Kim U Bin To Join 'Heirs'?

sara 20 May, 2013

Actor Kim U Bin may be joining Lee Min Ho and Park Sin Hye in the upcoming SBS drama 'Heirs' as it was revealed that he is still in discussion to join the star-studded cast. He and the drama production team are currently working out the details before the finalization, so if everything goes well and smoothly, we should be seeing him soon on the screen alongside the other cast in the drama.


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mikazuki 22 May, 2013
i wish he joins the cast, cuz Kim Woo-bin and Lee Min-ho together in a drama sounds so amazing i need to see it! XD
stellybish 25 May, 2013
OMG! I'll explode with feelings of he joins T__T
ofelya 03 Jun, 2013
omg such a great cast *___________________*
itsmatoki 07 Jun, 2013
It would be awesome T_T
purebloodydeath 01 Jul, 2013
;u; So much perfection if he joined.
Pls join. pls.
somiboo 05 Jul, 2013
He gives me the creeps, I can't explain why. I really hope he doesn't join.
jeaudrey 11 Jul, 2013
Park Sin Hye?? No, pleaseee