Preview Of 2012 "Yonikimo" Fall Special

akiraka 30 Sep, 2012

Fuji Television's 2012 "Yonimo Kimyou Na Monogatari" (Tales Of The Extremely Bizarre) Fall Special Edition is set to air October 6 from 21:00 till 23:10. As always, television personality Tamori will host the omnibus production. The following is a summary of the five stories that will make up this edition. Note that the order sequence of the stories may be altered upon broadcasting.


1. Shinrei Apuri
English: Ghost App
Starring: Ooshima Yuuko
Supporting: Daitou Shunsuke
Introduction: Tachibana Saori, who works as a clerk at a private night-school, downloads to her smartphone the "Ghost App" said to be popular amongst the students. With this application, when you take a photo, a ghost will be superimposed in the background of the image. Saori gets satisfaction out of seeing the surprised look on the faces of friends. But then one day a message is displayed on Saori's Ghost App. It reads, "Would you like to upgrade your version? After the upgrade you will be able to capture those you take photos of to be used as ghost sample images." Now totally into her Ghost App, Saori without any hesitation upgrades. However later on, an unforeseen misfortune would befall her.

2. Raise Fudousan
English: Real Estate In The Next World
Starring: Takahashi Katsumi
Supporting: Bakarhythm
Introduction: (A conversational drama between two men in the world of the bizarre, written and scripted by Bakarhythm.) A man who has fallen ill stands up and opens his eyes to see a grassy plain. There is nothing anywhere. However after he stares and looks about once more, he sees a lone building. When he opens the door to the building, inside he meets a real estate agent. "Welcome," he greets him. What the man has arrived at is.....

3. Jaguchi
English: The Faucet
Starring: Itou Hideaki
Supporting Moriguchi Youko
Introduction: Asamura Yuuichi receives a phone call from the hospital where his wife is in a critical condition due to carbon monoxide poisoning. When he looks back there is a faucet growing up from a garden table in his yard. He is familiar with this faucet. When his mother had passed away; when his boss or friends had been clinging on the verge of life and death; whenever a person close to him was in imminent danger of death, the faucet would suddenly appear. And now once again the faucet has appeared before his eyes. But who's death could the faucet now be suggesting? Yuuichi, taking along his daughter Misaki, heads for the hospital where his wife had been taken by emergency transport.

4. Aiseki No Koibito
English: Sharing A Table With One's Love
Starring: Kurashina Kana
Supporting: Utsui Ken, Sano Kazuma
Introduction: Office lady Yamada Suzu dreams of getting married to a destined soul-mate. She's been living with the boyfriend she's had since her high school days but day after day they seem to miss out on being together. While at a cafe where she intends to have supper by herself, she is overtaken with a spell of dizziness. After her mind clears again, she finds an elderly man whom she does not know sitting at the table with her. Suzu cannot dispel her distrust of this man sharing her table who greets her in a kindly voice saying "Long time no see!" Then when he tells her with an awkward smile, "I am your boyfriend," Suzu once again succumbs to dizziness. This time when she comes to, the man has disappeared. Troubled by this mysterious experience, Suzu later visits the cafe once again but...

5. Hate Virus
Starring: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
Supporting: Mori Ren, Shinagawa Tooru
Introduction: Only about a half century prior, mankind had repeatedly been at foolish wars. A chain of unending violence and hate. The cause of this hatred was due to the contagion of a certain virus, and therefore it had been named the "Hate Virus". But then a group of researchers were able to successfully develop a vaccine which in essence wiped out the "Hate Virus". Every war upon the Earth ceased and mankind attained "Utopia". One day, Saeki Makoto from the Utopia Conservation Agency was conducting his usual duties such as virus elimination checks and administering vaccines to patients who had been afflicted by the "Hate Virus". It was then that a report came in of a homicide perpetrated by a person infected with a new "Hate Virus". The victim is Saeki's wife. Furthermore, the infected person is Kurita Hajime, the man who had once murdered Saeki's daughter. Kurita stands before Saeki in hope of having the vaccine administered by him. What will Saeki do next?...


Tags: Tamori, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Ooshima Yuuko, Takahashi Katsumi, Itou Hideaki, Kurashina Kana, Mori Ren, Shinagawa Tooru, Daitou Shunsuke, Bakarhythm, Moriguchi Youko, Utsui Ken, Sano Kazuma
akiraka 07 Oct, 2012
This special has aired in Japan now. I've adjusted the story summaries to match the broadcast running order. The only actual change was the "Hate Virus" segment got switched from first position to last in the sequence.