ESC to close 3.93 (by 418 users)ojakgyo hyeongjedeul 오작교 형제들
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ojakgyo hyeongjedeul
english Ojakgyo Brothers
aka The Brothers Of The Ojakgyo, The Brothers Of The Bridge Of Crows And Magpies, Golden Pond, hwanggeumyeonmot, 황금연못


genres family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 06 Aug, 2011 - 19 Feb, 2012
episodes 58
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 19:55 - 21:05
status released


avg. score 3.93 of 5 by 418 users
total users 899
rating 1643
favorites 26



A family with four sons lives happily on their land until they discover a secret their father has been keeping-- the farm really belongs to his friend, who lent it to him ten years ago. The deadline is fast approaching, and the family is faced with the possibility of having to move from their home. When the real owner goes missing in an accident on his way to China and is presumed dead, they see a solution to their problems, until his only daughter Ja Eun, now the rightful owner, shows up on their doorstep. In order to sustain their way of life, they must convince her to live there with them instead of selling the farm and leaving them without a place to go.




Baek Ja Eun
Hwang Tae Hui
Hwang Chang Sik
Park Bok Ja
Hwang Tae Sik
Hwang Tae Beom




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03 Aug, 2012
English Version:

Well done piece, all of it. Naturally, the number of episodes allowed to reveal all the sides of every character while some of the episodes dragged – but how can you do without them?

Every brother got an interesting story, but well, maybe the youngest brother's story wasn't really impressive. However, several stories such as the story of the oldest brother with the 10 years old mongrel child he suddenly got or the story of the middle brother who spent a night with his boss, her predictable unexpected pregnancy and almost fictitious marriage were awesome. Especially the middle one, I crossed my fingers for him. This story featured wonderfully how love may appear out of nowhere.

The sweetest of them all however, was the one adopted child and the woman, who just appeared in the family's life out of nowhere. It all started really bad, with the woman appearing at the family's door and demanding their farm, technically according to the law. But they are farmers, and what farmers can give away their land into which they have put so much effort? And the sympathy pendulum swung from one party to the other – you're sorry for them but you can also understand the woman, she is an orphan and it's her only chance to survive.

I find it good that more unflattering sides of this “confrontation” were shown, humans are humans and they can turn to any resort. Later, however, love bloomed and at the end there was even angst but everything turned out fine. That's why it's so likable.

Russian Version:

Хороший получился сериал, цельный. Конечно, столько серий, с одной стороны, позволило раскрыть каждого героя со всех сторон, но иногда сюжет провисал, куда ж без этого. У каждого брата история была весьма интересна, ну, может быть, младшенький как-то не впечатлил. Но, что у страшего с его внезапно приобретенным 10-летним сыном-полукровкой, что у среднего - со случайной ночью любви с его же начальницей, предсказуемым ее залётом и практически фиктивным браком - истории были классные. Особенно за среднего болела, здорово показали, как любовь может возникнуть просто из ниоткуда.

Но самая сладкая, конечно, - линия приемного сына и девушки, которая свалилась этой семье на голову. А начиналось все совсем плохо, потому что девушка появилась из ниоткуда и потребовала от семьи их ферму, в принципе, положенную ей по закону. Но они же крестьяне, а какие крестьяне могут вот так отдать землю, в которую вложили столько труда? И маятник симпатии качался постоянно - и этих жалко, и девушку можно понять, ведь она осталась сиротой, и это ее единственный шанс выжить. И хорошо, что показали нелицеприятные стороны этого "противостояния", люди есть люди, и они могут пойти на все, что угодно. Потом, правда, началась любовь, к концу добавили ангст - но все получилось отлично. За что многие и полюбили эту эпопею.
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29 Feb, 2012
Oh, this show. How I both love and hate it.

There were moments that had me laughing, squeeing, and truly enjoying the show and then there were other moments that made me so mad and frustrated I literally had to pause and walk away for a while.

Luckily for this drama the later happened after I'd already invested plenty of hours into this show so I soldiered on regardless. And while I can't necessarily say that it was worth it, I can move on now that it is over with a smile.

I will miss these characters but not horribly. While a decent drama overall, it still can't compare to--what is in my opinion--the best family drama out there: Smile, You. But if you are craving for 58 (!) episodes of family drama this should feed your addiction.

I will warn you: prepare yourself for useless angst. And to both love and hate most (if not all) characters. But know that you will find many laughs and heartwarming moments along the way.
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13 Oct, 2013
Both are essentially the same set up: a big extended family lives on an orchard. You even get the same actress as grandma. Both stories mostly revolve around finding love and a secret about someone's birth.


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cleciane 05 Feb, 2017
O melhor dorama para sempre!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
cocci 27 Sep, 2013
I loved it so much! it's so heartwarming and there is so much character growth and here nobody is 100% evil or 100% good. Everyone is a shade of grey. I like those kind of characters very much.

The ending is predictable but you want it to be that way so much, hehe. I loved the main couple so much and Joo Won is really good with emotional scenes, it blew my mind.
infidence 17 Jun, 2013
After watching 26 episodes -
I can't stand Hwang Chang Sik, such a horrible person and such a horrible father. No idea why his sons don't leave him and refuse further contact.

Edit: Now after 43 episodes I hate him even more. I really hope he dies before the drama ends, would be so satisfying!
fotoh 14 Jun, 2013
Guys !!! if anyone havent watched this yet ! what are you waiting for !!!
im 100% sure you will love it !!! <3
totally one of the best ! T^T
perhilien 19 Apr, 2013
It was great. It was a little bit too long, but it's not too big problem. My favorite member is Yeon U Jin. and my favorite couple is UEE and Ju Won.
ahmadz 05 Dec, 2012
58 eps bye bye !!!
ahmadz 05 Dec, 2012
translation :

"من جــد أبطل دراما والحلقة الأخير TT_TT
آبدعوآ بجد عرفت ليه يستآهلون التكريم عليها"

TT_TT they are really dramas heroes, and the last episode ! .
they really excelled , and I knew why they deserved congratulations .
ahmadz 05 Dec, 2012
Translation :

"من الحماس سحبت على ترجمت كيب كيك وخلصته ..
مو بس لانه روعه شاقني تمثيل البطل الى اني اشوف دوره في مسلسلات ثانيه
عموما هالمسلسل مره جميل ما تخيلت كيف صار روعه كذا
اشكر تبيدا يوم شفه في منتداه قمت احمله
خلاني ادمن القصه لدرجه كبيرة"

from the enthusiasm I watched it without subtitle
not just because it's fantastic , it's because of main character acting , and I will see him in other dramas .
anyway, this drama is very beautiful , I didn't expect that it would be better than I imagined .
I thanks "tapida " because I saw it in his forum , and downloaded it !
he makes me addicted so much with this drama