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Watsuji Mako and Kurasawa Satsuki look identical, however each of them lives a complete different life, Mako is a polite and well-educated girl from a very rich family who owns everything, however is not happy with her current life. And Satsuki is a rude, poor girl who lives alone in an old apartment, works in a part-time job in cabaret club and is not interested in anything except money. Due to unexpected circumstances they meet each other and decide to exchange each other's lives.

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pyapi 13 Sep, 2014
I really liked the drama. The acting was very good, especially Takei Emi's, she really embraced having two different characters. The two twins were very distinct - from the way they talked down to the gaze and gestures they made, which is something that I appreciated a lot. I have to agree with a lot of people, though, I did not really like the ending

While I found quite a lot of things to be predictable, the show managed to surprise me with Michihiko's being the mastermind behind everything. Although once they revealed it did seem like the most likely choice. What bothered me about the ending was the usual "give everyone a happy ending" that from the few drama I have seen so far seems to be pretty normal en jdramas. The just forgive and forget and go back to their usual lives as if nothing? Dislike. Dislike!

Overall it's a good drama with a very well done performance by the whole cast, so it's definitely worth the watch. 3.5/5 (4 for simplicity's sake and because I liked the acting)
zor6a 12 Jan, 2018
<3 Masterpiece! Kiritani Kenta & Takei Emi is the best! <3