ESC to close 3.9 (by 1945 users)choegoui sarang 최고의 사랑
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized choegoui sarang
english Greatest Love
literal Best Love
aka The Discovery Of Affection, aejeongui balgyeon, 애정의 발견


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 04 May, 2011 - 23 Jun, 2011
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 1945 users
total users 3029
rating 7585
favorites 149



Gu Ae Jeong is a has-been idol trying desperately to stay in the spotlight, despite her bad reputation with the public. In contrast, top star Dok Go Jin is beloved by many, but behind the scenes is vain and rude. The two meet and fail to get along, but their paths continue to cross when Ae Jeong ends up on a popular dating variety show, hosted by her snooty former band mate (and Dok Go Jin's former girlfriend) Gang Se Ri.




Dok Go Jin
Gu Ae Jeong
Gang Se Ri
Yun Pil Ju
Gu Ja Cheol
Gu Ae Hwan




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03 Jul, 2011
An interesting story that shows the behind-the-scenes life of the entertainment world, it's an eye opening experience that's funny as well.

The writing was a clear strong point for this show, as metaphors were taken and spun into more metaphors, merged together and ended up taking on multiple meanings. The plot was fast and interested, sometimes a bit too crazy but never enough to alienate the viewers. The acting, while sometimes over the top and cringe-inducing, was still heartfelt when needed and definitely rooted in talent.

A great rom-com and fun to watch. The Hong sisters did it again.
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11 Jul, 2013
In both, the main female character was once in a girls group. She is resented by one of her former co-member because she broke up the group for an unknown reason.

03 Dec, 2011
Both are about a celebrity man and an unlucky woman. The feeling of romance is very similar too, but The Greatest Love has more gags.


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misekeith 19 May, 2014
Am I the only one NOT able to stand Dok Go Jin? I probably have never rooted this much for a second lead in my whole life. :/
Then again, "You're beautiful" kind of provoked the same reaction in me.

...I've only watched the second part, but I can't stand this much heroine-pestering, really. Argh.

edit: Well, it was nothing much - I kept watching it for Gong Hyo Jin's cuteness, but I have to admit that
the final episode was the sweetest thing ever, and it was really worth it.
kamisama1 15 May, 2014
The relationship between Gu Ae Jeong and Doko Jin was LOVELY and CUTE <3 I enjoied this drama very much I totaly recommend it to you guys ;)
mihaela 05 Apr, 2014
It was pretty good .... At the beginning I couldn't stop thinking at The master's sun and how they're quite similar in some places but overall I think it's a drama worth watching ^^
I loved how Dokko Jin was pretty sincere with his feelings and confessed quite early in the show ...I also liked how he fought for Gu Ae Jeong 's reputation
limenora 29 Jan, 2014
It was nice, funny, quite predictable, but I really had fun with it, so I reccomend it everyone. (:
The OST was okay, nothing outstanding. The main couple was sweet, they had chemistry.

So, worth to watch? Ding Dong! ;D
alechan 22 Nov, 2013
Hahaha gente, terminei de ver e digo e repito, esse dorama é algo obrigatório pra qualquer fã de uma boa comedia romantica *.*! Sério!!
Pontos positivos:
Go Jin: O cara é totalmente PIRADO velho kkkkkkkkk ele se acha, é totalmente egocentrico, cheio de manias e maluquices! Praticamente cai de quatro e fica obcecado pela musa dele, a Hyo Jin, musa que antes fazia parte de uma girlband e gravou uma musica que o médico botou pra tocar enquanto fazia a sua cirurgia cardiaca! Olha a loucura!
Apesar de ser louco, é um dorama bem romantico, com muitas cenas fofas, muitos beijos e muita fofura!

- Hyo jin: Ela se mostrou uma prota muito forte desse dorama e claro, a quimica dela com o Go Jin era fortissima, o amor dos dois era palpavel!!

- o final: dizer que gostei do final é pouco, eu ADOREI o final desse dorama, foi bem redondinho, bem simples mas muito bonitinho!! Gostei tb porque eles praticamente ficaram juntos o dorama inteiro, seja brigando ou sendo felizes, então é o tipo de historia q vc pode curtir e relaxar!
fabyanna 12 Oct, 2013
Surtei com esse drama MARAVILHOSO <3... amo amo amo,protagonistas perfeitos,com uma sintonia esplêndida.
paulixx27 30 Sep, 2013
I really adored this drama ♥
Even if I don't like TOO MUCH cutness here it was just so adorable and lovely :)
Great drama ! :)
neo9000 13 Sep, 2013
Really good one. During the first 8 eps I almost forgot the time.

But then it kinda dropped a bit. Still an awesome drama which is not overloaded with drama.