Yes, for some may be so... Why? There weren't big tragedies, there weren't scheming second leads, no opposing in-laws. There werent "Oh, God, plese don't die" moments. And after watching so many kdramas, I was allways waiting for them, like PLEASE DON'T!!! I DON'T WANT IT TO BE A CLICHE!!! And it DID NOT come!

I can imagine that for young people, who still believe in fairy tale-like love, this drama was not good enough. This drama was so much REAL life, that somtimes I wanted to cry at that this is how it should be... okay, they needed somthing for Young Soo, to be difficult, and for me they went a little overboard (to be real), but well, nothing can be perfect...


Eun Soo is not the lead I really wanted to kill becouse she can not choose between two man. She is not a two-timing bitch, and thank god not a girl that everyone is kicking around, so we really really need to love her, becouse if we don't, then who will... She is your average Jane, not too beautiful, not too smart, no great talent. She is just right. She can take care of herself. Se is outgoing, with great and understendig friends who has their own problems in life. Somtimes she is really happy that she is alive, somtimes she hates herself and everyone else, just like anybody.

Tae Oh is so sweet, and cute I wanted to gobble him up. He has so much chemistry and passion with Eun Soo. The air between them sizzles. And They just hit it off from their first meeting, like they knew each other in their whole life. When they were together, I wanted to fly singig this is love! And I understood their problems well. They were in so different phases of their life, that if you are not strong enough you can't overcome that.

Young Soo is the complete opposite of Tae Oh. He is quiet, solid, serious, well established in his life. His love with Eun Soo is progressing so slow, that it can take ages to develop. It is the kind of love which is first friedship. They start to know the other one not by words but by actions. They don't need to talk about every little thing, they are just side by side, whitout a word. Not until its most needed. Their conversaitons are allways deep, revealing, helping. Ad they support each other when it is most needed. They are there for each other, allways. And he is NOT friendzoned forever. No cliche like first a fried allways a friend. There is no great passion, there is no dying if can't touch each other. But the love is there. And it grows stronger and stronger by the day. The kind of love that is so hard to kill.

So You just watch Eun Soo growing bigger through these two loves. And you learn as well. I hope I won't forget the feeling I did get from this drama. First of all: Go after your dreams. If you are not okay with yourself, how you want others to love you as well...
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25 Mar, 2013
Both series are about a circle of friends who have just entered their thirties and are in crisis because their teenage dreams and hopes may not come true. In addition, in both the female lead needs to decide between two men: the young, passionate, and fun one; and the dependable, successful one who is just a trusted friend at first.


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manic 16 Aug, 2012
I watched into episode 3 of this drama and dropped it. Just not that interesting. There was one cute part. lol