ESC to close 2.85 (by 207 users)jiu: keishichou tokushu han sousa gakari
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized jiu: keishichou tokushu han sousa gakari

Based On

based on book
title jiu (ジウ)
author Honda Tetsuya (誉田哲也)


genres action, crime, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 29 Jul, 2011 - 23 Sep, 2011
episodes 9
duration 60 minutes
air day Friday
at 23:15 - 00:15
status released


avg. score 2.85 of 5 by 207 users
total users 498
rating 589
favorites 1



Both being a member of the SIT police unit, Izaki Motoko and Kadokura Misaki have to deal with really difficult cases. One of these cases leads to Kadokura being held as a hostage and eventually being harassed, causing a scandal in the newspaper. As a consequence, Kadokura is transferred to another department, now being entrusted with the case of Toshinorikun, a boy who was held hostage by the same man months ago. Meanwhile Izaki gets the offer to be the first woman to join SAT, which she does accept. Although they are now going seperate ways, both woman meet again while searching for Jiu, a blonde haired guy, who is said to be responsible for a lot of crimes, including the one of Toshinorikun.


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Izaki Motoko
Kadokura Misaki
Amamiya Takashi
Azuma Hiroki
Shiraishi Mamoru


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vulcain34 25 Oct, 2016
Pour ma part un drama pas terrible... Les deux actrices sont ennuyantes --" Le plot je l'ai trouvé bof et puis je trouve la police vraiment idiote par moment xD Vraiment rien d'extra dans ce drama. Et pour la fin
On a droit à une fin qui indique une suite, étant donné que le fameux "M" est vivant et qu'il reste une personne travaillant pour lui dans la police mais... ça fait 5 ans et il n'y a pas eu de suite donc là je pense que c'est mort xD je trouve ça dommage --" bien que ce drama ne m'a pas passionné, j'ai horreur des fins laissant une supposé suite et qu'au final il n'y en ai pas.
sbloom 16 Oct, 2012
terrible one I ended up watching it because of L and I'm not even his fan XD
ainaki 01 Jun, 2012
I looked at first three roles and i can predict it will be horrible, 'cause those three people just can't act.Seriously, wooden chair can act better than Tabe Mikako and someone taken from the street can act better and more natural than Shirota...
kate64100 31 Mar, 2012
So not recommending. D:
Myungsoo's awesomeness does nothing to help the drama. It's not even possible to help in this case. Too terrible. D:
One of the most annoying females leads I've ever seen. And it's not just one, but there are two. And dumb police. People teleporting. Great timing. Other people suddenly behaving like someone else out of nowhere... Just...
But, seriously, did that old guy, like, teleported just before Jiu pushed that button and the bomb exploded? Because I'm pretty sure he was hugged a moment before the explosion and then you want me to believe he's alive and talking on the with someone? Yeah, there were three corpses instead of four, but... Only teleporting makes sense. Which means it doesn't. D:

Please, don't scare me with a thought of a sequel. D: And if there needs to be one, please let them keep that away from our adorable k-pop idols. The less reasons to watch, the better. D:
thefreak 22 Mar, 2012
Seriously what's up with this drama?!! Ô.o
Annyoing characters.....crappy performances....strange plot.....and the most stupid police force I've ever seen in my life!! Or maybe I'm just watching too many crime shows~~~

A curious question: Does L know martial arts? Because I searched for hints for a stuntman, but couldn't find any, so I think he played the fights himself? That's for sure the only thing he did despite staring and standing....and looking cool *yay* XD

Tabe Mikako, you're damn annoying!
Kuroki Meisa, you're damn badass! (A bit too much at times though)
L, you're damn hot with blonde hair! xD

Drama, you're not worth watching!!!!
thefreak 18 Mar, 2012
The kid playing Toshinori-kun is better in acting than Tabe Mikako, seriously!!
And what's with Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory as the title track??! Made me laugh xD

They're police officers.....they're investigating the building where Jiu is possible hiding, they even take a nap there!, and they don't have ONE weapon with them!!??? That's a minus far beyond everything!! How stupid can you be?!!
foxygirl05 28 Jan, 2012
Tabe Mikako's acting is so annoying. [2] Finally completed it.. and I hope it will not give a second season. >.
malice 28 Sep, 2011
Tabe Mikako's acting is so annoying. I might drop this drama just because i can't stand her.