ESC to close 3.26 (by 136 users)sengyoushufu tantei: watashi wa shadow
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized sengyoushufu tantei: watashi wa shadow
english Housewife Detective: My Shadow
literal Housewife Detective: I Am A Shadow
aka sengyoushufu tantei: watashi wa shadou

Based On

based on manga
title watashi wa shadow (私はシャドウ)
author Kasuya Noriko (粕谷紀子)


genres drama


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 21 Oct, 2011 - 16 Dec, 2011
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 136 users
total users 241
rating 444
favorites 1



Serina is a clumsy person who can't even do right turns while driving, but she is always the perfect housewife for her beloved husband Takefumi. Serina wouldn't mind even being his shadow. An encounter with the private detective Jinnai, though, changes her life. Being indebted to him, she starts working at his agency. While doing some undercover work, she is able to uncover the truths that her beloved husband was trying to keep away from her and to grow as a person.




Asagi Serina
Asagi Takefumi
Jinnai Haruki
Tooshima Jouji
Tokura Motoko
Niiyama Akira




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New Drama Starring Fukada Kyouko Will Be Released This October hideki 4 posts 31 Aug, 2011 by drope
The new drama, based on the manga 'watashi wa shadou' (私はシャドウ) by Kasuya Noriko, gets a live action adaptation starring Kyouko as the main chara...


sleepingstar 09 Jul, 2013
Kinda funny but it had rather annoying main character, cases were not so good and Fukada still can't act as expected. Still giving it 4/5 though so I guess it had some good things going :x...
mikkuchan07 22 Feb, 2013
I like this drama so much. It's funny, it has great actors. Wonderful. Kyoko Fukada is much better than in other drama. She perfectly fits in the role of the loving houswife. ^3^

The themesong performed by Perfume is also great. it fits as well.

It's so funny that
Fumi-kun didn't recognize his own wife. Well, he seems a little bit clumsy in this matter (;¬_¬)

Great thing
purtysunshine 20 Dec, 2011
This drama is like a piece of candy: it looks good, it tastes good, you can't really stop at just one piece...but you regret consuming all those extra calories when it's over.

Although the cast is amazing and the plot was moderately entertaining, I don't feel like I came away from this drama with anything. In fact, it is mostly forgettable at best. And although I wouldn't call Sengyoushufu Tantei a "bad" drama I can't necessarily deem it "good" either; hence the "average" rating. What it all boils down to is that I sorta want all the time I spend watching it back. Please?
sayitaintsojoe 18 Dec, 2011
I loved it! One of my favorites this season.
hidde 12 Dec, 2011
I finally understand him somehow.
"Gas station" memory was cute, rated higher than "wedding" lol.
zaharisa 12 Dec, 2011
@hidde- I started to like Fumi-kun after this one :)
hidde 06 Dec, 2011

Fumi-kun is so blind -___- But it's good that he broke up with his boss.

Yes, the preview of the next one is full of surprises.
Serina will reveal herself in front of the boss :O And Jinnai will get a kiss :O
Since Serina looks so sad in the preview, it seems that something bad will happen to Fumi, maybe she can't save him?

Yes, according to japanese wiki, it'll only get 9 episodes. Two episodes left! ;)
zaharisa 05 Dec, 2011
He still wasn't able to recognize her (but he looked at her as if he suspected something) ;(.
At least he decide to broke up with the boss.

Will Serine pull him off from all that mess?
Looks like she is going to save him.

Did you watched what was going to happen in the next one?

Was the number of episodes reduced from 12 to 9?