ESC to close 3.23 (by 746 users)dongan minyeo 동안 미녀
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dongan minyeo
english Baby Faced Beauty
aka pretty young woman, youthful beauty


genres comedy, drama, romance, fashion


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 02 May, 2011 - 05 Jul, 2011
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.23 of 5 by 746 users
total users 1351
rating 2410
favorites 10



34 year old Lee So Yeong seems to only have one thing going for her: her baby face. Troubled by debt and with only a high school education, she still aspires to be a fashion designer. Mistaken for a college graduate, she lands her dream job, where she meets Choe Jin Uk.


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Lee So Yeong
Choe Jin Uk
Ji Seung Il
Gang Yun Seo
No Yong Jun
Ji Ju Hui




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pontica 09 Jun, 2014
This drama exceeded my expectations by far. Very enjoyable although a bit too dramatic sometimes. It gets 4 well deserved stars from me :)

P. S. : Cutest couple ever <3
goguma 08 Jun, 2014
I just rewatched first few episodes after like 2 yrs and I wonder how could I rate it 4's so about nothing. And the worst disillusion is the fact that i rememer liking the interactions of Jang Na Ra and Choe Daniel a lot but now their fighting seems just so annoying...*sighs*
iruru 06 Jun, 2014
Horrible. [2]
neo9000 09 Nov, 2013
Horrible. Dont watch it for romance.

/edit: Im amazed about myself finishing this dirt.
alicbts 01 Jun, 2013
It is a good drama and worth the 20 episodes and the romance is cute, but bullying is so normal?
xxunlovedxxsoulxx95 01 Aug, 2012
This drama was outstanding! The ending was played out nicely and all the way to the end this drama was touching.
kirtil 29 Jun, 2012
EDIT: A warning: This drama is famous (found out when I searched for reviews) for its bad start. If you are here to see if it is good or because you watched couple of episodes and hated it; my advice to you is watch it till episode 5 and then decide. For me (and many others from what I see) magic number was 3. I was ready to quit after episode 3 and if I hadnt watched 4 I would have definitely dropped it with a rating of 1 stars (only because it is the lowest I can mark). Now that I finished it I can say that while no masterpiece; this series was solid 7 out of 10 for me. it would have been even better but but the bad taste of those first 3 episodes were ever there for me and ruined the potential awesomness of whole series.

I am leaving my comment I wrote after I watched episode 3 to show you the change in my mood after watching more episodes.
--------------original comment---------------
I have a question.

I just started watching this (3 episodes so far) and so far while it was fun watching 2 mains fight, I felt mostly aggravated and irritated.

She has a mother who so far doesnt seem to love or even think about her. A sister who is a thief, scam artist, liar, cheat and apparently an idiot seeing all she does is steal, scam, lie and cheat her sister who is the ONLY money bringer to the family. Work collegues either lie, bully or dump their aggro on her with no restraint or regret. Her childhood friends first action was belittling her (later I understood her purpose in this drama and that she is a good character). Even complete strangers insult her insuniating she is a scammer and a thief. I might have even left something out.

And in this world (which for all we are shown, is out to get her) she just cries and does good things, whines (by herself; god forbid she stands up to someone) and helps people or lies down and takes it.

I am not one to demand realizm in movies/series but this takes it to whole another level. Just trying to think makes me feel violated in her stead.

So my question is; does this go on any more? Does writers understanding of melodrama is to keep ganging up on heroine and making her cry then have her triumph and promptly forget/ignore said accomplishment and throw another problem at her?
tuma91 06 Apr, 2012
Oh man! This was so damn adorable!!

It dragged a bit and I found myself fast forwarding in some places, but the relationship between So Young and Jun Uk was just too cute for me to not watch til the end.

I especially liked the ending. It's been a while since I've seen an ending that was as satisfying. I love the whole '1 year later' gambit. It shows you to see how the characters you've just spent 20 eps falling in love with (and fall I did!) end up. Too often, you get a drama that ends vaguely, leaving you with a "so what happens to em now" feeling which I hate.

Overall, this is worth watching simply for the dynamic between Soo Young and Jun Uk! ^__^