ESC to close 3.95 (by 165 users)aishiteru: kaiyou
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized aishiteru: kaiyou

Based On

based on manga
title aishiteru: kaiyou
author Itou Minoru (伊藤実)


genres crime, drama, family


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 15 Apr, 2009 - 17 Jun, 2009
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.95 of 5 by 165 users
total users 414
rating 651
favorites 15


aishiteru: kizuna
2011 TV jp


Although Noguchi Satsuki has some communication problems with her son and husband, she feels great and watches them both work hard. Just like Ozawa Seiko, who has two children and a hard working husband. There is no connection between them, only the fact they two make a happy family -- that is what those two are thinking.But Satsuki's dear son, Tomoya, killed Kiyotaka, which is Seiko's little child. That is the point where both lives turn around. Why would such a little child kill?


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Noguchi Tomoya
Noguchi Satsuki
Ozawa Seiko
Noguchi Kazuhiko
Ozawa Kiyotaka
Ozawa Hideaki




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04 May, 2010
Milyang is about a mother trying to overcome the loss of her child. Aishiteru is about the same thing, but involves two mothers and their families. They are both about the pain after losing a child, and what mothers (and their families) have to endure while trying to face the cruel reality of their loss. And the cruelest thing of all: that you have to continue living, even after that loss.


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ryou 09 Nov, 2012
It's really touching and memorable.
piiyan 25 Oct, 2011
kate64100 23 Jul, 2011
Really, really amazing. I hardly have any appropriate words for the drama.
ran2010 16 Apr, 2011
I like it ..
Absolutely worth watching!
sumeriko 19 Jan, 2011
Totally love it! I cried for like almost every episode. The child actors did very well.. So do mothers' roles. One of my fav drama..
iwannaafly 07 Oct, 2010
Very beautiful ~ I love it.
Absolutely worth watching.
It pictures a very meaningful message.
zaharisa 27 Feb, 2010
I'm still at the first episode.

The moment when she asked him: What did you do until now?
He answered: I was killing somebody.
cold shivers went down my spine. It was just so..

And what's with Tomoya's father? What a j*rk!

I felt really bad about Ozawa's family and Tomoya's mother.
I still have doubts about Tomoya's father.


I really like Tomoya. So beautiful person. Always trying to protect others.

I can't agree with @renoa0heartilly.
For me this drama is about anger, fear, guilty and pain and the way we share them with our family. It's about how important is to us and our family-members to share each others feelings, to speak to each other.
I think all troubles appears in families because they don't share or they are not able to understand each others feelings.

Great drama!
renoa0heartilly 17 Jan, 2010
I didnt think this drama would be as tragic when i watched the first episode, but from then on i kept watching hoping to know the reasons behind the murder and if the kid actually did it on purpose *_*
The story was excellent in revealing facts bit by bit as the child who has lost hope of the world finally trusts the detective enough to tell her what happened.
The story is about mothers and their reasons of bearing children, and it is a message to the viewers to take responsibility of the children they bring into this world in both body and mind. I liked it very much, but seeing it made me seriously wonder if there are real similar cases in Japan, because if so it will be a frightening piece of information O_O

If you like tearjerker drama that makes your supply of tissues dwindle considerably, this is the one for you.