ESC to close 4.39 (by 835 users)dogani 도가니
  • 2011
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized dogani
english Silenced
literal The Crucible

Based On

based on book
title dogani
author Gong Ji Yeong (공지영)


genres drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 22 Sep, 2011
duration 125 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.39 of 5 by 835 users
total users 1319
rating 3667
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A new teacher comes to the school for the deaf, and while trying to earn the trust of the kids, he soon discovers that the children have been both mentally and physically abused. A human rights activist helps him to uncover the truth.




Gang In Ho
Seo Yu Jin
Jin Yu Ri
Kim Yeon Du
Jeon Min Su
Yun Ja Ae


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06 Sep, 2015
Let me go straight to the point: do not watch this movie. Erh... I mean you MUST watch it!

I should have known better when at 1m13s they said "This movie is an adaptation of a novel about an actual case that happened". I recently watched I Saw the Devil but nope, I hadn't. Now I have.

It's very difficult to write a critic without spoiling anything...

I picked it up because Gong Yu's acting striked me in Coffee Prince; while that was a very average drama, he broke the screen for me. Well, he didn't let me down. He's the kind of actor that can express volumes with the smallest facial expressions. His character wasn't the main focus of this movie but he played it flawlessly and did not steal the show unduly.

Now I HATED the bad guys with quite a lot of disgust; aka the actors were stunning! They disturbed me so much I found myself hugging my blanket tightly. True story.

The plot is about child abuse in a school for hearing impaired... I was not ready for the amount of trauma that was going to be thrown at me.

The first half of the movie focuses on the events that happened (just a small glimpse of them), and will make you feel squeamish. I mean sure it was tough and dark, and I was expecting that, but it took it a notch... every time I thought "woah that was intense", the next scene was worse. Until I broke. Until I, myself, wanted to tear them apart.

The second half then follows the trial that ensued, and the game of influence that took place. I'm not sure which of the first or second half disgusted me the most.

Ultimately, there was one sentence uttered in passage at the end of the movie that gave the struggle sense: "It's not about changing the world, it's about not letting the world change us."

5/5= Masterpiece/Personal Fav
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02 May, 2012
This was the saddest movie i have ever seen. Anything that has to do with child abuse is hard to swallow. Even if it is just a movie. But the saddest thing about this movie was, it's based on a true story. And the people that actually committed these terrible crimes, basically walked away with a slap on the wrist. The cast was amazing. Especially the children in this movie. The children were amazing, their acting abilities were amazing and they will go far in this industry. The director did an amazing job telling this story and i know it got through to a lot of people.
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30 Mar, 2016
Both works deal with serious issues and feature children, who are influenced by the decisions adults around them make.

04 Jan, 2013
Both movies show horrible and outrageous stories about how people with a certain disability are neglected and discriminated against by the judiciary.


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hieimitha 21 Mar, 2017
It shows a real and disturbing event that occured in 2005, but I doubt that was all that happened. The rapists were true monsters and all the people bribed to help let them go free were as much monsters as they were. A place full of horrible beings that did not care about children.

The entire cast did an amazing job and this movie will destroy you, but is so important to watch and not let this story be forgotten. Really difficult to rate because of the tragedy involved.
mirroro 18 Mar, 2017
powerful, disturbing, amazing movie.
jeaudrey 24 Feb, 2017
this movie is so sad I can't even write
Humans are disgusting
How can lawyers be like that

they enjoyng the freedom while the kids are suffering, what kind of human do those things, how can even be possible to people act like that
and the lawyer saw the video of a child begind raped, and after that he really sell himself
And the other lawyer suggesting that a child of 9 years old let the guy rape her
I am speechless, angry, sad, i don't even know
I am a law student and this made me fell like I chosen a terrible profession
I am really shoked

When I saw WOMAN defending and supporting MANS in those cases, it just made me lose my faith in the humanity
miyuka 12 May, 2015
I can't rate this movie.
I don't know.. I'm just so sad and angry.
It was VERY realistic.
Don't watch it because it will destroy you.
jangminhae 21 Nov, 2014
What an awful story.
The fact that it was a true story made me even angrier whenever something turned bad.
I felt so horrible during the abuse scenes. I couldn't stand it. It's sick.
Still, I think everyone should watch a movie like this to understand and empathise the victims so that everyone knows it's sick and don't do it themselves one day.
It's a good movie. It teaches us that
bad guys may never get punished really, but that doesn't mean we don't have to fight. It means that just because of this unjustice we have to fight harder.

I don't think I should rate this movie, but I did.
Very Good: 4/5
hiroyuki 09 Oct, 2014
Heartbreaking and soooo realistic movie. Some parts I couldn't watch... :(
beautifur 24 Jun, 2014
Oh my god, this movie. I am speechless. And to know it is based on a true story breaks my heart.

It was really hard to watch. I had to look away from the screen a couple of times because some parts were extremely brutal and disturbing. The kids' acting was SUPERB though, I am so impressed. But I was wondering how they managed to shoot some scenes as they are pretty explicit with very young children involved...? I know it's acting but personally I would never let my own child act in this kind of movie.
220cm 16 Jun, 2014
This is definitely worth the watch, but I can't find it in me to even attempt rewatching.