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  • 1998
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized gto
english Great Teacher Onizuka
aka gureeto teiichaa onizuka, jiiteiioo, グレートティーチャーオニヅカ, ジーティーオー

Based On

based on manga
title gto
author Fujisawa Tooru (藤沢とおる)


genres comedy, drama, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 07 Jul, 1998 - 22 Sep, 1998
episodes 12
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.91 of 5 by 1457 users
total users 2252
rating 5704
favorites 172


1999 TV jp
same setting
2012 TV jp
same setting
gto drama special
1999 TV jp
side story
1999 film jp
side story


Former motorcycle gang leader Onizuka Eikichi is finally accepted as a teacher after a series of chaos and mishaps. He is assigned to be a homeroom teacher for a class which holds a terrifying reputation of getting rid of all their previous homeroom teachers. However, this time they are dealing with Onizuka, whose ways of thinking won't be an easy opponent for them to beat. This drama also revolves around the students' relationship with other teachers and the opposite attraction between Onizuka and the English teacher, Fuyutsuki Azusa.


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Onizuka Eikichi
Saejima Ryuuji
Fuyutsuki Azusa
Yoshikawa Noboru
Kikuchi Yoshito
Murai Kunio


original creator


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03 Nov, 2012
Both are about a person who had no experience as a teacher/coach, but ended up as one and, on a top of that, for a group of troublesome individuals. While busy training them using his/her bizarre methods, his/her words are able to touch the hearts of his/her students and change their lives.

16 May, 2011
They are about male teachers, who save theirs students' lives, using strange methodes and playing tricks on them.


New Drama Adaptation Of GTO; First Lead Role For AKIRA In A Drama Series akiraka 3 posts 08 Jul, 2012 by sweettears
It was announced May 23, 2012, that dance and vocal group EXILE performer AKIRA (real name Kurosawa Ryouhei) would receive his first starring role in a dram...


curi 15 Jan, 2015
That's good to hear. Think I'll give it a try then!
Random chan 15 Jan, 2015
@curi not really :o
curi 15 Jan, 2015
Thinking about watching this. Is it similar to Gokusen though? Because I didn't really care for Gokusen...
revy 09 Jul, 2013
While this wasn't a good adaptation of the original manga, it's a pretty awesome series on its own. Sorimachi and Matsushima and the students all have good chemistry and I can watch this over and over again. Should not have been remade.

Also this one has a reaaaally young Shun Oguri, your argument is invalid.
shadowman 15 Jun, 2013
I didn't care much for this but my attitude softened a little after I saw the dreadful and idiotic remake of GTO in this they actually bothered more with character development and storyline and there seemed much more effort in this.

Also the characters while I still think they're GTO characters in name only at least had a LOT more personality in this though I still think this is lame its a hell of a lot better then the remake.
rosette 22 Jul, 2012
Oguri Shun is virtually unrecognizable as adorable Noboru! Great for Shun fans who want a bit of a change-up!
kiraning 10 Mar, 2012
Excellent plot, great acting by pretty much everyone, and the first signs of Kubozuka Yosuke’s brilliance…GTO set the standard for high school dramas incredibly, incredibly high. Just stay away from the special, and the movie.
kasumii 08 Mar, 2012
it's really has a cute,funny and touching feeling.the actors are has great drama parts and the acting-chemistry is simply awesome.loved it:D
i would love to have such a great teacher as onizuka