Angry Roars And Howling Laughter By Yamada Takayuki, Pierre Taki, Lily Franky In The Trailer Of Kyouaku

discordia 07 Aug, 2013

The trailer for Kyouaku was recently released. The film, co-starring Yamada Takayuki, Pierre Taki and Lily Franky, is based on a bestseller nonfiction novel that pursues atrocious real murder cases.

The original novel “Kyouaku – Aru Shikeishuu no Kokuhatsu” follows in detail the exposition of unsolved murder cases by a magazine reporter, after a claim he receives from a death-row inmate. Putting together the up-and-coming director Shiraishi Kazuya, who studied under the late Wakamatsu Kouji, and this script, you have a film that vividly cuts into the essence of human beings.

Magazine reporter Fujii visits a yakuza death-row inmate named Sudou for an interview and hears from him a shocking confession: there are three other crimes that he has never spoken about before, and the mastermind behind all of them is a man called “Sensei”. He is then asked by Sudou to make Sensei’s existence known, and in the process of his investigation he comes to face a horrifying truth.

The trailer starts with the quiet confession of Sudou who is played by Pierre Taki and, as the murder cases that were buried come to light, the madness that lurks deep inside the human heart appears. Yamada is swaying between a sense of mission and madness as Fujii in a very realistic performance. Pierre Taki roars in rage “I’ll kill you” and Lily Franky who plays Kimura, the man who is called Sensei, with his howling laugh shows the face of a cunning killer.

It has been decided that “Kyouaku” will be presented at the 37th Montreal World Film Festival in the category Focus On World Cinema. It has also received a lot of praise from veteran directors, such as “It’s grim but you can laugh. The viciousness goes right through” by Sai Youichi and “The film has tremendous power. I’ve learned from it. I too shall live and atone!” by Miike Takashi. The film will be released August 9th.


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