ESC to close 3.45 (by 246 users)clone baby
  • 2010
  • TV series
  • Japan

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romanized clone baby
aka kuroon beibii


genres suspense, sci fi


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV series
network TBS


date 09 Oct, 2010 - 17 Dec, 2010
episodes 11
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 00:20 - 00:50
status finished


avg. score 3.45 of 5 by 246 users
total users 484
rating 848
favorites 10



Aoyagi Masamune doesn't lead an easy life. When trying to commit suicide by jumping from a rooftop, he instead gets pushed down by a young man called Kikuchi Hiro. Masamune survives and, when confronting Hiro, soon finds himself deeply involved with a cloning experiment from nineteen years ago. Eleven clones with different looks and gender were created at that time, now dying one after another. Masamune soon understands that each time two of them meet, they'll have to kill each other, since two people with exactly the same genes cannot exist at the same time. When he realizes that Hiro, himself and his childhood friend Marika are part of the group as well, he tries to find the people and the purpose behind the experiment to stop the killing.


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Kikuchi Hiro
Aoyagi Masamune
Tsubaki Eita
Katsushika Marika
Aoyagi Kazuma
Okabe Joutarou




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nyappychiyo 26 May, 2013
One of the best.
I cried like a baby when Gouta died
boochan 19 Dec, 2012
It's such an amazing drama, but the act was terrible :(
It disappoint me -__-"

Hiro and Okajo <3
thouyu 10 Jul, 2012
I liked the plot and the OST, and also some of the characters. Hiro and Gouta are my favorite characters, but I also liked Okajo.
r0lan 29 Dec, 2011
The first 3 episodes were very confusing as it goes straight to the whole... cloning business...
It wasn't until... episode 4 or 5 I think it was that they fully explain everything so it was comprehensible.

Pretty much that synopsis written above is like the first 4 or 5 episodes summed up.

But it was so weird seeing the flower-loving Otomen (Masamune) take the lead, as it was the first time I've actually seen his face (in Otomen his eyes are covered lol) so... yeah~ Hiro & Masamune's sister annoyed me at first... but overall this was a good drama ^_^

The evil mastermind was so predictable... but the ending... was just wow.
skrzydlak 20 Dec, 2011
amazing drama.

at the end..
I don't know what i supposed to think.

Hiro <3
krissasaur 30 Nov, 2011
How is YASHA anything like this drama? YASHA is my #1 drama, and... if I had to compare it to something I would choose Bloody Monday.

This reminds me more of the drama Higashi no Eden, and
countless other "many people chosen to kill each other one survivor" type shows.
nyappychiyo 05 Nov, 2011
i llike Gouta the most! *O*
unguanime 24 Aug, 2011
The idea was very interesting but the execution was terrible. I don't like the directing and the acting. I don't know which one annoyed me the most. The directing made me dizzy in the first episode. Most of the actors are average. I think the best actor is Makita Tetsuya. I also like his role. Toori is the second best.

Even so, it was quite enjoyable. The first episode was confusing but as the series goes on all of the questions will be answered.

I don't like the main characters. Masamune didn't get my sympathy and Ichikawa's acting was bad.
Hiro was okay. Characters like Hiro is usually my type but, I don't know why. Even Toori couldn't save him. Maybe it's because Hiro's affection for Marika was implausible. I didn't care about the law of magnetism or attraction or something. I just didn't buy it.

I like the supporting characters better. My personal favorite is Ozu. Second best is Okajo.

I don't like Marika-Masamune relationship. I like Kanako-Okajo better.

I don't like the ending either. What was that?

Nevertheless, I gave it three stars. This is not highly recommended but it's okay to give it a try. The story is different from most dramas. Besides, it's only 11 eps @ 30 minutes. It won't take much of your time.