ESC to close 3.62 (by 2397 users)bossreul jikyeora 보스를 지켜라
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized bossreul jikyeora
english Protect The Boss (literal)
aka last secretary, the boss has changed, majimak yeobiseo, boseuga dallajyeotteoyo, boseureul jikyeora, 마지막 여비서, 보스가 달라졌어요


genres comedy, drama, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 03 Aug, 2011 - 29 Sep, 2011
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.62 of 5 by 2397 users
total users 3833
rating 8672
favorites 143



After searching for a job for a long time, No Eun Seol gets finally employed as a secretary by Cha Mu Won, who is the head of department head at the company of his uncle, president Cha. However, the handsome Cha Mu Won is not looking for a personal secretary himself, but for his cousin, Cha Ji Heon, who is not only really spoiled but also afraid of dirt, bacteria and every other kind of illness and body contact. Happy that she got a job and can finally think of paying her debts, Eun Seol has to discover that her new boss is no other than the man who got into trouble after she fought her previous chef at a night club.




Cha Mu Won
Cha Ji Heon
No Eun Seol
Seo Na Yun
Cha Bong Man
Sin Suk Hui




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16 Oct, 2011
I started watching Protect the Boss because there were so many romance dramas in that season that sounded good, that I wanted to have watched at least one. Protect the Boss had the storyline that seemed the funniest. The basic story is about a girl that causes problems for a rich guy. He is picky and has a complicated character. While she is looking for a job, she meets the cousin of the rich guy and he seems to like her, so he takes her in as the secretary. Since she needs the money so badly, she tries to endure the bad character of her boss, the rich guy, and he ends up falling for her.

The first few episodes gave me a "Boy over flowers/Hana Yori Dango" feeling. There are many paralleles that just gave me the impression of a "Hanadan 2". The main character is a little bit dumb and cocky, just like Domiyouji. Even the hair is similar! Just that Ji Heon can't fight. Oh, and he has such a cute cat-like smile. He is one of those people that grow on you more and more from episode to episode. At first I was worried because he didn't look like he was my type, but he wins a lot after the first few episodes.

The main girl is also like an older version Tsukushi. She can fight really well, is very strong and never gives up, no matter how hard she's bullied. The third thing is the character of Jaejoong, the cousin aka. Mu Won. He is very kind and lovely, never pressures the main girl and feels like an angel sent from heaven to help her. Basically, it's all that Hanzawa Rui is, too! And the last thing is the side-girl, Ice Cream aka. Na Yun. She is a fun character, you think you might end up hating her when she first appears, but not in this drama! She is funny and cute, is stupid and sometimes does rather bad things, but you can't hate her because in the end you can understand her too well. I really like this about Protect the Boss! No hateful characters, no useless drama and nothing "useless" happened! And that in 18 episodes!

After some time the Hanadan feeling disappears and you see that this drama has it's own charme, but I'd still recommend it to those who like the story of Hana Yori Dango/Boy over Flowers. Those two really feel similar. Just that there isn't a bad mother, that you'll hate forever. In this drama, you understand the actions of the characters most of the time, they seem very real and human and I can't say anything bad about the storyline either. I was afraid the two addional episodes wouldn't make sense, but everything felt so round and great at the end, there's really nothing I could complain about. Except for a lacking OST, maybe. No song seemed to strike me (aside the one that Ji Seong is singing in the end), but every JYJ/DBSK fan will be happy with the OST, since Jae Jung is singing it.

Fazit: Aside from the lacking OST, there is nothing bad. Please go and watch it, if you want to see a good and funny romance drama with nice chemistry!
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I feel that they're rather similar, with a rude spoiled boss who needs guidance from an employee to be a better successor in the eyes of his father.

04 Sep, 2011
Both series involve a rich man who falls in love with a poor and strong woman. And of course there is a another man involved. Unlike most dramas, these drama series do not have that "beautiful" woman as a main actor. If you like a series where the man will do anything to get his crush to fall in love with him, you should check these two out!


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nanael 09 Jan, 2012
The beginning was better but it's ok. It's still better than other drama. The comedy part is really good and the second couple is really great. I rarely love the second couple... Na Yun is so funny and lovable. Jaejoong was pretty good. I thought he'd be worse. His character was really good in the end. :)
The fact that all the character are lovable is a great thing. It's so fresh. It's really annoying and tiring to hate those bitches in all those dramas. >_<

It was just a bit too long. And I didn't like the way Ji Heon was totally cured (I know they couldn't let him like that, it's the point of the drama, but he's really too normal. It's too fast and unrealistic). His character was my favorite...
cristina 06 Jan, 2012
I love so much this...drama... but I'd would like that finished at 16 ep....but is fine...but I don't rewaching here..^^
doramaaprncss 28 Dec, 2011
the best think about this drama was mu won/jaejoong. <3
it started out really well, but went downhill after about 5 episodes.
joko 24 Dec, 2011
I agree with golden91, it's the main reason why I can't end this drama, it such a waste, because it was good one at the beginning
golden91 10 Dec, 2011
it was funny in the beginning but in eps10 until eps18 it was boring, but I loved the end
kurumi 06 Dec, 2011
I force myself to finish it.
Nothing really special=3= for sure, it has its nice and ,cute ,and sad moments, but...I find it really boring>.<
mikomi0e 26 Nov, 2011
Wow, finally finished it.
Such an adorable ending - the whole drama is good! Well, the plot isn't that interesting, but it was funny!! with a lot of cute moments.
sleepingstar 26 Nov, 2011
This show and characters were so much fun, everyone should watch it : ).