ESC to close 3.53 (by 350 users)guilty: akuma to keiyaku shita onna
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized guilty: akuma to keiyaku shita onna
english Guilty: The Woman Who Made A Pact With The Devil
aka guilty akuma to keiyakushita onna, giruti: akuma to keiyaku shita onna


genres mystery, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 12 Oct, 2010 - 21 Dec, 2010
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.53 of 5 by 350 users
total users 699
rating 1235
favorites 6



Fifteen years ago, Nogami Meiko's brother in law and nephew were murdered and her sister committed suicide as a result. Wrongly tried, Meiko spent fourteen years in jail. Now working at a pet salon, she begins to take revenge on the true culprits. Meanwhile, Mashima Takourou is investigating the disappearance of a senior police officer when he discovers a link to Meiko's case. Determined to find out the truth, Takourou beings digging, only to realize that there's more being hidden than he had though.




Mashima Takurou
Nogami Meiko
Enomoto Mari
Tsurumi Masato
Miwa Shuuhei
Yabe Ayano




15 May, 2011
I really wanted to like it more than I did. I can't even really say whether I really would rate it as good or whether that's just because I feel like I'm supposed to rate it like that. I honestly have no idea what to think of it.

First, the story is just my thing. A woman who was wrongfully put into prison goes on a revenge trip and kills everyone who caused her imprisonment? She falls in love with the cop who's supposed to catch her? Uhhh. I love moral ambiguities and hopeless love stories. Yeah, I'm cheap.

Well, in a way Guilty delivered that. There were twists, surprises, totally fucked up characters. I love the tagline because the heroine isn't evil but after her whole life was fucked up she couldn't see anything but revenge. I loved those parts when she threatened blackmailed, schemed and made people kill themselves.

The odd thing is that the love story that seemed to become the most perfect was what disappointed me the most. The leads really lacked chemistry. Also, I didn't really like the naive side of the heroine. I know that it was to show that she never actually became a devil but that side of hers was like a washed out version of her other self.

Thinking about it, that's maybe it. I think it lacked intensity. At some point I even wished it was more like a kdrama. Yeah, I know, Korean have a tendency to overact and Korean revenge stories tend to be hilariously ridiculous with all that glaring and yelling and the gazillon of flashbacks but well, Guilty is a revenge story, so it would've been nice if there was some emotion. As much as I liked the cold colours it was filmed in, the lack of colour didn't quite help the lack of emotion. I had to force myself to watch it because it felt a little flat and draggy.

There were scenes I liked and that were pretty well-made I think. I also love the story and the visuals. Still, whenever I think of it there's this feeling of disappointment because this could've been grand.
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05 Nov, 2010
Both shows are about a relative of murdered families exacting revenge on those they believe are in the wrong while a cop attempts to solve the truth behind all the sudden, mysterious deaths.


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yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
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dodi1d 25 Dec, 2013
I liked the story, and the love between the main roles what makes me complete this drama.

The ending wasn't that good, I think It would be better if Meiko wouldn't die
yurisama 26 Oct, 2013
@malice me too, actually I liked his psycho personality xD
but at least he died as a man like what he said before to Mashima.

Mashima became annoying in the half of the series =_="
just let her finish her damn revenge.. I know because you're worried about her and such a things, but if she stop now, it dosen't mean she will continue her life free without being catch by the police and surely she will get Execution, because of the people who Notice that she was the one who Made them Suicide because of his yelling in the latest episodes like saying something like that "stop her,! she will continue her revenge!!" or "are you still continue your revenge?!?" or "it's her!! Nogami Meiko"etc., Okaaay, it's the same thing that he confession that she the one who did all of that to the people (especially police) who heard that, so it was better to continue her revenge without being regret that later in the Prison..

3/5 it could have been better, still it was enjoyable to watch ^^
priceless 17 Jun, 2013
It is very good.
goguma 24 Feb, 2013
liked it quite a lot, at least way more than I expected to like it since the beginning seemed kinda slow to me but the ending
sorry to say that but they killed it a bit with the ending. It was unnecessarily dramatic, the twist with Kotomi-san (who technically wasn't really guilty, it was Misawa who did it all himself) was really exaggerated. And I didn't like the last scene of Mashima and Meiko - the kiss wasn't appropriate, too cliché.
Nevertheless it's not bad.
noraju 29 Nov, 2012
Amazing drama with amazing OST! I really loved the two main charaters.
krissasaur 12 Nov, 2011
@pantheria & @trixi: me too. I am on episode 3 and it is soooo Maou. I already feel mysef loving Meiko. I just want to hug her and cry for her. I know I should hate her, but just like Ryuu in Maou, I can't.

EDIT: I just finished it and I LOVED it.
kdramafan89 11 Oct, 2011
This drama was crazy addictive. Tamaki was sooooooo HOT!

I guess the ending fit the tone of the show but it would have been nice if she went to jail instead and eventually got out so they could be together=(