ESC to close 3.84 (by 176 users)hakuouki: hekketsuroku
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized hakuouki: hekketsuroku
english Hakuoki: Record Of The Jade Blood
literal The Pale Cherry Blossom Demon: The Blossoming Bud

Based On

based on game
title Hakuouki
author Idea Factory


genres action, drama, history, romance, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network AT-X (Anime Theater X)
by Studio Deen (スタジオディーン)


date 10 Oct, 2010 - 12 Dec, 2010
episodes 10
duration 30 minutes
air day Sunday
at 09:30 - 10:00
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 176 users
total users 304
rating 676
favorites 6


hakuouki: shinsengumi kitan
2010 TV jp


After their defeat at Tobafushimi Chizuru Yukimura, the Shinsengumi head to Ezo to fight the new government's army.






director, screenwriter
character designer


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tomohisa917 17 Oct, 2013
i liked the first season but this is so rushed and

everybody was dying so fast one after the other !!!!

,the girl was so annoying =_=, and who is this romance ?!!!
vanelya10 19 Jun, 2012
its a wonderful anime.............i haven't seen such a great love story-history type of anime for sooooo long time.....i loved since the first episode not only for the story but for the characters and the animation style + long hair men >.< LOVEEEE THEM!!!!!

FINALLY!!! an only men anime...kinda reverse harem......not just 6-7 or even 8 girls around a single guy in a school....bored of those animes......

i cried soooooooo MUCH LIKE HELL!!!! after a looong loooooong time finally some anime to move my heart once again TTTTT____TTTTTT didn't cried so much since --->
blood+ when haji died and in angel beats when everybody dissapeard and in CODE GEASS when lelouch DIED and kobato.....
vanityfull 08 Mar, 2012
First of all - amazing soundtrack, MAO's songs do magic.
Secondy, love the variety of characters, and what is especially great - despite belonging to the same alliance, all of them fought for different causes and reasons, regularly disagreeing with each other to the point of refusing to follow orders or leaving Shinsengumi, choosing to follow a path of their own, a path they thought was right from their perspective. And there was indeed a very good quote, can't remember exactly but something among these lines "it's good to have different thoughts on things, but too much difference will eventually lead to breaking of Shinsengumi ".

It's this clash of opinions, moreover, opinions that were correct from both sides, what makes Hakuouki stand out from other animes in same genre, where it's a more of a one says so - one does so situation, where differences between characters and their preferences aren't of great importance.

And of course, the courage, honour, loyalty, passion, never fading warrior spirit, protecting things that one cherishes with all means possible, willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good. Even though they were no super heroes but just normal people without any supernatural powers, which made them even more vulnerable. And when one might disagree with me, I am glad they were normal, otherwise the whole storyline wouldn't have left such a deep impression, it wouldn't have felt real enough - omg, the moment when I saw Souji's
sword all alone in the middle of the battle field, it just hit me T_T
- all these things deserve nothing but respect and admiration. Watching this anime made me realize yet again - times of great heroes are sadly long gone, I wish that people nowadays were at least half as good as they were centuries ago.

I am not going to say anything about historical aspect for obvious reasons, but it didn't hinder my love for this anime in any way, I was just enjoying the ride.

and crying buckets while Shinsengumi members were dying one by one, man, too much for my heart to handle
linilin 08 Jan, 2012
i really liked it.
and i cried so much at the end (and also in between) ...although the end was predictable. in this story that doesn't matter.

maybe a thing to criticize
that whole demon/vampire thing wasn't really necessary. the story also had worked without it.
maybe in the first part (hakuouki shinsengumi kitan) you could the whole rasetsu-thing take as a symbol for human experiments, that were made after getting the hands on new, unknown, foreign drugs. ...but in the sequel they just overdid it. Oô

well, but all in all i would say, it was exciting and even deeply moving sometimes. especially the loyality and spirit of the characters.
nanuklein 11 Oct, 2011
I don't know..the plot seemed rushed..or more like the relationship between the leads.
It was like"uh..from when on did they suddenly start to be so lovey dovey?!" I mean there was 0 development, but suddenly one was presented with a finished plate of love.. would have been much more interesting if the interaction of the two was more closely followed.

But instead it tried to push history into a mixer with blood suckers and some Lame.