ESC to close 4.09 (by 121 users)kodomo no omocha
  • 1996
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kodomo no omocha
english Child's Toy (literal)
aka kodocha

Based On

based on manga
title kodomo no omocha
author Obana Miho (小花美穂)


genres comedy, drama, romance, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)
by Studio Gallop (スタジオぎゃろっぷ)


date 05 Apr, 1996 - 27 Mar, 1998
episodes 102
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 18:00 - 18:30
status released


avg. score 4.09 of 5 by 121 users
total users 195
rating 495
favorites 13


kodomo no omocha
1995 video jp
same setting


Kurata Sana is an eccentric child actress who lives with her mother, a world famous author and is taken care of by her agent who she refers to as her 'pimp'. Sana loves her life and is very happy to be able to act and go to school where she can learn and be with her friends. But something is getting in the way of that. Her class has been taken over by a group of boys who cause havoc and are lead by the worst of them all, Hayama Akito. Sana makes it her mission to defeat Hayama and reclaim the classroom, but the more she gets to know Hayama, the more she realizes he might not be as bad as he seems.


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01 Dec, 2014
I was to be honest quite amazed to see nobody having reviewed this anime before. Kodomo no Omocha was one of the most confusing, yet likeable animes I ever watched. While the story in itself wasnt confusing atall, it starts out at one place.. and ends up taking you to a whole other track than what you had been expected the anime to take you to.. I'd call it a masterpiece, as its nothing short of a masterpiece... I will be writing a spoilerless review...

Kurata Sana is a young girl who also happens to be a teenage idol... wideknown for her radient personality and cute looks, she lives with her mother which also happens to be an author... Sana attends school like any other person, and has friends that she likes to be around, However aside of that she is also widely known and has some other celebrity friends... Sana tells the tale of her life and experiences in a way to make it fun as she surfaces on television.... But there's more to it than that... Sana might be an adorable well liked girl by most people, but she also happens to have a guy in her class that she doesnt stand... he rebels and acts like a badboy... making the male classmates rebel towards the teachers..... but Sana had enough of that.... upon giving things very little thoughts.. she challenges him and officially decares him as her rival and number one enemy, along with all her hatred on television mentioning his full name... and from thereon out opens a whole new path for Sana..... This boy, Hayama Akito, the more she spends time thinking about it.. the boy is bad news, but why is it that way...? is there anything she can do in order to change that..? she begins spending more time with him... and from thereon out an emotional roller coaster like no other will unfold.... Sana made Hayama her rival.... is there any chance of their rivalry... to change into something else..?

Kodocha seems like just any other comedy anime once you first start watching.... but already by the time you get through the first couple of episodes, the anime totally surprises you and takes you away. The story seems plain, but the story is far from plain. This is one of the most shocking animes I ever watched, how one anime can hold so many different emotions is amazing to me... Sana will find her very existence challenged in the anime Kodomo no Omocha. Questions asked, will they be answered? and what will come to be with her and Hayama..?

I really didnt like the anime atall at first when I first started watching it, I'll be the first to admit... its comedy style didnt really appeal to me, it seemed like just the average shoujo G rated anime... but eventually you got hooked.... by every good aspect in this anime, the anime left on my mind for weeks to come... it made quite an impression on me.. This is not your average romantic comedy, it would be a grave loss not to check this anime out....

I feel like this anime will be enjoyable to people that like more dramatic stories, aswell as romantic ones.... the characters are well tought out and the story draws you in... by the time you start getting tired of the same thing happening, far before that time, the story completely turns around and hooks you again... Its beynd a masterpiece... I cant even say anything bad about it, aside of a few random filler episodes very late in the anime... this anime was of perfection... another masterpiece made among the earlier animes, the story was perfectly concluded, no windows feeling left opened for me. All the gaps were filled with a deserving ending to an equally great anime.
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tomoesama 11 Jul, 2014
I used to love it so much when I was kid, even now that I'm in my twenties I still love to re-watch it and re-read the manga <3
The love story between Sana and Hayama is really the sweetest xD
fuyuu 19 Jun, 2012
At the beginning seems boring, but then you begin to worry about love story Sana/Hayama. It's so touching. Sometimes I forget that they are children :D
mikomi0e 23 Apr, 2012
I watched it 3 years before (when I was 15) but the only thing what I remember is that I couldn't find another anime after this one. I totally loved it so much that I watched it over and over again. ^^