ESC to close 3.35 (by 98 users)dog×police: junpaku no kizuna
  • 2011
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized dog×police: junpaku no kizuna
aka dog x police: junpaku no kizuna, doggu×porisu: junpaku no kizuna, ドッグ×ポリス 純白の絆


genres crime, drama, animals


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 01 Oct, 2011
duration 104 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.35 of 5 by 98 users
total users 179
rating 328



Hayakawa Yuusaku, who wanted to become a police detective, ended up becoming a police dog trainer. He becomes attached to a dog that everyone claims has no talent what so ever to become a police dog and tries to train him to become a great guard dog. When a series of explosions happen, tracking down the terrorists is required...


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Hayakawa Yuusaku
Mizuno Natsuki
Takekiyo Satoshi
Nagai Kousuke
Nishimura Takashi
Muraoka Souichirou


art director


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04 Sep, 2012
I rarely watch films where animals are involved but this one was quite cute even though it also involved a serious theme: crime.

Hayakawa Yuusaku is a police officer who is known to act carelessly on his own but yet gets his job done. This attitude of his was not really welcomed by superiors and therefore he was transferred to the security unit which was always looked down at and was rarely involved in crimes. All this takes place while a serial bomber was terrorizing the city and the police was having a hard time stopping him.

At first Yuusaku doesn't find working in this unit to be something that fits him but then he meets a dog called Shiro who is assigned to be his buddy. Even though the dog joining the security team was opposed due to the dog being kind of weak compared to other dogs, Yuusaku held to him and decided to train him hard to prove the opposite to others. A great trust bond grows between the two and Shiro proves to be a very good security dog.

As a film it was good, at first I thought the film would involve lots of action and stuff but you can say it was kind of near to those pet films where the protagonist and his pet have a great owner-pet relation. This really puts you in a good mood while watching the film.

The actors were fine. Toda Erika wasn't annoying as expected from watching other works. So no much complaints in this regards.

The film's soundtrack was nice, it fits nicely and I really loved the ending song by Shikuramen (シクラメン).

Few things made me smile and it was their reference to a number of things from real life that I think were kind of unnecessary and could have been just passed through normally without making them stand out. One was referring to the computerized voice used by a wanted suspect to "Sorami Miku" (Hatsune Miku) and another was the awaited lecture by "Steve Jubs" (I bet you don't know who is this :P). Makes you feel those were all made on purpose to add some humour to the film.

The film wasn't a waste of time. Enjoyed the whole thing and didn't feel slightly bored. If you're looking for a little heart warming story with a little bit of seriousness from the crime genre then this one is a good choice.
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17 Mar, 2018
Both center around policemen assigned to work with a police dog.


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ainaki 23 Sep, 2012
Unreal,overdramatic and Ichihara always plays the same charackter...still I can't help,but I love Erika-chan,Ichihara Hayato and dogs ^^
reiko92 27 Aug, 2012
It was incredibly good! I'll watch it again soon - I think. :o)
yashii 28 Jul, 2012
OMG loved it! Hayato is such a nice guy, I really love him!!
and gosh the
at the end wOWW
yashii 28 Jul, 2012
Will start watching now!! Really had to wait for subs but now I can wath this!